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10 Reasons to Not Hire a Professional Writer for Your Content

Why Not to Hire a Professional CopywriterEveryone can write, right? Everyone has a good grasp of grammar, can pop out a cleverly-turned phrase and put into words the subtle seduction which is the bread and butter of copywriting services. Yeah, right! Here are some reasons why you haven’t hired a content writer:

  1. Your cousin Jim Bob writes pretty decently. He may not know about search engine optimization, keywords or trends, and probably can’t make any suggestions about that formatting stuff to keep people on your page, but he got straight A’s in English!
  2. You have loads of time on your hands. Sure, you could be using that time to work with customers instead, but since you don’t have any, your website content is probably just fine.
  3. You don’t want to keep your reader’s attention. You’re always happy to read the long blocks of text on your website, so they should be too! After all, it’s not like you ever skim pages to get an idea of whether there’s anything on a website worth reading before moving on.
  4. Your clients like coming back to your website on a regular basis to read the exact same content over and over again with no changes.
  5. You’ve already got enough business and don’t want excellent content to help bring in more.
  6. You don’t want any attitude or unifying style in your website’s content. Attitude is for those amazing bloggers who make six figures a year…oh, wait a minute…
  7. You don’t want your customers to be able to read information from their viewpoint, you want them to read it from yours. Never mind that they don’t have 15 years’ experience in plumbing to tell the difference between a gasket and a sump hole, they should figure it out themselves instead of having it made easier for them.
  8. You don’t need professionally-written copy on your site. That might save you time, which we’ve already determined you have buckets of, and money, which you must not need either.
  9. You don’t want to pay for a content writer. Of course, they could have the work done in a fraction of the time it would take you, but you’ve got all that extra time on your hands, right? Small- to medium-sized business owners never wear multiple hats, after all.
  10. You don’t want anyone getting excited about your website and sharing it with friends. That could give you more business, after all. That’s why you don’t have anything to do with that social media marketing stuff that’s been working so well for your competitors the last couple years.

Okay, so you’ve probably figured out by now that this is actually a list of why you should hire a content writer to revitalize your business website instead of DIYing it, so what are you waiting for? Let’s give your business website a successful makeover by refreshing the content, getting more clients and having a successful business.

Cathleen V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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