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Repeat Clients 30%
Last Login 10/6/2016
Location Renton, WA
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
Marketing is like ringing a bell. The first metallic strike breaks the silence and demands attention. The pleasant vibrations, crashing in waves, are calls for constant focus. Once the sound fades, echos of the sound trace in a person's mind. Forgetting fantastic marketing is like unringing a bell: impossible.

James is an IT geek with a passion for the written word. Beyond being part of fiction writing groups, he regularly competes in writing competitions. James checks every piece through filters he has created, along with multiple runs through Grammarly.

His biggest influence in content creation has been Sol Stein, who powerfully illustrates the economy of words. This practice of reduction is more than switching from passive to active voice. Sol Stein shows bold methods of cutting that leave the piece stronger.
James's specialties include technical writing about Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and VMWare products. He is comfortable writing a full range of technical articles; from an in-depth manual on programming to a comedic piece about cloud computing.

While technical topics are his specialty, he enjoys writing a variety of other articles as well. From Halloween to healthcare, few articles are safe from his keystrokes!
Learning new technologies, playing with the pup (Border Collie), writing short stories, visiting with family/friends, and playing poker.
University of Phoenix Online – Apr 2007
Information Systems, Bachelor's Degree

Learning about operating systems, business practices, and how to program Java / C++.

Association Memberships
PMI Puget Sound Chapter Sep 2012
Local chapter of PMI organization

VMWare Certified Associate: Cloud VMWare
Nov 2013
This certification not only reviews the various products of VMWare's cloud environment, but also illustrates how each component reacts to each other.

Project Management Professional Project Management Institute
Dec 2012
Understanding how to run all aspects of small to large projects.

Security+ Comptia
Sep 2006
This vendor neutral certification covers basic security concerns.

Network+ Comptia
Dec 2005
This test relates to networking fundamentals and is not vendor specific.

Projects by Industry
High Tech

This experience relates to James's Project Manager position in the IT consulting industry. This consulting group primarily focuses on healthcare, legal, and non-profits. James is responsible for 35+ concurrent projects, half a dozen staff members, and a number of upper management reports. The following is a list of key achievements he has made.

* James created a project portfolio that led to 25% more project completions when compared to previous year

* He also audited a client's vendor contracts, which resulted in savings of $27,400/year for that client.

* James L also created training material and built a six station training lab, which has logged over 250+ hours of use in first couple months.

* He also worked with a vendor on a server migration that reduced patient portal downtime from twice a month to 100% uptime.


This experience references the Helpdesk Manager position James had in an IT consulting company. This IT consulting company was focused on the primary care healthcare. The following are some of James's key achievements.

* He replaced an intranet system which increased employee use from eight visits per day to 60+ visits per day.

* James deployed a ticket system which resulted in call volume dropping by 25% in first year. This call volume drop then reduced company expenses by $21,000+ per year.

* James deployed Sharepoint and increased documentation from 20 articles per tech, per year to over 100 articles per tech, per year. This allowed the company to handle more client contracts per tech.

Web Development

This experience references James's community college teaching occupation. He taught three levels of programming over the course of a school year. The following are some of his achievements.

* He created a curriculum that had pass rates equal to highly respected 17 year veteran teacher.

* In an anonymous survey, 89% of students said they would take another course if he taught it.


James spent the last three years advising primary healthcare clinics on how to setup and run their systems. This unique position gave James insight into some of the more difficult subjects, such as ICD-10 and Meaningful Use.

*He helped manage a number of eRx solutions by building and training three super users

*James wrote workflow material for a 20+ of medical workflows

*James regularly administered new employee orientation


James spent a year teaching adults at a community college PHP and MySQL. The capstone for this course was developing an online program for an existing business.

* James had a student so thankful for the education that they created an unsolicited recommendation letter

* A student James taught gained enough experience and prestige that they then taught the same course years later


James worked on a variety of industrial projects including projects for power plants, airports, mineral processing plants, and municipal utilities. Some of these accomplishments include:

* Re-factoring a fish conservation program to run well over 200% faster by reducing database look-ups

* Helping save a waste management utility from large expenditures because of their PLC outage

* Re-creating a major operator interface for one of the largest talc producers worldwide

Projects by Asset Type

Within this project James created a number of brochures for patient use. Most of these brochures helped patients as an introduction to the clinic's online portal. This particular task was not only writing the specific verbiage, but also working on a design layout that was both professional and easy to read. To that end, James went with a mix of frequently asked questions and generic information.

Projects By Expertise

Working for a number of article producing sites that focus on high quality web content. Each of these websites work through a number of editing procedures to ensure everything meets their standards.

Technical Writer

James has created many technical instruction sets and articles. These documents have been used in everything from workflow instruction to deciding on company strategy.

* Created technical documents weekly for help desk staff to use

* Created project management kick-off and plan documents to ensure how projects were started.

* Wrote many technical articles about the state of an upcoming software or hardware release.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

James completed a variety of projects as an IT consultant for companies with about 200 employees. One of these was an office move of about 50-60 people to a new building. This required James to manage a number of vendors and oversee all the technical requirements. Another project James was involved in was a phone system replacement for this same company. While it took a lot of work, the go-live went so smoothly that people did not even realize that a phone upgrade had occurred.


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