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    How does it work?
    You help us. We help you. You tell your fans and followers about and when they join us, you get paid!
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    How do I join?
    Joining is simple. Just fill out the form linked above and get your own affiliate link (which you can create in Share this with your audience across your website, blog and social media channels. Please note: this is a limited offer.
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    How much can I earn?
    Earn a nice 50-dollar bill for each sign-up. We’ll also give you 5% of each transaction.
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    How do I keep track of my commissions?
    Through You can get full control of your rewards.
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    How are referrals tracked?
    Referrals are tracked with your affiliate link. After signing up to be an affiliate, you’ll be given your own affiliate link. Each time someone uses your link to sign up, you earn cash.
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    How do I get paid?
    Once you reach a minimum balance amount, you can withdraw your Impact account balance and send it to your bank account or PayPal account. Impact requires a minimum balance of $50 USD (or the approximate equivalent in your local currency) before you can withdraw your account balance.

    Follow these three quick steps to withdraw your account balance:
    1. Add your bank information (or PayPal account information, depending on your country) in More → Settings → Withdraw Settings.
    2. Set your Payout Scheduling to determine when to withdraw your account balance.
    3. Submit the necessary tax form through Impact.
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    How long does it take until I receive my funds?
    Step 1: The Action Locking period:
    Once an action has posted, the resulting action will remain in a pending status for the action locking period. During the action locking period, the advertiser has the authority to modify or reject the action. As an example, an advertiser might modify or reject an action if a customer returns the merchandise or cancels the service.

    Checking Your Action Locking Period
    1. Navigate to Campaigns > My campaigns
    2. Locate the Campaign
    3. Select the dropdown icon under the Actions column > View and Manage Insertion Order
    4. Click Action Locking

    Step 2: The Advertiser's Payout Scheduling:
    Once an action locks, the advertiser can no longer modify or reject the action. You are eligible to receive a payout for locked actions. The advertiser will specify when they would like to release the payment for locked actions in their payout scheduling term.

    Each advertiser will set their own payout scheduling. The recommendation is for advertisers to release payment as soon as actions lock.

    Checking the Advertiser’s Payout Scheduling
    1. Navigate to Campaigns > My Campaigns
    2. Locate the desired campaign
    3. Select the dropdown icon under the Actions column > View and Manage Insertion Order
    4. Click Payout Scheduling

    Step 3: Your Payout Scheduling:
    You must also be aware of your payment scheduling. The payment will be based on the threshold that you have selected. If you have not exceeded the threshold, you will not receive payment.

    Checking Your Payout Scheduling
    1. Navigate to Finance > Withdrawal Settings
    2. Click Payment Scheduling

    Step 4: Check Overdue Payments:
    Advertisers must have sufficient funds in their account balance to cover all payouts in order for your payment to be released.

    Checking Your Overdue Payments
    1. Navigate to Finance > Earnings
    2. Select Overdue Action Earnings
    3. Click on the amount to see which campaign the payment is for

    Step 5: Funds have been released, but have not posted to your bank:
    If the Finance Reports indicate that payout has been released, but the funds have not posted to your bank account, it could be that your bank is still processing the transfer. Processing times vary by bank, but it could take up to 5 business days to see the funds post. You should double check your banking details, your tax ID and your billing address is correct.

    Checking the Payments Made to Your Account
    1. Navigate to Finance > Withdrawal History

    Checking Your Tax ID and Billing Address
    1. Navigate to the gear icon > Company Information

    Note: If you are still experiencing an issue, please reach out to support by navigating to the help icon in the top right and select Submit a Request.