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10 Reasons You Should Join Us at Content Marketing World

Still on the fence about registering for CMWorld 2017?  Let’s see if we can fix that.  Here are 10 reasons you should join us at this life-changing conference.

1.)  The first reason is obvious, but it still needs to be said.  Networking with the best brands in the world is pretty much guaranteed to fuel your own content marketing strategy.  Among the brands are megastars Google, Monster, Dell, Xerox, LinkedIn, Cocoa-Cola, and Estee Lauder.  And that’s barely scratching the surface.

Not to mention last year’s CMWorld brought together 3,600 marketers from over 50 countries–and more than 4,000 are registered to participate in 2017!

2.) There will be over 120 awesome breakout sessions and workshops on integration, strategy, measurement, and more!  You’ll be brimming with new ideas that you can’t wait to incorporate into your business.  Here are just a few sessions that have sparked our interest:

3.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the closing keynote speaker. Nope, this is not a drill.

4.) Other awesome speakers are also scheduled to appear (Colson Whitehead, Casey Neistat, and Linda Boff, to name a few).  Basically anyone you could ever want to give you content marketing advice will be there.

5.) From a presentation by the Director of Customer Success for SurveyMonkey to a tutorial on how to use video in your email and social campaigns, CMWorld 2017 will give you a firsthand look at all the latest marketing technologies.

6.) This year’s conference will also feature Cleveland Clinic and Content Marketing World’s first-ever Health Summit, where industry leaders like Google, LinkedIn, Staywell, and Verywell will offer up content marketing advice, strategies, and case studies for your benefit.  (If you’re in healthcare marketing, this is a can’t-miss opportunity!)

7.) As usual, there’s an app for that.  With CMWorld’s mobile app, you can easily register for sessions, network with other attendees, and share your photos and ideas from the conference with them!  Click here for a full rundown of all the features available on the app.

8.) Refreshments and cocktails will be served at all the right moments.

9.) There’s an 80s-themed dance party.  So you can network while simultaneously wearing neon and belting the wrong words to “Take on Me.”

10.) And a CMWorld Afterparty.  Because you will feel like celebrating after learning more about content marketing than you ever thought possible.

Content Marketing World takes place September 5-8 in Cleveland, OH.  Want to meet us there?  Register now!

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