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Possessing a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Missouri, and a flare/unmistakable tendency to leave an aftertaste of a journalist's purview, Mike can whip up an easily digestible and informative article, blog, product description, etc.
Minoring in both psychology and sociology shows through in his writing as he can find and target his audience based on the subject at hand.
In his work on sports writing projects, he has gained a solid understanding of SEO. Writing his own meta descriptions on articles he wrote, creating tag lines, and using respectable sources are all practices he has experience and success with.
As far as his writing philosophy, he takes a straightforward approach: target the desired audience, and write to them utilizing dynamic content and personal creativity.
He is an avid sports fanatic, and relishes competition in its myriad forms. Coming from a literary background, he is experienced in researching primary and secondary sources of information in order to deliver on a proffered thesis or his own.
His bread and butter is sports hands down, but literature, pop culture, travel, food, nightlife, dogs, politics, and, most important, humor, are all subjects in his wheelhouse.
Sports, sports, and sports. Comedy is something he reveres, respects, and writes about (he once wrote skits based on MadTV characters that took runner-up in a statewide high school competition). Active living is important, and he is an avid rec-league enthusiast. He also enjoys weekend trips to see friends and family, as well as the occasional game of Trivial Pursuit.
University of Missouri Aug 2007 – Dec 2011
English, psychology, and sociology, Bachelor of Arts

Along with the three fields of study, Mike was awarded a certificate in multicultural studies and diversity awareness by the psychology department for extensive coursework involving the social stratosphere and how a person's background influences their psyche.
As an undergraduate, Mike's degree in English led him to the library countless time. He was always in search of evidence to strengthen his argument, thesis, or point of view on subjects ranging from the ruthless satire of Jonathan Swift to the complexities of sports locker rooms through a sociological lens.
Overall, his studies helped him become a writer with versatility and polish.

Association Memberships
Phi Alpha Delta International Law Fraternity Mar 2011
Mike joined Phi Alpha Delta as a senior, looking to understand the complexities of applying to law school, as well as a source of networking with like-minded undergraduates.

Phi Kappa Psi National Fraternity Aug 2007
As a member of Phi Kappa Psi, Mike was subjected to countless community-centric initiatives, including a partnership with the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America. Along with assisting in blood drives, raising money for other Greek bodies, and promoting events that donated funds to the Boys and Girls Club, Mike was elected as Chaplain, and mediated conflicts within the fraternity.

Multicultural certificate University of Missouri
Dec 2011
Along with my bachelor's, Mike received a certificate for his studies involving diversity awareness. the certificate fulfilled requirements set by the psychology and sociology departments of the University of Missouri.

Projects by Industry

This is sort of a catchall category for Mike, as he keeps his tone light in his writing as long as the subject matter permits. Much of his work coinciding directly with this category involves buzzfeed articles and listing outlandish examples within atypical topics. He has written dialogue with comedy as the main objective, including skits that won awards for comedy.


This is where Mike shines. Being a passion of his, sports writing comes naturally, and is where his future undoubtedly lies within content creation and editing. He has the most experience in this category and has achieved success writing for a growing sports media outlet out of the Southwest as a college conference writer. His work in college basketball and football has proven to be amongst the most viewed content on the site, thanks in part to his attention to SEO via wordpress.


Along with work experience spanning 18 months with at&t as a small business and personal consumer account manager, Mike has written in this industry mostly within the realms of mobile and wireless technology, as well as social media. He understands the inner-workings of major telecommunications companies, and the importance of emerging technologies to businesses.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Mike does his own titles and meta descriptions for all of his sports writing, with occasional suggestions from his editor. His ability in this area has led to higher levels of success compared to his peers regarding the number of views. Mike's standout work has been a great boon to his editor, who often comes to him with breaking stories.

Projects by Asset Type

Most of Mike's work is writing articles anywhere from 100-2,000 words on a variety of topics, including mobile devices, sports, humor, and WiFi solutions. Having a background in English, his language comprehension is a valuable asset in understanding the goals of an article, as well as enabling him to easily engage with his target audience.

Blog Post

This category can take on a number of subjects, but for Mike it usually means sports writing about tournament updates and draft projections for college football and basketball players. The ability to write and then come back to something periodically and in stages is second nature to Mike.

Projects By Expertise

During his time at school, Mike was fortunate enough to be accepted into an internship program with the literary magazine, The Missouri Review. While there, he was in charge of curating content from author submissions, averaging 20 prose submission a week. As an editor, he pitched quality content at weekly staff meetings, as well as spearheaded graphic design projects for selected pieces.

Research Writer

Mike did most of his research writing as a college undergraduate, but will often take on a research project if the price is right. Since it was such an integral part of his undergraduate career, Mike feels more than comfortable tackling any research project that piques his broad spectrum of interests.


All of Mike's experience in sports writing is journalistic in nature. His work for a multimillion dollar sports media upstart has all been done from the perspective of a journalist. He understands the importance of fact checking and using reputable sources in his journalistic articles. He also is well-versed in placing hyperlinks in just the right spots in his articles so as not to disrupt the article's flow.

Projects by Writing Style

Oftentimes, travel writing takes the form of a conversation with your audience. The casual tone of a travel blog is a style that Mike has been paid for in the past. Understanding the concept of a conversation, while maintaining a certain level of professionalism, is a fine line that he can easily tread.


Writing in this vein comes naturally to Mike, and he is creative enough to find the humor in events and situations that don't suggest comedy at first glance. His penchant for humor makes his writing pop and bite, and a sharp wit and respect for the literary canon help Mike find where the joke lies.


All of Mike's blogs, game coverages, and articles pertaining to sports have a journalistic feel, and he feels very comfortable in this field. Many of his professors in the English department at the University of Missouri also moonlighted as journalists, critics, and adjunct journalism professors at smaller neighboring schools.


From writing product descriptions, to writing a conversational piece geared toward a client's product or service, mike can do it all. Again, this is a catchall style for Mike, as he can weave multiple styles together in order to strengthen and positively influence the perceived fabric of a product.


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