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How to Find Freelance Writers for Marketing Agency White Label Projects

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Creating relevant, timely, high-quality, optimized content on a regular basis is time-consuming. And it often requires that you have a team of individuals who can handle all of your content needs. When you are no longer able to manage your own digital marketing content, it may be time to enlist the help of a white-label service.

Perhaps you’re a dedicated web developer who offers both web design and content packages. Or you could be a content creator with an unyielding demand and dwindling time. Or maybe you’re running a marketing agency and looking to grow your agency without expanding overhead expenses at the same rate. If this sounds like you, you’ve likely looked to outsource some of your projects or even entire functions of your business like copywriting or design to freelancers. When choosing to white-label outsourced business services (i.e. advertise them under your own agency’s brand), your ongoing, impeccable reputation depends on the quality of the white-label content you procure.

So, how can you find freelance writers who provide high-quality, white-label content services that live up to your brand’s standards and your clients’ expectations?

Where to Find Freelance Writers Who Are Worthy of Your Brand

With the freedom it offers, the gig economy has flourished, which means you can find freelancers just about anywhere. Though I don’t recommend looking under rocks, there are freelance writers gigging just about everywhere online, and a simple search engine query will turn up pages upon pages of CVs.

However, similar to baking a taste-bud-approved dessert, the quality of a team of freelancers depends greatly on that of its ingredients. When searching for freelance content writers, it’s not essential to find people, but rather to find exceptional people that have an established history of creating quality content. Look for talented writers who will also be able to work well within your team, marketing strategy, and workflow.

With so many writers to choose from, it can be difficult to find who you’re looking for with a quick Google or LinkedIn search. If you’re not keen on meeting a scribe of writers before finding the right one for your agency, then it’s best to start your search with a reputable white-label content writing service, like WriterAccess. Like your agency, these businesses also have reputations to uphold. They vet and select writers based on their ability to provide the quality of content and service advertised.

When you search for freelance writers within a pre-vetted pool, you can focus on finding a writer with the right credentials for your project without worrying about their professionalism, abilities, or trustworthiness.

Questions to Ask When Finding Freelance Writer(s) for Your White-Label Content

Whether you perform your own writer search by browsing profiles, ask your WriterAccess account manager for assistance, or choose to super-charge your freelancer search with the power of A.I., ask the following questions to make sure you select the right writer to meet your needs.

1. Does Their Style Jive with the Brand’s Voice? 

Yes, exceptionally talented freelance writers can mimic styles, moods, and voices, but some do it better than others, and only a few will be able to adapt your client’s particular voice best. The best white label writing services will have a pool of diverse writers who have experience in a wide variety of industries. Look for a writer who has experience in your client’s industry, and take a look at some of their writing samples to get a feel for their writing style. For a no-fail approach, you can always turn to artificial intelligence to crawl a writing sample of your choice and locate a selection of close style matches from the writer pool.

2. Do They Have the Necessary Knowledge in Their Noodle?

If you have a client from a technical industry – think B2B clients, legal, medical, financial, rocket science – or a client who’s marketing to industry experts, then you will need to find a writer with extensive knowledge in that particular field. Look for a niche writer who either has direct work experience or a long history of producing niche content in the specific industry. When you present high-level content to a client in a technical field, they’ll be stunned by your agency’s capabilities.

3. Can They Satisfy the Demands of Your Workflow?

Before deciding definitively on a certain writer, consider your needs. Think about how often you’ll order content and how long it will be. How technical is the content and how quickly will you require a turnaround? Will you expect the writer to pitch topics or will you provide them? Once you have a reasonable idea about your workflow and workload expectations, contact the writer to make sure your project will fit into their schedule.

Once you’ve selected a freelancer, you’ll begin to develop a mutually-beneficial working relationship. To cultivate a partnership that lasts, be sure to communicate clearly, provide complete instructions, and be open and up-front about your expectations of the writer and the content.

White-Label Content Services from Pre-Vetted Freelance Writers on WriterAccess

While it’s certainly easy to find freelancers online, it’s not always easy to find the right freelancers. If you want to save time (and headache), you can work with a team that specializes in providing vetted freelancers to businesses in need of white-label content services. WriterAccess does exactly that.

As a marketplace that brings together professional freelance writers, editors, content strategists, and translators, WriterAccess provides a myriad of tools and scalable service options designed and curated especially for agencies. Imagine having access to a sea of talented, pre-vetted freelance writers, strategists, and tools – including a private portal designed for client interaction – without bursting your budget’s seams. You can grow your agency with highly polished white-label content services and outsourced content writers that scale right along with your business.

Learn more about how WriterAccess helps agencies find the right freelancers for their white-label projects.

Jennifer G WriterAccessJennifer G. has experience writing in many different genres, forms, voices, and venues. Though she has written content for a diverse group of industries, her most extensive experience is within banking, finance, medical, health, veterinary, and consumer goods. Jennifer worked in the financial industry for nearly thirteen years. During her time in banking, she held many positions (working as a teller, new accounts specialist, bookkeeper, staff supervisor, social media and marketing manager, security, and loan officer). As the bank’s marketing officer, she managed website content, social media content, radio advertising, and the company newsletter.

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