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Mary Anne D

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Location Rochester, NY
Education Masters Degree
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Mary Anne is a talented and multi-faceted professional with many skills she acquired by daring to take a few trips down those 'roads less traveled.'

Her work demonstrates creativity, technical savvy and a keen ability to identify and meet customer needs. After 15 years in a corporate environment, she left to become an independent freelancer, consultant, and contractor doing technical writing, instructional design, marketing communications, and other writing-based projects.

As a contract employee for a Lithuanian-based firm in the early 2000's, Mary Anne was on the forefront of developing SEO content for a number of websites. In addition to writing it, she taught it! This firm also offered clients formal training in understanding and using SEO.

Her versatility is evident in the wide-range of subjects she has written about in myriad media including websites, blogs, online instructional design, in-class lesson design, articles, e-books, paper-books and more. The Biography of Christina Aguilera was one work she wrote on contract with noted academic publisher Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO LLC and she co-authored Retraining the Harness Racehorse among others.

In addition to her writing work, Mary Anne teaches writing courses at a local university.
Mary Anne's most unique specialty is the ability to craft content that talks to and embraces readers. She is also adept at handling large and complex projects, such as writing books, both fiction and non-fiction.
"A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker" Mary Anne's interests are as varied as her experiences. She is an experienced equestrian and horse trainer, loves swimming, bicycling along the Erie Canal, reads "whatever I can get my hands on," and enjoys social networking with colleagues,
friends, and family. She is also the 'family expert' when it comes to any computer hardware, software or wireless issues.

She is also actively involved with all things Boston Terrier, including working with rescue groups. she presently has three Boston Terriers, all adopted.
Empire State College: State University of New York Liberal Studies: Digital Literacy, M.A.

During her masters degree program, Mary Anne designed her own coursework which was approved by the college. She developed several self-study courses as she worked toward her goal of understanding the relationships of digital communication and culture.

Association Memberships
Short Nose Only Rescue Team (S.N.O.R.T.) Volunteer; Write bios for dogs ready for adoption, perform home checks for potential adopters and fosters; participate in local fund raising events

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue Organization Volunteer; performs home checks for potential adopters and fosters

Equine Enthusiasts Mary Anne is a member of this group of professional and amateur horse people who come together for learning and sharing information.

The Freelance Writer Mary Anne is an active member of this LinkedIn writers' group.

Projects by Industry

Mary Anne developed training programs and content for a number of websites owned by one company as well as developed and conducted training in SEO tools and techniques for customers.


Mary Anne was employed to develop all website copy for a Mexican, Zen-based resort when it first opened in the early 2000's. The content included pages on food, yoga, accommodations, staff bios and other activities in the area. She successfully achieved the client's goal to create a Zen atmosphere through the words on the screen.


As a practitioner and content developer in education, Mary Anne has developed countless online and on-ground lessons and materials for students in both college and industry. The sample below is part of a manual she wrote for novices to the field of technical writing.


With a natural talent for writing humor, Mary Anne was hired to ghostwrite a book for one client. The book was imbibed with humor in scenes, dialog and characterization. She has also written numerous editorials and essays in her quirky style that displays a keen sense of humor and irony on topics ranging from her obsession with pens to 'Body Shaping 101.'


An animal devotee, much of Mary Anne's free time is spent playing with her beloved Boston Terrier dogs, riding her rescued Standardbred horse, and singing along with her treasured cockatiels.She has embodied this devotion in two horse related books -- one on retraining harness racehorses and one on Zen and horseback riding. She has also written many essays, poems, and stories that focus on her pets and her great love for them.


Although she tends to whisper it behind closed doors, Mary Anne was once an online dater, and even met her current fiance on line. With two online dating books under her belt, she became a sort of dating expert and wrote website content and marketing materials to support the sales of these how-to based books.


In addition to her ability to handle humor writing adeptly, Mary Anne imbues much of her blog with spiritually based questions that pack a powerful punch. Her keen intuition has always made her more sensitive to the more meaningful and subtle things in life.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

An early practitioner in SEO, Mary Anne developed and taught several training programs to pass on her skills to customers. In addition, she developed content for websites using SEO.

Projects by Asset Type

Mary Anne has written a number of published books, both paper and e-books. Titles include The Biography of Christina Aguilera, Retraining the Harness Racehorse, Zen and the Art of Horseback Riding, Date Time Online, and Why I Hate to Date Online.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Mary Anne spent many years as a technical writer for a large, at the time Fortune 50 company, and then writing for smaller companies, including my own. I have written instructional manuals, training programs, articles, and more. My work varies from highly technical manuals and training programs to programs designed for general and novice audiences.


Mary Anne has written over 100 pieces of marketing materials, primarily for web-based platforms, including copy for web sites and blogs. She has developed effective SEO copy since 2003. She specializes in creating a tone that is positive, upbeat and approachable and can write about all kinds of subjects.

Projects by Writing Style

One of Mary Anne's particular talents is her conversational writing style.Time and again, she has been told that readers feel like she is really talking to just them.


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