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Deb is a former lawyer, business owner and life coach. She worked for a number of years as a hands-on corporate finance lawyer in a large international firm. She was particularly active in marketing, writing client materials and articles for business publications, as well as writing and presenting marketing seminars for both potential clients and in-house for lawyers. Her expertise in the field of legal marketing also made her an in demand speaker at conferences all over the world. As a small business owner, she managed a successful and profitable franchise fitness business and wrote a popular blog on women's fitness and health issues, as well as advising private clients on lifestyle, personal success, health and fitness. She currently serves a wide variety of business clients, with some emphasis on the legal and fitness sectors, as well as travel pieces/reviews. She writes extensively on health, fitness and legal issues that are relevant to seniors.


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Self Help

Deb is a certified life coach who advises clients on the issues that come with traumatic, life changing events such as divorce, death of a loved one, job loss and identity theft. She also advises empty nester, retired women on moving on to the next stage of their lives.


Deb has been a partner in a law firm, a small business owner and a life coach. She has written informative blog posts on legal topics, with a particular interest in legal marketing, as well as pieces on small business ownership.


Deb has written travel guides and travel experience blogs on cities from London to New York and recently has written extensively on visits to Atlanta an the North Georgia Mountains (her new home). She specializes in niche pieces that highlight a particular sector (e.g., restaurants or hotels).


As a women's fitness business owner, Deb wrote a popular blog on the subject of women's health and fitness.

She is a certified life coach who devises win-win fitness strategies for even the most reluctant client. She writes about general fitness topics, with some emphasis on senior women's fitness.

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Deb has extensive experience in both the online and print market. She has produced articles that are timely (e.g., on the Kentucky Derby) just prior to its running and pieces that are generally informative on a wide range of health related topics, from women's health during menopause to dealing with cataracts. She has also written a number of travel related pieces on everything from local drive-in theaters to local antique shops.

Blog Post

Deb has written extensively for several companies and individuals producing blog posts for the fitness, nonprofit and legal sectors. These posts are aimed at the general market (potential clients, etc.) and are informal, yet informative pieces that aim to entertain and educate.

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