“Great-paying gigs that align complexity, visibility and your expertise should be a regular part of your repertoire.”
—Charlotte Garden, Talent Team
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Pay Rates
Earn 2 cents to $2 or more per word depending on your star rating, a ranking that improves with certifications, solid performance and customer reviews.

Our fully transparent pay policy offers the best rates in the industry: 70% of every dollar a customer pays goes to you.

Certification Badges
Snappy badges are earned with performance. They help you stand out from the pack and advance your career as a proven professional.

Our community is open and strong with lots of perks like awards, forums, monthly webinars, trade show meet-ups and more.

You don’t have to remain a faceless ghost behind the words. Rise up to the 6-star rating and customers pay premiums if you agree to publish your name with your work.

Get paid twice a month through PayPal for all your work that's been delivered and approved by customers.

We recognize awesome performance and milestones with rewards and recognition in the community.

Killer Tools
Free tools put the power of content creation and optimization at your fingertips, letting you focus on fun stuff like creativity.