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Summary of Experience
Just a few years out of Boston University with bachelor's degrees in both journalism and international relations, Jon Erik is a freelance writer eager to work. He currently works as a local newspaper reporter, events photographer, and an online comics journalist and critic.

While at school, he found his niche as a jack-of-all trades style of writer for BU's student magazine, The Quad. As a staff writer, columnist, campus editor, and editor-in-chief, he enjoyed wearing a number of different writing hats. His portfolio comprises over ninety pieces including breaking news articles, feature profiles, television and film reviews, commentary pieces, Q&A-style interviews, and more.

Outside the magazine, he wrote pieces for varied outlets including the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Boston University's Parent Magazine, and miscellaneous blogs. He now handles weekly newspaper and digital magazine assignments for various news organizations.

His experience adapting to numerous platforms, audiences, and writing styles serves him and clients well for freelance projects.
As a trained journalist, he is most proficient writing articles and blog posts, although he is open and willing to adapt to most other forms of writing. He is also experienced with creative writing and enjoys taking skills from that medium and integrating them, when relevant, into his other work.
Engaging with pop culture, reading about heroes of both the fictional and non-fictional variety, slaying virtual dragons, avoiding Internet comments, etc.
Boston University Sep 2010 – May 2014
Bachelor's of Science in Journalism, Bachelor's of Arts in International Relations

Relevant Coursework: Beat Reporting, Newswriting and Reporting, Feature Writing, Magazine Writing and Editing, Creative Writing, etc.

Extracurricular Activities: The Quad (online magazine), Stage Troupe (theatre group), I Embrace You (goodwill organization)

Honors and Awards
Latin Honors Graduated with Cum Laude honors with Bachelor's of Science in Journalism.

Projects by Industry

His knack for exploration unexpectedly landed him in the niche of writing about other niches, specifically hobbies in the genre of all things "geek." Over the past three years, Jon Erik has reported on multiple comics conventions (including New York Comic Con), has interviewed dozens of artists and writers, and has written over fifty pieces on comics.

Alternative artwork, gaming, tabletop games, and other related topics all fall under Jon Erik's purview.


An aficionado of modern pop culture, he also has much experience with entertainment writing. He has written dozens of pieces on television, film, theatre, and web series, including interviews, previews, reviews, and analysis. From indie work to mainstream, there are few facets of media that Jon Erik lacks experience with.


Although not an expert in the humor "industry" per se, he enjoys lacing humor through his writing when the opportunity calls for it.

In his long-running review column of the television show "Glee," Jon Erik delivered critical analysis with humorous comparisons, observations, and anecdotes. In a Q&A article with the writers behind a web series about newlyweds, he conducted part of the interview as if it were "The Newlywed Game." Humor lightens the tone for both readers and subjects alike.

Projects by Asset Type

As a journalist, Jon Erik's immediate basis for work is through writing articles. His wheelhouse includes breaking news articles, magazine articles, feature articles, and more. With a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism from Boston University, he is formally trained in how to write professional articles for a variety of formats.

Blog Post

A sizable portion of Jon Erik's portfolio includes blog posts; they are a cornerstone of modern writing online. He has written dozens of blog posts, many through his comic book column and television review column. He is also proficient with several blogging formats, including Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and more.

News Story

With his extensive work in the Thomson Reuters Foundation office, at various Boston University publications, and in many journalism classes, Jon Erik's forte is in the news story. Interviewing, data gathering, fact checking, and assembling the information in a timely manner are all integral and familiar skills on his newswriting wheelhouse.

Facebook Post

As an avid Facebook user for the past 8 years, Jon Erik estimates that he's composed a large novel's worth of writing in Facebook statuses, comments, and blog post-like "notes" on just his personal account.

In addition to using Facebook socially, he has also managed the Facebook page for his university's student magazine. He knows how to attract new readers, manage interest, and maintain a professional yet engaging voice on the social media platform.

Web Page

As a jack-of-all trades regarding online writing, Jon Erik has written his fair number of web page pieces. On WriterAccess, he has composed website biographies, company emails, informative articles, and various types of web copy. Outside of WriterAccess, he wrote and curated pages of web copy for his university magazine.

Twitter Post

On the day Jon Erik decided to pursue a degree in journalism, he knew that it would practically be a graduation requirement for him to get a Twitter account. Writing visibility depends on it.

As a four-year Twitter user with nearly three hundred followers, he knows to succinctly communicate ideas with panache. He has also managed the Twitter account for his university magazine, an account followed by nearly 2,000 people.

Projects By Expertise

In the past four years as a journalist and student, Jon Erik has written over one hundred pieces for outlets such as the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Boston University' The Quad, and Boston University's Parent Magazine.

While studying abroad in London, England, he interned for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where he reported on climate change, spoke with climate researchers, and had work picked up by the United Nations Wire.

At university, Jon Erik worked as a staff writer, columnist, campus editor, and editor-in-chief for The Quad, BU's online student magazine, and as a freelance writer. Journalism classes saw him report on court cases, local events, and trends throughout Boston.

Projects by Writing Style

As the steward of two different entertainment columns over the past few years, he is well-acquainted in a conversational style of writing. Certain formats, like columns, reviews, or how-to guides, allow for a more informal, but nonetheless still informative, voice.

As audiences developed for his columns, he was able to further tailor his voice to best suit readers interested in the given topic.


As an amateur, self-described hilarious person, he frequently tries to infuse his writing with humor whenever it is appropriate. He leaves allowances for alliteration and has a penchant for puns, much to the suffering of friends and family. He most often employs humor in his columns and social media, but also tries to (unsuccessfully) get away with it elsewhere.


As an experienced journalist with a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and over one hundred articles and blogs under his belt, the "journalistic" style is one that comes naturally to Jon Erik. He knows how to balance perspectives, write professionally and objectively, and let the reporting speak for itself. These skills pertain to pieces both short-form and long-form.


An enticing, persuasive promotional voice is an absolute necessity for anyone taking on projects at WriterAccess. In his time on the website, Jon Erik has written promotional blog posts, articles, web pages, Facebook posts, and emails.

Promotional writing needs to pique a reader's interest, but not wallop him, her, or them over the head with over-wrought sales language.


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