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Summary of Experience
Dorenda is a published author with books in stores globally. She has been featured in Arabiyat International Magazine and interviewed on various radio stations. She has formal training in life skills, pharmacology, child development and the legal industry. Law is one of her specialties, as one of her goals is to publish law books in the future.

A large percentage of her published books include topics in the child development category. They are also geared at parents who have adopted children. "Sammy's Battle with the L-I-E Word" is one of her books that is popular in the child development category.

Dorenda is also a professional poet. Her published book "A Spice of Life" covers important situations that people face in life. Some of the poetry include topics on self-esteem, family, commercialism and many more.

She is a professional writer who has written content in the industry of law, health, automotive, marketing, technology and plumbing. She has the skills to thoroughly research and write on any topic. A few of her other specialties include writing ad copy, SEO content and press releases.

Dorenda takes pleasure in being a perfectionist and keeping up with the trends of web writing. Her goal is to go above and beyond to satisfy her clients.
Dorenda specializes in law, health, automotive, home & garden, marketing and family. However, she can write professionally on any topic that is given to her.
Dorenda has an interest in poetry, sales, education, humanitarian work and helping others excel.
Kaplan University Law,

Studied the American legal system in preparation for practicing law.

Platt College Pharmacology,

Studied drugs and their reactions, as well as the process for creating them for patients.

Red Area Vo-Tech Life Skills, Certificate

Gained knowledge about life skills, including family, work, and various social settings.

Hobbs High School General Education, Diploma

Accomplished a general education.

Honors and Awards
International Poet of Merit Award Dorenda was awarded the international award for her poem entitled "Material Things".

Projects by Industry

Dorenda can write on technology topics in various fields. Her experience with writing for clients throughout the years has given her a vast amount of knowledge on topics such as video production, plumbing inspection equipment and many others.


Dorenda can write on any topic in the health industry, as she has written numerous articles for clients. She has vast knowledge on drugs, their effects and how they are made from studying pharmacology at Platt College.


Dorenda has studied law, which is still an ongoing process. She has ghostwritten legal content on topics such as real estate, small business, family, criminal defense and more. She is aware that different regions may have different laws.

Home Living

Dorenda has experience in ghostwriting content on making repairs, renovating and decorating homes. One of her strengths is the ability to help homeowners determine how to make repairs to hot water heaters, poor plumbing and electrical problems. However, she is able to write about anything concerning a home.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Dorenda has the skills for placing strategic keywords in content without it having a sloppy appearance. She can create SEO content that does not appear spammy, as she knows that spammy content can cause a client to get de-indexed by search engines.

Projects by Asset Type

Dorenda is in the habit of writing articles on a daily basis. She has written superb content for an array of clients. Her knowledge and research skills has given her the ability to write on any topic.

Blog Post

Dorenda can write a blog in a manner in which readers will be able to easily scan for the information that they need. She understands the importance of keeping them engaged, which is why she always make sure that the first few sentences are engaging. When a blog is written the correct way, it can inspire a reader to act or share the content. This is great for helping her clients excel within their industry.

Press Release

Dorenda has experience in writing press releases for clients. One of the most important aspects of writing a press release is making sure that it is newsworthy. She is able to produce a professional release on any news topic that is needed by clients.

Projects by Writing Style

Showing authority gives readers a professional view of the author, which means they will take the content serious. Dorenda has the ability to show strong authority in her content, while keeping readers engaged. The nature of her content inspires readers to act after reading the content.


Blog writing is something that a reader should be able to enjoy. Dorenda has the skills to speak directly to readers, while also giving them content that is valuable.


As a published author with several books worldwide, Dorenda is aware of the importance of conducting interviews and digging deep for solid facts. She has a vast amount of experience in journalism.


Dorenda is an author and has a strong grasp of the importance of promoting projects. She has the skills and experience to produce promotional content. She uses the right keywords and structure that is needed to promote an ad, article, book or anything that is being promoted. She is also a professional copywriter and has written ad copy for companies such as Microsoft, Getty Images, Pricegrabber, GEICO and many Fortune 500 companies. She takes pride in creating fun ads that has a strong call to action (CTA). Sales is one of her greatest strengths.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Dorenda has written ad copy for various Fortune 500 companies. A few of the companies that she has written ad copy for include Microsoft, AT&T, AutoNation and many others.


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