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Over the past 15 years, Crystal has acquired extensive professional experience in the fields of tech support, travel and hospitality, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, environmental studies and oil spill response. From 1999 she worked in Tech Support for an insurance company, where she was a consultant in the creating of the company's website, and wrote the FAQ pages and web training guide for her fellow employees. She was then employed as a certified travel agent from 2004 to 2007, but since 2008 has worked with three different non-profit facilities that specialized in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and coastal advocacy. In 2010 she completed federal level Hazardous Materials training for her employment in the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the U.S. Gulf Coast. She is currently pursuing her degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Communications. She has completed numerous honors level composition and multimedia classes as a part of her curriculum and writes freelance full time.
Crystal specializes in native and exotic avian care, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, veterinary care, oil spill cleanup and hazardous materials, habitat restoration, native and wildlife friendly landscaping, environmental education and chemical free gardening.
Additional interests include: literature, video games and gaming consoles and hardware, food gardening, swimming and SCUBA diving, fiction writing, biology, space studies, technology, natural parenting, neuroscience and travel.
Careers Northwest Academy Oct 2004 – Dec 2004
Travel and Hospitality, Travel and Hospitality certification

Required training and education for application of travel agent license.

Saint Petersburg College Biology tract with Honors Composition and Communication classes, AA

Community college credits in progress, working toward transfer to university to complete BS in Environmental Studies degree with a minor in Communications.

Projects by Industry

This writer is a bonafide media junkie. She consumes books, movies, television, magazines and video games at an embarrassing rate and enjoys sharing analysis and insights with anyone who will listen. Though she has only been paid for three projects, she has been writing reviews of books, movies and music for websites and local newspapers for free for most of her adult life.


This writer's projects in the Gardening topic include the following:
-advertising the services of certified tree arborists and hydroseeders
-numerous articles about how to achieve gardens that are drought tolerant and chemical free,
-articles detailing the benefits of using native species in your garden
-DIY instructions for building greenhouses, water features, bird houses and a hydroponic gardening system.

Green Living

This writer has written articles on how to find and use reclaimed wood, how to build a "natural swimming pool", the importance of recycling your electronics, how to upcycle items found at flea markets into arts and crafts projects or furniture. Green living is very important to Crystal's family and they have many years of practical experience in endeavoring to live a "green" life and reducing their waste and carbon footprint.

Green Products

Crystal has written several reviews on solar powered items and foldable bicycles, as well as DIY articles for solar heaters and hydroponic gardening systems.


This writer has published articles about the history and science behind the use of chiropractic care, innovations in wireless hearing aids which connect to bluetooth, the measurable physical effects of stress and an article about a study which detailed how time spent outdoors contributes to increased focus and physical health for children.


Eva's experience with animals began during the childhood summers she spent on her aunts farm in Nebraska, and continues today with the professional work she has done in wildlife sanctuaries, animal shelters and as a consultant for training and behavior problems in dogs and pet birds. She has published numerous articles about boarding pets, reducing separation anxiety and combating unwanted behaviors.


Crystal started traveling right out of high school when she and a friend spent a month backpacking in Europe, where she was bitten by the travel bug. Shortly after she took a course that allowed her to become a licensed travel agent, where she consulted on and booked every aspect of domestic and international travel for her customers. Thanks to this she has an insiders knowledge of the travel industry, has traveled all over the world in a professional capacity where she toured countries on trains and boats. She came to specialize in travel to the South Pacific and the Caribbean, and she has a particular interest in the more eccentric sights and lodgings in the world. Though this is no longer her profession, she still enjoys using everything she learned from her time in the travel industry in her freelance work, and in her personal travels.


This writer is a lover of the outdoors and finds writing about outdoor activities, products and trends to be tremendously satisfying. She recently has published an extensive comparison of the different types of foldable bikes, reviews of kayaks, paddles, bike trails, recreational activities in local state parks and solar powered camping supplies.


With formal education and many years of professional experience in the fields of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Crystal has written for numerous newsletters and websites regarding important issues and discoveries in the scientific world. She loves to share her knowledge, experience and considerable researching abilities with the world. Some of the topics she has written about include the following:

-The use of cloning to regrow teeth and dental tissue
-Studies released which highlight the importance of "grazer" species on the health of Caribbean coral reef systems
-The impacts of feral cat colonies on native wildlife populations
-How the use of native plants can make a landscape more resilient to drastic weather changes
-How stress affects brain development in infants


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