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Megan H

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Megan is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in English and a specialization in Creative Writing. With classes in both prose and poetry, essay composition, and focuses on historical and psychology-based themes, she has a wide-variety of knowledge.

Paired with real-world experience as a copywriter at Pro Web Marketing, where she evolved her SEO copywriting skills and worked one-on-one with clients, her writing has become well-rounded and honed.

Megan is also an avid blogger on her website However, her love for fitness and nutrition extends beyond writing. She has hands-on experience with nutrition planning and personal training, with a certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. This summer, Megan will be returning to Michigan State to complete her second degree in Kinesiology.
Megan has a wide experience base in many fields of composition. Her first love with the written word comes in the form of fiction and poetry, the two types of writing that made her pursue a degree in English.

Attending MSU for a English degree allowed her to expand her reach into many areas, including, but not limited to, psychology, history, feminism, non-fiction, and thesis writing.

Finally, working at Pro Web Marketing opened up more web-based writing opportunities for her, teaching her how to accurately compose SEO content for a variety of websites.
Next to writing, Megan's passion in life is teaching others how to improve their overall wellness. With experience in both nutrition and exercise, Megan uses her blog and personal training sessions to help people learn how to live healthier lives.

Other interests include: reading, video games, college basketball, and cooking.
Michigan State University Aug 2009 – May 2013
English, Creative Writing, BA in English

Even though Megan was a Spartan from the day she was born, it wasn't until she attended classes her first semester in college that she realized how well Michigan State and her degree in English was a good fit for her.

Her major allowed her to experience a taste in many different areas of writing, and then allowed her to focus on the ones she both enjoyed and was best at. These included fiction, poetry, and women's writing classes. Her cognates in History and Psychology also helped round out her knowledge and experience with writing.

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition International Sports Sciences Association
Mar 2014
After attending college for her BA in English, she realized she wasn't ready to be done learning yet. While maintaining a full-time job, she began the online Fitness Nutrition certification through ISSA. Megan completed the class after six months with a 92% on her exam.

Projects by Industry

Megan has written a few short pieces for a personal training website through her previous job. However, mostly she maintains a health and fitness blog called She typically writes one post a day and uses both her certification and real-world knowledge (and a little research) to write meaningful pieces that will help people understand why fitness is important in their lives and what they can do to improve it.


Not only does Megan write about health in her blog,, a fitness and nutrition website, but she has also written about living cleanly apart from alcohol and drugs for a client's website. It was through these writing projects that her researching skills vastly improved, as well as her SEO content knowledge base.


At her previous job, Megan was unfortunate to only work with one client whose website dealt with nutrition specifically. However, as she has mentioned, she writes in her health and nutrition blog nearly every day, has a certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and lives her passion for healthy food with what she eats. She also enjoys cooking and creating her own healthy recipes.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

As a copywriter at Pro Web Marketing, Megan's biggest client had multiple drug rehab websites that she wrote copy for. She would do keyword research for Google search terms and then write SEO articles based on what people were looking for. Keywords would be included throughout the content, as well as with the H1 title and meta tags.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

At her previous job, Megan wrote content for all of her clients' websites. She wrote across the board, from catering, to car towing, to realty sites. Much of this content was then put on either the front page or in their blog.

Projects By Expertise

Megan was employed by Pro Web Marketing as a Copywriter. She worked with clients one-on-one and in person to help them create the best content for their websites. Most of the time, the client had poor writing skills, and so she would do an informational interview to gather all the facts about their product or website. Then, Megan would write it up and sent it to them for approval before uploading to their site.

Projects by Writing Style

Through her previous job as a Copywriter, Megan had to use an authoritative voice for her clients' websites. She does this in her personal blog as well to promote her knowledge (although she likes to come across as funny and approachable as well).

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Living in Traverse City, Michigan allowed Megan to understand how small businesses function. As Traverse City is still a relatively small area, where everyone knows everyone else, it created a very comfortable and inviting environment for Megan to work in. As a small business as well, Megan knew that many of the people who were coming to them for websites were taking a financial risk, as they were just starting out. Thus, it was up to them to help expand their client's business by giving them the best marketing tool: a website.


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