Writer Podcast: Search and Social

If you care about content marketing (as all writers and business owners should) you have likely wondered whether or not recent updates, such as those made to Google’s algorithm, would minimize the impact of SEO. You might also have considered the role of social media in marketing. Is it a valid aspect of content marketing that should be invested in?


Rob Garner shares the answers to these questions and much more in this engaging podcast. Rob is the author of “Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real Time Content Marketing” and Head of Growth at 3Q Digital. He lets us in on a few secrets about SEO and social marketing and how they influence content marketing today.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Is SEO dead? This podcast reveals the truth about today’s SEO. Put simply, Rob showcases how modern marketing companies utilize social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook to further content optimization.
  • Common mistakes companies make in today’s content marketing arena. Rob tells us the mistakes he often sees when working with a company. He feels a static view of social marketing instead of one that evolves and is geared towards the audience is perhaps the biggest mistake companies make in marketing.
  • SEO and social media should be utilized together. Rob tells us why it’s so important to use all aspects of content marketing, as any of these individual methods will fail when tried alone. He says social marketing and SEO will never work in a vacuum; they should always be used together as a unit.
  • Rob shares his best tips for marketing, including the fact that a company must know their customers, or audience, extremely well. This knowledge will provide the foundation for every type of marketing that is utilized, so it is crucial to get this basic element correct.
  • Rob explains the difference between a strong signal and noise when it comes to content. Good content is user focused. He encourages trial and error to figure out the right keywords and focus for content. He also shares why consistent content is a must.

Notable Quotes From Rob:

On Feedback:

“The ability to utilize feedback for optimized content is one of the biggest distinctions between cutting edge marketing professionals and those who are just in the process of getting there.”


“SEO is foundational to any type of content. If you have a website, consider yourself a publisher. As a publisher, you have to optimize your content, which is where SEO comes into play.”

On Networking:

“The Holy Grail of social networking is not only knowing what you are getting in your immediate network but knowing what is spreading from network to network.”

On Social Marketing:

“Socialized content, created for the sole purpose of social marketing is the biggest change in content within recent years.”

To hear more about content marketing and get the answers to all your questions, listen to this informative podcast with Rob Garner.

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