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Fair pay and transparent rates attract great talent. Quality and performance drive ratings and pay.

Registering with WriterAccess has lots of benefits. You'll earn the best rates with full transparency: 70% to you and 30% to WriterAccess. And you'll reach new customers that pinpoint your skill and proficiency.

Star Rating Customer Pays
You Make
2 Cents1.4 Cents
4 Cents2.8 Cents
6 Cents4.2 Cents
8 Cents5.6 Cents
10 Cents to $27 Cents to $1.40

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4-Star Writer
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What kind of writers groove with us?

Full-Time Freelancers
We have writers working exclusively at WriterAccess, with customers they've snagged through the platform, providing all the work they need.
Part-Time Freelancers
We have lots of writers that give us a whirl and pick up projects if and when they need the gigs, often juggling a full-time job with freelance assignments.
6-Star Writers
More higher-priced orders are coming our way, thanks to our marketing efforts and determination to demand fair prices for quality work.
Industry Experts
Customers are more comfortable hiring writers that understand their industries and know where to research news, stories and fresh ideas to help them engage their readers and keep them coming back for more.
Specific Expertise
We have many orders appearing on the platform that require specific copywriting, technical, medical or legal expertise that we'll surface on your profile and promote to customers.
Verified endorsements from both your customers and WriterAccess customers help to earn trust that you're a proven professional at confirmed rates, all backed by customers endorsements.

How it works and why everybody wins!

01 Application Form
Complete the intial screening application and we'll review your samples, public persona, background and experience. We'll let you know if you pass the first hurdle within a week or less, so you can take the next steps and get going.

02 Online Testing
We'll test your skills and proficiency with a few online tests that confirm your proficiency. Your test results combined with writing samples and experience help us determine an initial star rating that we run by you to get on the same page.

03 Complete Profile
You'll finalize your public profile showcasing your proficiency to prospect clients and customers. Allow a few hours to complete the profile. Once you're ready, we'll approve you to launch in the platform and start picking up orders.

04 Star Rating
Move up your initial star rating by delivering quality work that exceeds customer expectations. Delivering projects on time and without snags helps you improve your star ratings. We review all your performance periodically for star rating adjustments.

05 Search Results
We promote all our new writers to prospect customers in numerous ways, including Writer Spotlight email promotions and internal weekly reviews with our talent team and customer service team.

06 Matching Service
Our goal is to match your skill and proficiency with customers that keep coming back to you for more. You'll work at your own pace, and accept jobs from customers at your own pace. You can turn your availability on and off as you so choose. Quality content and great service with customers will be required for success.

The power of your profile.

Make your profile the best it can be. Customers "select you" based on your work summary and samples. Stats for work and performance, completed both at WriterAccess and on your own, are included in your profile.

Earn certification badges and advance your career.

Earn the General Badge when you take the writing test.
Apply for additional badges for professional expertise and industry strengths when you achieve customer endorsements and reviews.
Apply for 6 Star Rating and earn 7 cents to $1.40/word.