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Donna H won the dental health slogan contest for her entire elementary school while in the sixth grade. At the age of fourteen, she wrote a poem about the small town where her great aunt and uncle lived. Her great-aunt sent the poem to the local newspaper. After her poem appeared in the newspaper, Donna decided that since people seemed to enjoy her writing, she apparently had talent.

Today, Donna is a writer and copywriter with more than 20 years experience. Donna writes articles, web pages, blog posts, data sheets, e-books, press releases and other assignments. She particularly enjoys research-intensive assignments.

Donna H worked in the criminal justice system and social service agencies for 20+ years. She worked for or networked with courts, legal and social service agencies, attorneys, parole and probation departments, adult protective services. She coordinated with Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Administration, private insurance companies and other agencies.

She also worked as a long-term substitute teacher.

Her writing experience and specializations include legal, criminal justice issues, substance abuse and dual diagnosis, medical, mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis, dental, history, landlord-tenant, insurance, global issues, business, education, women's issues, home decor, political, aging, environmental issues, pest control. She also writes about current events and antiques and collectibles.

Selected recent client feedback includes:

- Thanks so much for your hard work. You write extremely well for the content that I need.

- Excellent work and thanks for getting it to me so soon!

- Please write for us again. You got this spot on.

- This is great! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Excellent job. I'm adding you to my LL

Donna has a B.S. degree in criminal justice, Associate of Applied Science degree in law enforcement and a second A.A.S. degree in community corrections. Her minors were political science, history, sociology and volunteerism.

Donna H always welcomes new writing opportunities.
Criminal justice
Substance abuse and addictions issues
Mental health, dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders
Landlord-tenant laws and issues
Aging and elder-care
Global issues
Women's issues
Pest control
Donna retired from the criminal justice and substance abuse and mental health industries to pursue a career in writing, her first passion.

Donna H is a history buff, enjoys buying and selling antiques, creating non-representational (abstract) art, music, dance and photography.

Donna enjoys her collection of more than 350 books, including some rare and first editions, with several dating to the mid 19th century.

She also enjoys entering sweepstakes, contests and competitions, including writing competitions. She won several writing competitions.
University of Dayton Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science

Donna received a B.S. degree in criminal justice after working in the field several years prior to graduating and after completing an associates degree in law enforcement. She graduated with minors in history and political science.

Sinclair Community College Law Enforcement, Associate of Applied Science

Although not her major at the time, Donna H thrived in a criminal justice elective class that required extensive writing. She changed her major to law enforcement and regularly achieved Dean's List status.

Honors and Awards
Citizen Journalism Contest - Third Place Donna received the honor of winning third place in the 2012 Citizen Journalism Contest, "Haiti's Earthquake: Two Years After," sponsored by Global Post and Universal Giving.

Best Article Overall - Grand Prize Winner Donna entered the "World Population Approaches 7 Billion" Contest sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Population Services International (PSI), co-sponsored by Helium.

Donna had the honor of one of her submissions being named "Grand Prize Winner" and selected "Best Article Overall."

Her winning entry appeared in the September 2011 issue of the PSI quarterly print magazine "Impact." PSI distributes Impact to more than 60 countries.

Paul Laurence Dunbar Memorial Poetry Prize In 2008, Donna H won the Paul Laurence Dunbar Memorial Poetry Prize from among more than 1000 entries submitted by Ohio residents.

Association Memberships
Freelancers Union May 2016
Donna H is an active member of Freelancers Union. Through the extensive resources and guidance provided through Freelancers Union, Donna furthers her knowledge and opportunities as a freelance writer and copywriter.

Projects by Industry

Donna has considerable experience writing articles, blog posts and web pages on business-related topics. Her experience includes writing on issues related to family-owned businesses, certified business valuation and forensic accounting experts, small business, business profiles, scams and legal issues related to business.


In addition to working in the industry for 20 years, Donna's experience includes writing over 500 assignments, blog posts, data sheets, web pages and articles on legal, crime, police and law enforcement, prisons and other institutions, criminal justice issues, business and personal injury law, real estate law, worker's compensation and social security law.

Selected to work on a year-long contract assignment to write on a variety of topics for a major online university, one of the teams she wrote for included the team writing legal assignments.

Her knowledge of law enforcement and criminal justice, legal education and extensive work experience contributes to her ability to write comprehensive legal assignments.


Donna wrote more than 200 articles related to the medical industry over a three year period. Topics included specific diseases and medical conditions, medical treatment, physical, mental and emotional health topics. She was a team member contracted to write medical and nursing articles for a major online college.

Donna worked in a mental health and substance abuse treatment agency and also has experience as a case manager. Some of her duties included assisting clients with obtaining health care, networking with health care providers and responding to emergency rooms when clients sought treatment voluntarily or was brought in by medics or police.

Donna enjoys writing on any medical topic and will research information she is not completely familiar with to present the best copy possible.


When Donna graduated with her A.A.S. degree and again when she graduated with a B.S. degree in criminal justice, her minor was in political science. She has worked with numerous government agencies and worked on two political campaigns.

She enjoys writing on any political topic, including local, state, national and international politics and issues.


Donna enjoys writing on topics of particular interest to women and about women. One of her articles was selected as grand prize winner in a writing competition that was judged by representatives of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Population Services International (PSI).


Donna's writing experience in the insurance profession includes articles and assignments on various types of insurance, in particular, accident, health and life insurance, private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. She also writes about issues related to insurance such as selecting the right amount of insurance, dealing with insurance provider issues, benefits of purchasing specific insurance and consequences of not having any or having too little insurance.

She also assisted clients in applying for various types of insurance over a period of several years and helped resolve client-related insurance issues.

Donna worked as a financial assessor at a mental health and substance abuse treatment agency to determine client insurance eligibility, updating client insurance eligibility on semi-annual basis. She assisted clients with applying for insurance benefits and was instrumental in resolving multiple insurance-related issues that initially prevented the agency from being paid for services rendered.

She also completed workshops on federal insurance programs.


Donna enjoys writing about families and children. She wrote several well-received articles, blog posts and web pages on a variety of related topics, including raising children, getting children interested in education or family outings, issues with raising children and coping with issues related to special-needs children.

Green Living

Donna enjoyed her previous assignments related to green living, green products on the market, how to make your own green products, green-related issues such as myths about green living, eco-friendly clothing and other related topics. She looks forward to writing additional "green" assignments in the future.


Donna has experience assisting clients in a residential setting with nutrition-related issues such as diabetes and food allergies. She has written several nutrition-related articles and posts, realizing the important role that nutrition plays in overall health.


Donna has extensive experience writing a variety of health related assignments, articles and blog posts related to substance abuse, mental health, dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, diseases and illnesses, prevention, dental health, aging, health insurance and more.

She has seven years experience in the substance abuse and mental health industry.


Donna H has five years experience writing government articles, news, press releases and blog posts. Her experience in this area includes writing under her own name as well as ghostwriting on various government-related topics, ranging from describing various agencies and functions of government, trends, latest news and other topics.


Donna H worked on a year-long writing project for a major online university. She also wrote numerous articles, web pages and blog posts on a variety of education topics over a four year period.

She served as a long-term substitute teacher in both a public school system and for a charter school.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Donna always writes assignments with required or optional SEO keywords to client specifications. When she writes an assignment, SEO keywords flow in a natural manner without sounding intentional.

Projects by Asset Type

Donna H writes articles that are well-researched, free of fluff and plagiarism, with reputable sources cited. Articles must capture and hold the interest of readers. Donna takes writing very seriously and writes well-researched, compelling copy that meets and exceeds all requirements.

Web Page

Donna H. writes web pages on a variety of topics and has 20 years experience writing for a variety of companies, sites and agencies. She writes web pages strictly to client specifications, without fluff.

Donna H especially enjoys writing research-intensive assignments and always properly cites the reputable sources in every assignment.

Blog Post

Donna H has considerable experience writing blog posts. She writes blog posts on topics such as health, dentistry, landlord-tenant, history, current events, family, politics, antiques and other topics and issues.

Writing blog posts that flow naturally is important to Donna. She carefully crafts each blog post with the same knowledge and expertise used in all her writing assignments.


Donna H has the knowledge and expertise to write the ideal eBook for clients. From Obama Care to vision care, Donna delivers an eBook specific to client needs and expectations. Her informative eBooks deliver the message that the client wants to convey in the eBook. She provides relevant sub-headings that allows for easy reading and quick reference.

She also knows how to add a soft call to action that gives the audience relevant information to make contact with the agency, office or company, without sounding pushy or over-bearing.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Donna has extensive experience writing articles and assignments that require considerable research. She has written legal, medical, history, global issues, business, insurance and other assignments on people, events, politics and global issues.


Donna H worked in the legal field for more than 25 years. She worked in a state prison, served as a parole case manager and security supervisor. She worked as an adult protective services case manager, investigating abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly. This required investigative skills and writing reports for courts and agencies. Donna H also served as coordinator for court-ordered treatment in a substance abuse and behavioral health agency, further developing her legal writing skills.

As a result of her legal experience, Donna has several years experience writing on a variety of legal topics. She writes articles, web pages, blog posts, news reports and other legal assignments, consistently adding to her total of more than 200 legal assignments.


Donna H enjoys the thrill of seeking out and reporting what happens, when it happens. She also writes according to very specific client specifications. Whether reporting on local news or a global crisis, she reports information to give readers the facts, never fluff, citing only the most-reliable sources.

Donna H reports local news for a national website.

Projects by Writing Style

Donna always writes with an authoritative style and prides herself in writing on topics she is particularly knowledgeable about. These topics include legal, medical, global issues, women's issues, history, antiques, politics, holidays and business.


Donna enjoys reporting news and does so in a timely, authoritative manner, properly citing sources and providing quotes where appropriate.


Donna H writes promotional copy for websites looking to promote a product or business, increase visability, provide information and improve SEO ranking. She also writes assignments to promote specific industries or events.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Donna H has experience writing a variety of assignments related to small business. She has experience writing small business articles, blog posts and web pages for major as well as smaller sites.

Whether you need an assignment written on family-owned business, legal topics related to any size business or other topics such as business valuations, Donna H has the experience and expertise to deliver copy that you need to interest your readers.

Large Business

Donna enjoyed worked on a one-year contract assignment, writing web pages and articles used as educational tools at a major online university. While writers did not retain the rights to those assignments, she wrote many articles on similar topics in business, medical, legal, healthcare, mental health and other subject areas since that large contract assignment.


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