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Christina L

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Since her first internship in 93.3 WMMR promotions, Christina has gained proficiency in writing across multiple subjects. During her collegiate years, Christina wrote editorials for the feminist newspaper *The College News* and developed a voice in film criticism. During her sophomore year, as a guest student at the University of Pennsylvania, she was published in a book "39 Difficult Questions for Stefan Sagmeister", and wrote performance art, audio tours, and reviews for "The Happy Show." Her English thesis was on film adaptation--specifically why Fight Club's adaptation was stronger than the novel. Since graduation, Christina has continued writing anecdotes for a hearing aid company called Phonak. She is working on completing a certificate in Writing for Children.
Christina's work specializes in creative writing, reviews, interviews, websites, editorial pieces, and research-based essays.
Fiction, film, music performance and composition, cat care, fine art, performance art, fencing, psychology, television, rock and roll history, anthropology, graphic design, the Myers-Briggs test, hard of hearing and Deaf culture, education, animal rights, disability rights.
Bryn Mawr College Aug 2010 – May 2014
English, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Spanish, French, English

Christina's education was centered around creative writing, and its uses across various media and languages.

Relevant courses include:

Short Fiction I (ARTW260)
Short Fiction II (ARTW360)
Inventing the Novel (ENGL241)
The History of Silent Cinema (ENGL239)
Film Theory (ENGL306)
Writing for Children (ENGL269)
Writing, Sound, and Modernity (ENGL371)
The Tales We (and They) Tell (SOAN010-R-S12)
Advanced Fiction Writing (ENGL115.302)
Experimental Writing (ENGL111.401)
Writing Through Art and Culture (ENGL165.301)

Certificate in Management Bryn Mawr College
Jan 2013
Certification in management of a business.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Bryn Mawr College
Oct 2012
A certificate awarded by Bryn Mawr College to students elected to study entrepreneurship, in addition to their current courses.

Projects by Industry

Christina has been singing since she was four and songwriting since she was fifteen. Writing related to the music industry has included rock and roll history pieces for 'The Happy Show' Audio Tour, footnotes for a book caled 39 Difficult Questions for Stefan Sagmeister, and an editorial piece for *The College News* on songwriting. Outside of writing, Christina has studied music product and songwriting composition, and has traveled to Los Angeles to teach songwriting at the East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy. Christina is currently working on a demo for her album, Finding Voice, and writing a second album called Someday.


Christina is currently a writer for a Swiss hearing aid company. Topics include hearing loss, hearing aid functionality, the intersections between physical and mental illness, Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture in the 21st century, and living with chronic ear infections. Christina has also established a disability advocacy and awareness group at Bryn Mawr College to improve access for ill and disabled students.


Christina has been a pet sitter and animal shelter volunteer in Philadelphia, Cape May, and New York City for the past 10 years. She specializes in cat care, and is highly interested in the physiology and behavior among different cat breeds. Christina's written work about cats includes personal anecdotes, and the impact of cat purrs.

Projects by Asset Type

Christina helped conduct research, build interview questions, and submit creative nonfiction for the book '39 Difficult Questions For Stefan Sagmeister.' Overlapping with her experience in the music industry, this book helped Christina combined two of her favorite disciplines: music and writing.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Christina's work for a Swiss hearing aid company has been creative nonfiction pieces about life with hearing loss. Each article discusses a critical problem in the hard of hearing community through a personal lens. Content ranges from coping with permanent hearing loss to examining the intersections between different illnesses. Christina aims to present important questions and ideas about life with a disability while making a reader either laugh or cry.

Projects by Writing Style

Christina wrote five pieces for 93.3 WMMR's 2010 Haunted Halloween guide, which promoted the radio station in September and October 2010. One piece, "Halloween: The Beginning" was on the history of Halloween. Another article, "DIY Costumes" provided instructions for costumes made from recyclables. Two articles focused on the scariest stories in visual media: "The Terror Inside Your System" and "The Top 3 Scariest Movies". The last article, "Haunted Spots in the Philadelphia Area" noted places in Southeastern Pennsylvania that supposedly have ghosts.


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