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10 Principles of Social Media Marketing for Optimization

marketingHarnessing the power of social media marketing can boost your customer base and audience in a dramatic way. However; even some experienced content managers and content writers forget the basics in today’s lightening fast marketplace.

Understanding the fundamentals of social media marketing remains a vital key to developing a highly effective strategy. Keeping these 10 fundamental principles will help you stay focused on how to market a small business effectively.

1. The Principle of Listening

Success with content marketing over social media requires far more listening than talking. Actively monitor your target consumer’s online content and participate in the conversations to learn what motivates them. That will give you an edge in creating content designed to engage.

2. The Principle of Quality

Quality outshines quantity. It is more effective to have 2,000 online connections who actively read and share your social media content than 20,000 connections who never react or share your message.

3. The Principle of Focus

No one can be all things to all people. You have a target market, and a highly focused content marketing strategy and social media campaign will build your brand and clientele.

4. The Principle of Compounding

If you publish engaging, quality content that builds your core of quality followers, they will share your message with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. The sharing and subsequent conversations open additional entry points for Google and other search engines, which boosts your ratings.

5. The Principle of Value

Simply marketing your products and services adds nothing to the conversation, and it may eventually encourage your followers to stop listening. Add value to the discussions by creating engaging content and developing long-term relationships with influencers. These will be the users who will become catalysts for powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

6. The Principle of Influence

Invest time in targeting online influencers who have quality audiences within your market and are likely to have an interest in your business, products and services. Connect with them and make a concerted effort to build relationships with them. Once they view you as an interesting, authoritative source of relevant information, they may share your message with their own audience.

7. The Principle of Reciprocity

If you want influencers to share your content then reciprocate and share their content. Devote a specified percentage of your marketing time to sharing and discussing content published by other people.

8. The Principle of Accessibility

Engaging content is designed to create conversation, which will boost your visibility in search engines. This means commenting, replying to comments and otherwise participating in online discussions. If you disappear after publishing content, your followers may lose interest and disappear as well.

9. The Principle of Acknowledgement

Ignoring a customer who reaches out to you online is a guaranteed method of losing influence. Build relationships as a part of your social media strategy and acknowledge each person who contacts you through conversation.

10. The Principle of Patience

Content and social media marketing takes time to build a quality audience. Commit to the long-term strategy for the greatest results.

Writer Bio: Wendy H is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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