WAW September 2014


Greetings & Community Updates from Boston

September comes sneaking in stealthily on the hot heels of summer. The warm summer months may be closing, but the WriterAccess community is still sizzling with activity. Rather than basking in the glory of making the Inc. 5000 fastest growing company list, we decided to put together a quick video offering 12 Strategies for Organic Growth to help business owners grow. And grow. And grow.

Here’s some fun news: We held our first annual WriterAccess summer outing with a sunset cruise in Boston Harbor. Equipped with plenty of wine and IPAs, we set sail in ideal weather which featured a perfect steady breeze and picturesque sunset over the city. We topped it off with a drop off at Legal Seafood where the fun continued for a seafood dinner extravaganza. (See blog post below for details!)

Let’s see, a few more tidbits here… My son Colby is now off to University of Arizona for his second year. Aaron’s kids are back at school after numerous Irish dances and Math Camp at MIT (Yeah, one of his daughters is a rocket scientist). Charlotte enjoyed some quality time with her Beau who visited from California. Kristin went hiking in Washington state. Allison has been painting and tending to her pet rabbits (Bunny and Bruno). Lauren is finishing up her wedding circuit across the Northeastern US. Louis is moving into a new apartment as we speak, and Glen is making lots of time for golf before the Boston weather gets too cold for the course. (Although according to him, there’s no such thing.)

Summer hotspots visited by all team members here in Boston include St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, Vancouver, San Diego, Seattle, Nantucket, New York City, Washington DC, Cape Cod, NH, VT, RI, NC, etc.

That’s the word on our end. What’s the word on your end? Do let us know and we’ll try to include your updates in our next issue. Look forward to hearing your stories!

WriterAccess 4.0 and 6 Star Writers and Orders

A revamped portion of our platform launches today. Log on and tell us what you think!

The biggest writing community shake-up is likely to come from our commitment to higher pay rates for exceptional work—our new 6-star status merits rates that range from 10 cents to $1 per word.

While 6-star status is new, we’ve actually been pushing customers to these same rates for years with what we used to call Premium Orders. For a handful of reasons, we changed the name and now package Premium Orders as 6-Star Orders.

Our first tribe of 6-star writers will be live in the platform today. Congrats to all the members, and thanks much for your hard work, dedication, excellent customer service and all-around awesome attitudes that elevated your ratings to the top.

If you did not receive your 6-star invitation, fear not. Talent Management is reviewing everyone’s profile and body of work and will be reaching out with more invites soon.

Here are a few quick tips on how to shoot up in the stars:

Profile: Clean up your profile. Weed out every little grammatical and spelling error. Update profile tabs you haven’t touched since you first signed up. Add samples whenever possible. Basically, make it dazzle.

Photo: Check in on your photo, ensuring it’s what a customer would view as the epitome of a professional writer. Shoddy, poor-quality images are one of the most common reasons many writers are passed on by. Don’t let that be you.

Exceed Expectations: Continue to impress clients and WA staff with your amazing writing ability and even more amazing customer service skills. Strive for those “Exceeds Expectations” ratings. When you go the extra mile with customers, we typically hear about it.

Profile: Did we mention cleaning up your profile? Yes, we know we gave you a head’s up, but we just wanted to stress what an essential move that is.

Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to get creative about getting creative. In other words, we tasked you with marketing yourself to the hilt with a no-holds-barred cover letter that would make it impossible for any potential client to say no. We received a number of enticing entries, but, alas, there could only be one winner.

And the winner is: Tracy S. from Hiram, GA!

Congratulations, Tracy! Would you prefer the $100 cash or $125 Starbucks Gift Card?

New Contest

We’ve named this contest Win-Win-Win-Win. You’ll see why in a sec.

You want more gigs. We want spruced-up profiles to help get you more gigs.

So, for this months contest, we want you to scour your profile and shoot for the stars. Add your best samples, jazz up those sections you’ve been ignoring and make your profile sing the right tune.

After you lift the fog on your profile and picture, submit a Help Desk Ticket and we’ll check out the upgraded goods.

Win #1. If your improvements hit the spot and your performance backs it up, we’ll offer you an instant star raise as part of the contest. Cool, huh?

Win #2. For any 5-star writer that enters the contest, we’ll take a second look at your profile to see if you deserve to join the 6-star tribe. Cool times six!

Win #3. One super-lucky writer will snag $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks Gift Card. It can’t get any cooler than cash or coffee.

Win #4. Even if you don’t win any of the above, you’ll still score with higher conversion rates. Plus, it’s a surefire way to get your profile in front of our Talent Management team, which is always looking for fabulous writers to recommend to clients.

Submit your Help Desk Ticket with the title “Newsletter Contest” by the end of the month!

Blog Posts of the Month

In case you missed these juicy gems, here are the best of the blog from last month:

4 Amazing Ways to Lose Friends on Social Media

4 Amazing Ways to Lose Friends on Social Media
So, you’ve got TOO many friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or whatever the heck they call the people who click the little heart next to the pictures you post of your cat on Instagram. While more connections is a good thing if you are looking to find a plumber or hire a blogger, the rest of the time, having that many…
by Tracy S

Long-term Catalog Writing Equals Brain Mush

Long-term Catalog Writing Equals Brain Mush
I put myself in a bad, bad spot. As an experienced content writer, I will definitely be quick to see the value in a good-paying job, especially one that is regular and provides a steady income source. I paid my due of weeks and months searching for work, pitching bids, and doing sales hoping to land enough of the big one each month…
by Tom L

Tips from the Talent Team - Premium Certifications and Company Outing Recap

Tips from the Talent Team – Premium Certifications and Company Outing Recap
Your always alert and energetic WA staff are slightly less alert and energetic than usual today because we all attended the first annual company outing last night. We took a cruise around Boston Harbor followed by a seafood dinner on the waterfront. The boat was manned by a lively staff, the beer and wine…
by Charlotte Garden

Feedback (Always) Wanted!

Since we’re always looking for ways to improve, we read each and every comment you send us (for real!). Hopefully you’ll notice our penchant for paying attention with the changes you’ll see as WriterAccess 4.0 continues to roll out. So keep the comments coming! See you next month!


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