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Fill out your profile, we'll review your info and get you into action on the platform.
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Earn higher rates with higher star ratings by delivering work that exceeds expectations.
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Clear Visibility and Higher Pay

Our business philosophy is simple: we pay the best rates to attract the best writers. Simply exceed customer expectations to raise your star rating and pay. And we have full transparency with customers and writers, paying 70% of their cost to you.

Our doors are always open for top-notch, US-based writers, copywriters, storytellers, technical writers, legal writers and more.
Pay Per Word
2-Star1.4 Cents
3-Star2.8 Cents
4-Star4.2 Cents
5-Star5.6 Cents
6-Star7.0+ Cents
Expanded editing services in 2016 means we're hot for US-based proofreaders paid by the word and editors paid by the hour. All aboard!
Pay Per Hour
Junior Editor$28
Senior Editor$35
Chief Editor$70
Translation services are new to our lineup for 2016, with prime spots for translators, trans editors and trans creators around the globe.
Pay Per Word
3-Star4.2 Cents
4-Star5.6 Cents
5-Star7.0 Cents
6-Star8.4+ Cents
Content Strategy
We're building a small army of top-notched, US-based strategists to provide content planning, optimization and workflow services.
Pay Per Hour
Sr Strategist$52
Chief Strategist$70

Why Choose Us

Writer Advocacy
Freelance writers are what keeps us alive, and we've heartily supported them over the past 25 years. Our CEO even wrote the book Professional Writing Skill and Price Guide to encourage fair pay.
Highest Rates
Earning up to $1.40 or more per word is not a pipe dream for six-star writers that have the skill, expertise and style customers demand for high-end work.
Full Transparency
Unlike most platforms, we don't hide margins or crowdsource orders to churn out cheap content. We disclose our margins, encourage Solo orders and pay top rates for top work.
We spread our wings far and wide, with 300,000+ subscribers, 20,000+ customers and 300+ attendees at our annual content marketing conference.
Career advancement comes from education, and we serve it up free with monthly content marketing webinars and podcasts featuring published authors and industry wizards.
Flexible Schedule
Work when you want, where you want, picking up and delivering assignments that suit your fancy and your schedule.

Happy Writers

Our Writers rated themselves 81% happy or very happy at WriterAccess!

“WriterAccess allows me to do what I do best: write. With great clients, numerous projects, a user-friendly interface, good pay and above all, editors and project managers who know how to showcase my professional writing skills, WriterAccess provides a business framework that keeps me sharp in my craft and looking forward to my next assignment.”
Kevin H | WriterAccess Writer
“I truly enjoy working as a freelance writer for Writer Access. They have given me the opportunity to expand my writing portfolio, connect with numerous clients, and expand my writing repertoire. I cannot think of any other site that offers such reliable writing opportunities, offers excellent customer service, and cares about the writers that work for them.”
Michelle H | WriterAccess Writer
“Although I have written for numerous online freelance companies, WriterAccess is one of my favorites. Some of the other online freelance companies make it nearly impossible to advance to their highest level. As long as the clients are happy with their articles, WriterAcess is also happy. This is why I love working with WriterAccess!”
Joe M | WriterAccess Writer