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Schyller H

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Location Mesa, AZ
Education Bachelors Degree
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Schyller is routinely contracted to handle the writing needs of professionals in industries ranging from information technology, finance, hospitality, education, law, philosophy, psychology, and environmental research, including the highest levels of academic composition in post graduate thesis proposals, as well as dissertations for doctoral candidates.
He also provides top tier composition/editing services under strict time constraints.In addition to research writing, Schyller also has experience copywriting for various law firms and blog writing on various topics.
Primary expertise is in research writing under tight deadlines.
Entrepreneurship, startups, technology, mobile tech, iPads, motorcycles, great food, golf, MLB, NFL, weightlifting, UFC,
Arizona State University May 2010 – May 2014
Business, Finance, W.P. Carey School of Business

Schyller's tenure at ASU provided the opportunity to learn from some of the most gifted minds in academia, including instructors with Ph.Ds in Finance from such revered institutions as The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, as well as NYU and Berkeley-Haas. He also had the privilege to learn from instructors whose professional careers were as distinguished as their academic accolades, including CFAs and former UBS CEOs.

Honors and Awards
Dean's List Member May 2012
Awarded to full time students who earn a 3.5GPA or better

Projects by Industry

Projects on religion/spirituality have included analyses of biblical principles with respect to life in the 21st century, as well as examinations of more obscure factions not widely recognized by mainstream society and the rationality of witchcraft in the context of various cultures. Additional writings have covered topics in psychology, philosophy, and other social sciences, including projects on overcrowding in schools, hydraulic fracturing, and the effects of birth order.


Projects include studies on the effects of water contamination from arsenic and chlorine, research into invasive species (specifically aquatic macrophytes), and other research on the detriment of carbon emissions on planet earth.


Schyller has also written on the field of nursing, specifically concerning the effects of nurse to patient ratios on nurse and patient satisfaction, incidence of patient injuries, and medical errors. He has also written on the implications of advance directives.


Schyller's experience in the legal arena ranges from research in trademark infringement and mandatory minimum sentencing to the benefits/costs of electing jury trials vs. judge trials.


Schyller has written extensive critiques of a number of major motion picture films, including the works of acclaimed directors such as Robert Zemeckis, Quentin Tarantino, and Glenn Ficarra.


Schyller's experience in the business sector includes analyses of the future of the hospitality sector, as well as of large, blue-chip corporations such as StarBucks and Wal-Mart. He has also written on the business practices of companies like, as well as having examined niche corporations such as DreamWorks.


Schyller's experience in writing on education includes research into the cultural competency of instructors, the bully dilemma and approaches at mitigating its proliferation, and the benefits/costs of technological implementations in the classroom.


In addition to his personal experience in mobile multimedia, Schyller has written on some of the unique characteristics of mobile communication and how mobile platforms can accelerate the rebuilding efforts in times of national crises.


Schyller's experience in the health sector relates to research in the recent trend towards bare-foot running, or shoes that mimic the mechanics of bare-foot running.


Schyller's experience also includes writing on various topics such as consumer credit reports, biographies of historical figures, analyses on classic literature, as well as providing professional writing services such as resume writing and entrance exam critiques.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Schyller's blog experience comprises work in the area of consumer goods as well as mobile marketing, integrating links and keywords into the material to increase page hits and advertising revenue.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

A large majority of Schyller's work experience is as a research writer. He has written extensively on nearly every field of study in academia, including work at the undergraduate level, Master's level and Doctoral level.


Has written numerous projects with the aim of increasing customer through-traffic while simultaneously promoting the brand of the corporation and increasing awareness of their operations in the community.

Projects by Writing Style

As a writer whose primary focus has been research writing, nearly every project Schyller has worked on necessitated composition that demonstrated authoritative knowledge in the area in which research was conducted. He has written hundreds of pages of content that exhibit a tone of authority and conviction.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

Nearly all of Schyller's experience has come from working with large corporations that demonstrate a consistent demand for quality composition. Whether it is research writing, posting to blogs or writing copy, Schyller is familiar with the needs and demands of large enterprises who appreciate professionalism and integrity in those with whom they conduct business.


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