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Go After Your Content Marketing Dreams with the Latest Content Marketing Trends

And so (Did she just start a sentence with and?), we meet again for another round of content marketing trends. This edition brings you money-saving tricks and stellar tips to help you achieve your wildest content marketing dreams. Keep reading, if you dare to awaken the full potential of your content marketing strategy!

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Why It’s Okay Magnificent to Laugh

Why You Should Add Humor to Your Content Marketing via AdAge

You’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it. Laughter is the best medicine. But this is actually true. Laughter isn’t just good for our physical and mental health; it’s also a powerful ingredient in a content marketing strategy. Getting loose and laughing with your audience will help you build brand trust and increase positive brand awareness. Plus, your funny content might just go viral. Who doesn’t love sharing some good humor with their friends?

Take a look at this article from AdAge, and when you’re convinced feel free to search for comedy writers on WriterAccess to immediately add to your content marketing team.

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What to Do When Money Burns a Hole in Your Content Marketing Pocket

How to Stop Wasting Money on Content Marketing via Search Engine Journal

With the deluge of content online, you can create until you’re blue in the face (and running your budget close to empty) and get absolutely nowhere, if you’re trying to create content without a content strategy. 

Basically, there are three steps to spending money wisely on content marketing:

1. Create loveable content that can’t be ignored.

2. Distribute content so it cannot be missed.

3. Only spend time on content that generates actual ROI.

Simple enough, right?

Okay, maybe it’s easier said than done. That’s why we recommend reading this article from Search Engine Journal that goes into even greater detail about the best ways to create a successful content marketing strategy so that you can finally stop wasting money (and time).

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The Best Ways to Spend Your Unlimited Content Marketing Budget – Just Kidding! 

How to Prioritize What Marketing Content to Spend More Money On via Business 2 Community

In a perfect world, content marketing would have an unlimited budget – in fact, everyone would have an unlimited budget. Unfortunately, this “perfect” world is also a dream world.

In the real world of content marketing, you have to prioritize where and how you spend the very limited financial resources your department is allocated.

The real spending problem isn’t having enough money (because let’s be honest – no one will ever have enough money); the real problem is choosing the right places to spend the limited funds you have.

The advice in this article from Business 2 Community will help you ask the right questions to assess whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth from your content. Then you can make better budget choices in the future.

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Do Content Marketers Need to Think about Package Design?

Why Content Marketing Packaging Is Just as Important as the Content Itself via Forbes

So, here’s the thing. Everyone (yes, everyone) judges books by their covers. (Whether they admit to doing so or not is another story.)

Although your content isn’t a physical product like a novel, a candy, or cinder blocks, it still has packaging and presentation needs. If your content looks unappealing, no one is going to open it – no matter how brilliant it is.

Read this article from Forbes to learn how to wrap your content up in sparkly, cotton-candy-scented paper and tack a fuzzy unicorn on top to ensure it receives the audience it deserves.

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I See an Internet Traffic Jam in Your Content Marketing Future

17+ Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Content via Content Marketing Institute

Unfortunately, content marketing isn’t exactly an “if you build it, they will come” Field of Dreams situation.

In other words, simply creating the content won’t ensure that anyone actually sees it. Making content requires a lot of hard work, time, and creative energy, so ensuring you get eyeballs on your incredible infographics, beautiful blogs, and inviting videos is essential.

Whether you have a promotion budget or not, there are ways to drive traffic and move eyeballs toward your killer content. Take a look at this listicle from Content Marketing Institute to find 17 totally free, totally radical resources that you can use to promote and distribute your marvelous content creations.

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A Goal Is a Wish Your Head Makes When You’re Wide Awake

Content Strategy Goals: Why and How to Set Content Goals That Make Sense for Your Business via WriterAccess

A strategy simply isn’t complete without an end goal (or two or a hundred) in place. Setting content strategy goals, however, isn’t as straight forward as it may seem. Yes, probably everyone has the same goal: business success. But this content strategy is too broad to be effective.

Take a look at this article from WriterAccess that’ll teach you absolutely everything you need to know (minus celebrating) about choosing, setting, measuring, tracking, and meeting goals for your content strategy.

(We think you already know how to celebrate achieving your dreams.)

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When You’re Chasing Commercial Clients with Marketing Mayhem

15 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies You Should Know via AZ Big Media

Most of the decision-makers in companies do their research before making purchase decisions or choosing another B2B company to partner with, which means your B2B business would be crazy not to have a solid B2B marketing strategy in place.

Before your potential clients engage with you, they’re likely going to try to find your business on their own, read several articles, and select a few contenders before they even contact someone from your company for an actual conversation.

As you can see, it’s essential to have a B2B marketing strategy built on a solid foundation of content. If you’re not sure how to begin creating a B2B marketing strategy that addresses your clients’ needs at every location in the sales funnel, take a look at this article from AZ Big Media to get some big ideas about B2B marketing.

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