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Completed Orders 1,016
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Repeat Clients 58%
Last Login 2/25/2016
Location Ogden, UT
Education Some College
Status Inactive
Blog Post9
Web Page3
Real Estate2
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Summary of Experience
A former technical writer for Citigroup, Vince spent years composing the sort of bland, personality-less documentation that is the unique province of giant corporations. Once he was given the opportunity to ghost write internal memos and press releases for the company CEO, however, he got a taste for what lay beyond... and he never looked back. As a full time freelance writer, he now specializes in the far more personality-driven field of web content and is a far more "contented" person for it. Vince is also the author of the best-selling book "American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman" released in August of 2013.
Vince specializes in the infusion of personality and, when appropriate, a sense of humor to all of his writing assignments -- except when he's writing about himself, of course, and then that wit seems to drop away into oblivion. "It's there somewhere," he says, although the look of concern that comes over his face is hardly convincing.
When he's not writing, he's reading. When he's not reading, he's listening to music. As the host of an online internet radio show, Vince uses what he's learned (and what he continues to learn) about social media marketing to further enable that hobby and give him ample excuse to spend a majority of his earnings on music CDs. So far, his better half remains convinced that it's a good idea.
De Anza College Aug 1994 – Aug 1995
film/music, not applicable

Studied film methods, film appreciation, and electronic music composition.

Projects by Industry

Blog content for a large group of auto dealerships, offering advice on a vast range of car related topics including vehicle maintenance, tips on what to look for when test driving vehicles, price negotiation tactics, suggestions for cutting back on gas consumption, knowing what to look for when buying used cars, and car financing tips.


Blog posts, news stories and feature articles for a variety of career improvement websites and online job posting boards. The range of topics written about include job interview tips, salary negotiation strategies, the use of social media for a successful job search, and general career advice. Emphasis on engaging and informative content.


Blog posts and feature article content for online learning websites and online university search engines. The majority of articles written speak to the benefits of online education versus traditional higher learning institutions and how remote learning can be a catalyst for positive life change. Additional topics written also discuss future earnings potential and career outlook for various fields of study.


Personal website and blog featuring movie reviews, music reviews, short stories, and random observations on life. The blog has successfully drawn a high volume of traffic as a result of social media marketing efforts via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.


Feature articles, blog posts, and timely news articles for insurance industry websites. Topics covered include life insurance, auto insurance and home insurance. Areas of focus include safety tips, savings tips, and educational articles.


Featured product reviews and buyer's guides for various e-book readers, PC tablets, laptop computers, commercial and consumer storage hardware, and other electronics accessories. Also provided informative and educational blog posts probing into the various aspects of daily life – both private and professional – that are enhanced through the use of cutting edge electronics.


Feature reviews of a variety of video games, with a specific focus on those created or developed for the tablet PC market. Provided witty, conversational commentary on cost, performance, originality, and overall usability. Additionally wrote a series of “top 10” lists for various segments of the game-playing public, ranging from best tablet games for kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors.


Blog posts, feature articles, news stories, career advice tips, personal development advice, and SEO content for job staffing websites. Articles cover both ends of the spectrum, offering helpful information to job hunters seeking career opportunities and businesses exploring the possibility of finding capable employees via third party staffing firms.

Real Estate

White papers, blog posts and feature articles for commercial real estate clients. Articles focus on best practices for commercial real estate agents, negotiation tactics and various strategies for success. Articles also focus on offering advice for commercial real estate customers seeking capable representation.


Travel articles, blog posts and SEO web copy for high profile vacation booking websites. Craft unique, colorful reviews of vacation properties with an emphasis on offering tips and advice for saving money. Numerous "Top 10" lists and promotional articles for upcoming seasonal events.


Feature articles, blog posts, news stories and opinion pieces for wide variety of finance clients. Range of topics covered include stock trading advice, credit card processing methods, small business finance and accounting, and consumer credit advice.


Feature articles, guest blog posts, news stories, and tutorials for a variety of marketing companies. The scope of topics covered include e-mail marketing, social media marketing, brand marketing, and uncovering developing trends that will continue to shape the evolution of marketing.

Green Living

Weekly publication of a blog designed specifically for a family owned and operated "green" plumbing company, placing special emphasis on home improvement upgrades to minimize residential and commercial water consumption. Crafted humorous yet informative articles ranging in topics from water conservation tips to troubleshooting household plumbing problems.

Search Marketing

Guest contributor to Writer Access blog on the subjects of search marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Employed a journalistic approach to the creation of informative and engaging articles, with an emphasis on the use of everyday language and common phraseology to explain complex procedures.


Blog posts, feature articles, news stories, and web copy for a variety of health supplement providers, pain relief product manufacturers, and senior citizens-oriented websites. Conducted extensive research on associated medical conditions, their varied causes, the risk factors involved, symptoms, available mainstream treatments, and alternative therapies to be able to speak with authority on important health issues.


Composed weekly blog posts for a small, family owned and operated plumbing company specializing in "green" improvements for home utilities and the promotion of best practices for water conservation. Wrote numerous blog posts on the benefits of eco-friendly home water fixtures and utilities, as well as how-to articles for preventive maintenance.


Extensive experience writing blog posts, feature articles, news stories, and how-to posts for consumer and commercial software manufacturers and retailers. Additional experience writing instructive step manuals for proprietary operating systems and advice on selecting the right software programs for service providers in a variety of industries.


Blog posts and feature articles discussing rules, regulations, general guidelines, and best practices for small businesses and large companies seeking guidance and advice on complex tax issues. Emphasis on the importance of following GAAP procedures and the potential legal ramifications of incorrectly filing business tax returns.

Home Living

Blog posts, feature articles, tips, advice, and SEO web page content for moving-related website. Wide range of topics covered include tips for home decoration, home safety checklists, coordinating cross-country moves, renting moving vans and portable storage containers, researching moving companies, and in-depth profiles of various cities throughout the country.


Feature articles and blog posts for a senior citizens online resource, offering relationship advice on topics as wide ranging as spicing up the love life, mending fences with estranged friends and family members, learning new social skills, and communicating with the younger generation. Articles place emphasis on engaging the reading audience with appropriately placed humor and a fun, lively tone.

Green Services

Primary blog writer for family owned "green plumbing" service, crafting articles with a specific focus on the sharing of ideas to encourage environmentally conscious practices and home improvement suggestions for the minimization of water consumption. Range of topics discussed included green dish washing methods, home winterization methods, energy saving appliances, and more.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Frequently implement the strategic placement of specified SEO keywords for maximum exposure and increased search engine rankings. Well skilled in the repeated use of SEO keywords and key phrases throughout feature articles, news stories, and blog posts without resorting to cumbersome language or obvious tactics to meet keyword density requirements.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Almost all professionally paid writing projects completed have included bonus title/meta descriptions for use by clients in online publication of blogs, feature articles, or news stories. Emphasis on inclusion of relevant keywords and/or key phrases into meta titles and meta descriptions to help boost article visibility and search engine results ranking.

Projects by Asset Type
Web Page

Creation of static web copy for large variety of clients including travel websites, auto dealerships, furniture stores, insurance companies, online job boards, career advice sites, online college search engines, commercial real estate brokers, and computer software and hardware re-sellers. Placed specific emphasis on developing unique, compelling, informative, yet brief content geared at encouraging repeat website visits.

Blog Post

Composition of numerous blog posts for a variety of clients in a vast array of industries. Place strong emphasis on creating content that is both informative and entertaining, often using wit, humor and unique perspectives without straying too far into the territory of the unprofessional. Capable of addressing issue with an equally serious or satirical tone.

News Story

Focus on writing of informative, timely, headline-driven news stories for publication on a broad variety of client websites and newsletters. Employ a journalistic approach that delivers pertinent facts and addresses contemporary issues in a variety of industries, including financial, insurance, software and electronics, real estate, marketing, travel, health, and entertainment.


Vince writes extensive, long form feature articles for clients in various industries, delving into deeper length to address issues of concern and provide informative, authoritative, and comprehensive views on issues as diverse as outsourcing bookkeeping to third parties, improving social media marketing results, strengthening the bond between commercial real estate broker and clients, and shopping for life insurance for family members. Also wrote in-depth articles on hotels and vacation properties throughout the world.

Press Release

Work closely with clients to develop, write, and publish timely press releases that follow traditional format, yet deviate from the norm by employing a unique approach that achieves the desired result of getting the press release read, instead of passed over as “just another boring press release from just another company pushing their services.” Also write press releases and promotional blurbs for album releases by various musicians.

White Paper

Work with company thought leaders and subject matter experts to write white papers addressing key issues throughout various industries. Perform extensive research and conduct phone interviews with different sources to brainstorm ideas, formulate plans of attack, and eventually refine completed white papers to ensure they accurately match the vision of the client and leave no issues unaddressed.


Contracted for short term assignment with Starburst to provide material for their “contradictions” campaign. Tasked with brainstorming a large number of marketing friendly, Twitter-length blurbs pointing out the sometimes humorous contradictions that we find in contemporary life and modern language. Final product was used on the Starburst Facebook page and Twitter profile to encourage involvement and discussion among their fan base.

Mobile Content

Composition of Twitter-length blurbs for use by clients to assist in the promotion of the publication of feature articles, news stories, blog posts, and press releases. Emphasis on the inclusion of specific pre-selected keywords and phrases into the Twitter-length blurbs to maximize search engine visibility and to accurately sum up articles with the intent of driving website traffic.

Technical Article

Composing technical articles with the educated audience in mind, has performed in-depth research for the completion of white papers, website technical summaries, buyer’s guides, and product quality reviews for clients in the computer storage industry. Copy has been published to monthly newsletters and reproduced throughout various websites for the promotion of different brands of enterprise data hardware.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Former technical writer for Citigroup, Inc., wrote thousands of technical documents over the course of a five-year period. Majority of documentation was procedural, created with the express purpose of use by various customer service agents as instructional guides for operating systems and completing complex procedures. Also composed high level technical documents for national loss prevention and risk groups and worked with numerous parties scattered throughout the country to gather critical data for documentation.


Working with clients in industries as varied as insurance, education, finance, computer hardware and software, health, home living, social media marketing, and travel, composed thousands of documents. The vast majority of these documents have been reprinted in online blogs, company newsletters, discussion forums, and other avenues with the purpose of improving search engine results and engaging the customer base.


Adopting a journalistic approach to research and writing style, regularly deliver articles for publication to technology website focusing on consumer electronics. Focus on reviewing e-book readers, laptop computers, and mobile devices with the ultimate aim of consumer education. Also frequently write reviews on mobile applications, video games, and functional accessories for use with consumer electronic devices.

Creative Writer

Contributor to a variety of online websites that publish movie reviews, music reviews, and short stories. Use personal website as a vehicle for promotion of published stories and to generate increased visibility for published work, as well as increased traffic for the websites that host it. Frequently utilize SEO skills and keyword research to improve search engine rankings of all published work.

Projects by Writing Style

Assume authoritative voice when discussing topics that require a more sober, serious approach. Depending on the needs and requirements of the client, authoritative voice is sometimes mixed with journalistic, conversational, and even humorous delivery. Capable of conveying different levels of authoritative writing style that match with the subject and desired outcome.


Capable of writing long form or short form articles in easy going, conversational tones that engage readers with simple, straightforward language and to-the-point sentences. Doing so ensures readers don’t have to work too hard to obtain the information they’ve come in search of and makes it all the more likely they’ll return.


Employ humorous, tongue in cheek voice in the composition of client blogs and feature articles with the purpose of achieving maximum audience engagement and encouraging social media platform sharing. Methods used in the use of humorous tones always remain within the realm of good taste and never venture into territory of the obscene.


Frequently use journalistic style approach the writing of feature articles, product or service reviews, news stories, and blog posts. Cite sources and any additional references as needed throughout articles to convey the journalistic nature of the research involved. Cover topics that are based on current events or developing headlines within the client's specific industry, delivering relevant content.


Use of promotional voice in the creation of blog posts and news articles intended to encourage specific action by the reader (i.e., sign up for a newsletter, enroll in an upcoming event, etc.). Incorporate a sense of urgency in the language used, the mention of specific dates, the value of participation, and the subtle suggestion of negative repercussions by not taking the desired action.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

As technical writer for Citigroup, Inc., wrote thousands of technical and procedural documents over the course of a five-year period. Majority of documentation was created with the express purpose of use by customer service agents in various departments, as instructional guides for operating systems and the completion of complex procedures and tasks. Also composed high level technical and policy documentation for national loss prevention and risk groups and worked with numerous parties scattered throughout the country to gather critical data for documentation.

Small Business

Has written over 1000 blog posts, feature articles, and relevant news stories for small business owners seeking to enhance their online profiles as well as bringing attention to their brick and mortar establishments. Placing an emphasis on SEO and location based keywords, helped small businesses to achieve significantly increased search engine results, enabling them to compete with medium and large sized businesses with more ready financial resources.

Medium Business

More than 1000 feature articles, news stories, and blog posts written for a variety of medium sized businesses. While emphasis with small companies is placed on achieving higher visibility in search engines and location based services, the focus placed on medium businesses has been geared toward the establishment of that business as a thought leader and authority in its particular industry.

Large Business

The majority of large businesses serviced through the writing of feature articles, news stories, and blog posts have been high profile entities such as Orbitz, Yellowbook, CapRelo, and Cardinal Partners. Focusing on establishing these companies as experts in their respective industries also extends to the writing of white papers, which are distributed via email marketing campaigns and free downloads.


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