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You need a place you can call home base. In an hour or less, you can fill out an application to join our community. In a few days, you'll hear from us and be able to build your profile, so we can match you up with customers. You'll quickly see why thousands of writers rely on us for the best rates on the Web.

The Best Pay Rates with Full Transparency

We wrote the book on pricing professional writing services. Literally. You can count on us to make sure customers pay a fair price for your quality work. We'll start you out with an initial Star Rating, and you'll earn your way to the top with performance and customer reviews.

Customer Pays
You Earn (Per Word)
2 Cents1.4 Cents
4 Cents2.8 Cents
6 Cents4.2 Cents
8 Cents5.6 Cents
10 Cents to $27 Cents to $1.40

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Power Profiles Build Confidence With Customers

The secret to attracting the best writers is representing their work and skill the best way. Read our story, and you'll see we're pioneers with just that. Your profile will take some time to get going and beef up, but in the end, your work, performance stats, customer reviews, certification badges and other attributes will help build confidence and win the big gigs.

The Rated Directory

When the demand for writing services grows and your skills fit the gap, we'll invite you to join the Rated Directory, offering all kinds of benefits.

Solo Orders
Pick up solo orders sent to directly to you.
Casting Calls
Apply for orders that interest you and match your experience.
Pick up orders sent to the crowd that interest you.
Pick up orders sent to teams set up by customers.

Tips for Success and Prosperity in Our Community

Keeping writers, customers and employees happy is an art and science here at WriterAccess. The following guidelines help us keep the orders going and income flowing to writers and editors.

Profile Updates
Put some time into creating your profile. In our marketplace, customers can find you based on your profile and samples.
Advanced Search
Search results are based on algorithm performance scores, which measure variables such as customer reviews and timely delivery.
Writer Spotlights
We email Writer Spotlights several times a month to more than 250,000 subscribers to help get the word out and the orders in.
We test writer proficiency as a service to our customers. You'll need to take a General Writing test to start, and later you'll take other tests to certify your skills.
Search Results
You're not going to appear on the top of the results instantly, but you will rise to the top when you exceed expectations and deliver great work.
Content Marketing
You'll be invited to all of our webinars, conferences and city tours that help you catch the wave of the content marketing revolution.
Pay Requirements
You'll need a PayPal account, or you can agree to direct deposit for faster payment by providing appropriate information. We may need proof of citizenship, including license, passport or other documents.
Bimonthly Payment
For writers opting for PayPal payment, you'll be paid bimonthly for all work completed through the 15th day and the last day of the month. Allow 10 calendar days for funds to arrive in your account.
Weekly Pay
For writers opting for direct deposit, you'll be paid weekly for all work completed through each Friday. Allow three business days for funds to arrive in your bank account.

Earn Certification Badges and Advance Your Career

Earn the General Badge when you take the writing test.
Apply for additional badges for professional expertise and industry strengths when you achieve customer endorsements and reviews.
Apply for 6 Star Rating and earn 7 cents to $1.40/word.

Fanatical Support

No pesky sales reps bother you here. Instead, you get amazing support if and when you need it. That's our sweet secret sauce and recipe for success.

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