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If you’re looking for a quick turnaround of rewritten material, Monica would not be your choice. If, however, you’re looking for well-researched, high quality text that lends unique features to your message, than you need look no further. Monica carefully selects work for which she is highly qualified and emphasizes quality. She has a high “exceed expectations” rating and has never had a client complaint.

Working in and around our nation’s capital, Monica is able to obtain source information on key issues that is not available elsewhere. She applies her business, economics & finance, law and journalism expertise across multiple disciplines and has extensive experience in:

• Political news & commentary

• Political reporting

• Strategic planning, business planning and white papers

• Written and oral media communications, including TV, radio and Internet broadcasting, press releases, articles, blogs, newsletters – in both journalistic and copywriting style

• Investigating and writing about core issues facing our nation, including healthcare, elderly care, education, federal budget, Middle East and Southeastern Pacific Rim, China, Science & Technology (including NASA) and general concerns addressed by our nation’s leaders

• Sharing experiences on “all things” happening in Capitol Hill, Washington DC and surrounding area -- writing about real estate, food trends, fashion, business, tourism, what’s seasonally savvy and more

• Providing policy coverage from Congressional hearings, federal agency officials, foreign dignitaries, corporate leaders, “Think Tanks,” and other briefings held in and around Washington, DC

Monica is a credentialed member of the press. She spent a year as a member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in order to perfect her journalism, broadcasting and other media skills. Monica has a degree in business, with a focus in economics from the Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from the University of Maryland.

Monica’s goal is to help clients create winning messages in the best format(s), and deliver it in the right place at the right time before the right audience so they may achieve their goals.
Target Market-Specific Writing -- It can be frustrating to find the perfect message for your target market if it comes to you with terms most people can’t comprehend. Monica specializes in taking hard-to-understand material and making it user friendly. Whether it’s understanding the political process and what’s happening, or creating an easy to read “how-to” on complex topics with esoteric terms, she’s able to produce enjoyable reading on what might otherwise be an overwhelming burden to endure.

Research-Oriented Writing -- With Monica’s extensive educational background, it’s no surprise that she specializes in assignments that require research, sometimes connected with investigative reporting or live interviews. Having spent over a decade in the media industry, she understands the need to ferret out unique information for clients to add quality and interest to their message. Monica also realizes that the clock is ticking and knows that she must find the hidden pearl and report it first! Her training at the National Press Club and the Journalism Institute also taught her that the material has to be well-written and pristinely accurate. Clients are delighted by both the quality of her work and the protection her extensive bibliographies provide them.

Interviewer and Public Speaking -- As a media professional and political pundit, Monica has interviewed hundreds of experts and engaged in public speaking on core advocacy issues being addressed by our leaders within the political realm of Washington DC. Monica was also host for a political news & commentary radio show for over 10 years. Examples of experts she interviewed include Senator George McGovern, NASA Administrator, Chuck Bolden, and Swiss Embassy officials along with their pilots, which was sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland to promote their experimental plane (Solar Impulse) and was held live at Dulles Airport near Washington DC.

Finding key leaders for client issues and interviewing them for exclusive quotes is a core function that Monica provides for many of her clients

Strategic Planning is Central to Every Document -- So many writers are great at writing stories, but forget the main thrust that drives the document – achieving the clients’ goals through a cohesive winning message. Each word included should be used for this purpose. Every article, blog, newsletter or press release is a mini-strategic plan telling a compelling story. Trained in business and strategic planning, and coupled with decades of experience, Monica understands this concept well.

She has designed comprehensive blueprints, such as a plan for a religious group's school that gained over 200% percent enrollment within the first year after the plan was implemented. Yet, Monica has also sparked interest in 500 word stories, such as those she covered for the wire service at the National Press Club. Big or small, Monica focuses on putting the words together strategically so the body of work achieves the client’s goals.
If Monica is not officially working, chances are you will find her in someone's kitchen. Whether cooking at home or trying out the new restaurant in town, Monica enjoys creating, assessing and writing about food and events. She is the "go-to" person in her community when it comes to menu and events planning. She has written several short unpublished cookbooks such as for students attending her cooking classes and her local Weight Watcher's group. In addition, she writes short stories about some of the many recipes that she has created throughout the years. Her taste in food is eclectic and invites the palette of many countries. When writing on food, home or other magazine-type issues, she typically uses the Chicago Manual of Style.

Monica enjoys golf and small aircraft, particularly aerobatic flying. At home, in addition to cooking, she enjoys sewing and crafts, particularly those that draw in the entire family.
The University of Maryland School of Law Aug 1989 – Jun 1992
Legal, Doctorate of Jurisprudence (JD)

Monica had spent several years in the financial industry before entering law school. A major part of her work included pensions and estate planning, which are deeply rooted in legal issues. With a desire to learn more about the legal aspects of the field, Monica attended the University of Maryland Law School as a full-time student while maintaining a full-time professional career. She graduated in 1992.

Monica took several independent research and writing courses while at law school, focusing on issues relevant to her work. However, it was several years later, when her interests turned to government affairs and environmental issues, that Monica appreciated the value of her legal training and how easily the skill sets were transferable to other areas.

As a government affairs, media and association management specialist, her legal training has proven invaluable. Whether analyzing proposed legislation, writing a strategic plan, or creating a cogent argument in a press release or article, her legal training is a tool she regularly applies.

The Johns Hopkins University Jan 1983 – Jun 1984
Business and Economics, Bachelor of Science

Monica transferred to the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in January, 1983, after spending one year at a community college, where she had earned a 4.0 GPA. One-and-a-half years later, she graduated from JHU.

Monica obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in two-and-a-half years with a major in business and an emphasis in economics. She earned a 3.7 GPA and graduated with honors.

Monica also received the Wall Street Journal's Student Financial Achievement Award in 1984 for her financial acumen.

Catonsville Community College Jan 1982 – Dec 1982
Business and Economics, N/A -- Transferred

In pursuit of a business career, Monica entered a local two-year community college. Within the first year, she decided to obtain a Bachelor's of Science degree. After consulting with the admissions office at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU), she decided to transfer to JHU after the completion of her first year at the community college.

Monica earned a 4.0 average while attending Catonsville Community College.

Association Memberships
International Association of Press Photographers Dec 2012
Monica obtained her press credentials through the International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP), where she is also a member.

As a credentialed member of the press through IAPP, Monica is able to obtain press seating and equipment support at hearings on Capitol Hill, NASA, the Atlantic, The National Journal, the Newseum, the "think tanks," and most places where members of the press are welcome. She is also able to attend most press briefings limited to credentialed press.

Since obtaining her IAPP membership, Monica has been able to provide newsworthy coverage or engage in one-on-one interviews. Interviewees or news coverage has included Members of Congress, heads of Agencies, Governors, International dignitaries, corporate leaders, and experts.

Monica was selected by the Embassy of Switzerland to provide coverage at an event about their Solar Impulse (an experimental airplane project), both at Dulles Airport and the Embassy, which included one-on-one interviews.

She was also one of the few reporters granted an interview by Senator George McGovern shortly before he passed away. The Senator placed the interview in his legacy library.

Monica was also the moderator of a briefing about the crisis in Egypt, which was held at the National Press Club and aired on C-SPAN.

These are just a few examples of the types of quality, high caliber newsworthy stories that Monica is able to access through her membership and credentials provided by IAPP.

National Writer's Union Nov 2012
Monica is a national member and a D.C. Chapter member of the National Writers Union (NWU). She also serves on the Scoping Committee for the D.C. chapter.

Monica has worked on membership outreach by coordinating reciprocal events with other professional organizations for journalists, such as the National Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists. She arranged for guest speakers and moderated a professional development symposium that was co-sponsored by the National Press Club's Freelance Committee and the Society of Professional Journalists.

On a national level, Monica has been working with NWU President and an assigned lobbyist in covering copyright hearings on Capitol Hill.

Member, Credentialed -- Journalism/Reporter -- Legal/Political International Association of Photographers Press
Dec 2012
As a credentialed member of the press, Monica is able to gain access to equipment and areas reserved only for credentialed press reporters. She is designated as both a journalist and a reporter, allowing her to cover requests for articles or TV/radio coverage.

Her political/legal reporting status opens doors on Capitol Hill and in the international community.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

Monica is a non-profit management consultant. She provides a wide range of services in this area, such as writing policies and procedures, "how-to" training with accompanying manuals, media representation, and advocacy. Monica initially specialized in environmental clean-up and marine wildlife conservation, and has expanded her experience to include healthcare, the elderly, education, budget, environment, and copyright.


Monica covers in and around our nation's capital. Her written work in this area includes wire submissions, articles, press releases, web content and radio scripts. The material of Monica's articles is usually provided through briefings and events she attends in and around the nation's capital.

Real Estate


Monica has written about scientific endeavors happening in and around our country for several years. She regularly covers NASA and other science facilities in and around Washington DC. Being able to translate the complex esoteric terms of the industry into easily understandable and interesting stories is a core function of Monica's role in this area.


As a government affairs consultant, Monica helps clients reach their goals through government interaction. Monica focuses on developing winning strategic plans and showing clients how to successfully implement them. Monica also provides follow-up materials for clients' advocacy programs, such as newsletters articles, "how-to" fact sheets, and website content with strong keywords.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Monica's first experience in SEO was in 2005, when she created the website, "Let's Talk Waterways," a tool to showcase her work. While a developer provided the technical details, Monica designed every aspect of the site. She also trained under PR Web to successfully utilize SEO to achieve above the fold, often top ranking in the industry, excepting advertisements.

Monica has successfully applied these same techniques to help clients achieve the same result. [Note: the number of paid projects in this category is deceptively low, as normally it is part of an associated service.]

Projects By Expertise

The majority of Monica's journalism experience has been as a political news reporter and as a non-profit management consultant, which includes public relations work. She has also been trained in magazine writing.

Monica's experience in journalism includes writing for wire services, press releases, articles, "how-to" fact sheets and web content. She has a working familiarity with the Associated Press, Gregg and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Script Writer

Monica has been writing scripts for a political news radio show since 2011. Prior to political news, she wrote radio scripts on environmental issues, beginning in 2005.

Research Writer

As a reporter, pristine research is a necessary requirement. Accurate reporting is mandatory for political reporting, and Monica has been in the field for almost a decade.

Monica's work has extended beyond political reporting into other areas that require due diligence and reporting, including business & strategic planning, strategic planning and providing strong, supporting background research for copywriter needs of clients.

Technical Writer

There are many aspects to a technical writer's job: business plans, strategic plans and website development are a few areas where Monica has helped clients to meet their goals.


Monica is an expert at providing persuasive copywriting material for clients. Monica has written newsletters and articles in politics, real estate, business and science. Located in our nation's capital, She has had the opportunity to write about some of the most prominent political figures and decision makers in Washington, DC and around the world.

Projects by Writing Style

Monica is an expert in copywriting, providing conversational, yet persuasive articles in politics, real estate, science and more.
She is able to utilize her business and legal skills to easily translate esoteric terms into an easy read format. Whether working from white papers, science & tech material, financial spread sheets or legal briefs, Monica is able to draw interest through clear, concise and interesting articles.


The majority of Monica's journalism experience has been as a political news reporter and as a non-profit management consultant, which includes public relations work. She has also been trained in magazine writing.

Monica's experience in journalistic writing includes writing for wire services, press releases, articles, "how-to" fact sheets and web content. She has a working familiarity with the Associated Press, Gregg and the Chicago Manual of Style.


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