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CSK began writing with a career in mind in middle school, which she pursued by founding the Creative Writing Club at her high school. This built a strong foundation for a determined, "grab the bull by the horns" spirit that helps her handle the ups and downs of a writing career well.

From 2006-2010, CSK attended Mills College, a highly prestigious, strictly women's college in the Bay Area that is well known for its English program. Her career was aided by the literature, poetry, journalism, art, and creative writing classes she took.

For literature she wrote many long academic essays, in each creating a powerful thesis and supporting comments before delivering a firm conclusion. In poetry and art courses she learned how to handle and deliver a good critique and refine her work to its best. Journalism and creative writing courses expanded her knowledge of writing, grammar, punctuation, revision, how to keep to a deadline, and styles and methods of writing fiction and non-fiction for various audiences.

For one year she wrote hard news reports for The Campanil newspaper. Her reports covered multiple genres, including crime, environment, and education, and were researched via telephone, video, and in-person. Outside the writing field, CSK worked as an office assistant on campus and as Level I and II Librarian for the F.W. Olin Library.

After college CSK began international travels to India. From winter 2012 to spring 2013, she traveled in India with a spiritual speaker and artist. Her job was to assist in formatting and editing a coffee table art book.

Her volunteer work, assisting in the distribution of spiritual literature, keeps her broadminded and assists her in writing spiritual articles that are not biased and awkward but eloquent, informative, and interesting. Her travel experiences make her a prime candidate for travel writing, which slides easily from her fingers because she loves to share stories.

CSK keeps up with the entertainment world through the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. Her experiences meeting people and viewing entertainment, both in the East and West, give her a different perspective than most. She likes to explore the unasked questions. She writes mostly on artists and musicians, though she loves movies and has a lot to say about them, too.

CSK is also experienced in writing opinion articles, which she does for another freelance website.

Research is not only a must for CSK but it is also enjoyable. She prides herself in turning out quality work and meeting tight deadlines. She researches, asks questions, and then writes until the work is done, while remaining open to changes or inspiration.

Currently she works for two other paid-to-write websites. She has an as-of-yet-unpublished collection of poetry and is revising a novel. Her first fiction piece was published in 2013 in the 2013 Flash in the Attic Flash Fiction Anthology.
Writing topics -
Spirituality, travel, entertainment, writing, art history, fantasy and sci-fi
Writing, baking, portrait drawing, travel, capoeira, yoga, movies, books, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Ann Lauterbach, Bjork, Enya, J.W. Waterhouse, India, Krishna, history, mythology, dreams, hiking, nature, photography, shopping, notebooks, flowers, trees, Indian and Greek cuisine, vegetarianism, karma, reincarnation, knitting, laughing, etc.
Mills College Aug 2006 – May 2010
English, Bachelor's Degree

CSK attended Mills College for 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English. Mills College is an esteemed U.S. women's private college. There, CSK took several courses in literature and creative writing. They increased her abilities in writing, grammar, punctuation, creative thought, revision, and meeting deadlines. She also studied Shakespeare, art history, journalism, book arts, and took general education courses. Her thesis consisted of 40 pages of short stories. During her schooling, she worked as a librarian and a journalist for the College's library and newspaper respectively.

Honors and Awards
Honors Program Life Member May 2006
This award was gifted for fine attendance and academic grades.

Association Memberships
Sequoia Riverlands Trust Aug 2009
Chaitanya is a member of the Sequoia Riverlands Trust as of 2009. This organization helps protect and preserve areas of nature in Tulare County and in the San Joaquin Valley. Her focus is on the preservation of oak trees in the Kaweah Oak Preserve. She assists from behind the scenes in creating local public awareness, mainly via Internet posts and links to petitions.

Projects by Industry

CSK's Entertainment articles focused on particular living, famous, and obscure musicians or artists, excepting historical Pre-Raphaelite artist J.W. Waterhouse.

Each article has an introduction, at least one accompanying gallery, and CSK's personal thoughts on that particular person. (This was encouraged on the website for which she worked.) Article lengths varied from 1000 to 5000 words.

CSK's expertise comes from reading and research about the entertainment industry. She likes to keep apprised of current events with celebrities, new trends in the film and music worlds, and reviews of vintage art. She also has a few connections in the art world. Her commentary on entertainment topics is new, exciting, and supported by fact. There is a friendly flair to her work that makes her articles fun and relatable.


CSK writes in the Hobby category on writing, specifically what it is like to write fiction and poetry. Her ten online articles on this topic are hosted at various online forums and a past personal blog. Her topics included author interviews, tips and clues for writing fiction and poetry, and Dos and Don'ts for publishing one's work. She explored illustrating one's writing, such as for comic books and comic strips, and showed some of her own work as examples.

Her expertise in this field comes from personal experience and research. CSK has been writing fiction and poetry for 13 years. She has done extensive research on the process of writing and what it means to be a writer. In college, she took several creative writing workshops on writing for young adult and adult audiences, in all genres. She took one course on advanced free-verse poetry. All of this makes CSK a good writer and a very capable person to discuss this hobby. Her articles appeal to new writers as well as to those more experienced. To date she has published one flash fiction, "Flying", available at Smashwords in the 2013 Flash in the Attic Fiction Anthology. She is currently revising her first and second novels and compiling a poetry collection.


CSK wrote one article for the Spirituality category for another website. This article is about deity worship as practiced in ancient and contemporary India.

Although CSK has published only one Spirituality article, she has written many articles on this topic, both in essay form for college classes and as opinion articles. Her extensive travel in India from 2010 to 2013 gives her a big advantage when exploring Eastern vs. Western religious thought. Her personal involvement in the day-to-day activities of Indian temple life give her a unique perspective. Her articles include clear-cut, detailed descriptions and well-thought-out points.


CSK wrote several travel blog entries and one article was selected for publication on a large website. In it, she covered her experiences traveling through and staying in a small town in Northern India for one month. Her article includes practical tips for new travelers, pros and cons of staying in a Third World country, and her impressions going on a pilgrimage to some of the holy places in Uttar Pradesh.

CSK's goal is to appeal to an audience of new travelers who are looking for opinions and practical advice about staying in specific countries. Her traveling experience includes stays in India and Germany, as well as traveling within the U.S. She has traveled extensively in California and knows a great deal about California vacationing.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

CSK works on another website writing articles of her own choice using SEO. She chooses keywords in each article and links them to other websites, images, etc. Her employing website pays per click for each keyword clicked on.

Projects by Asset Type
News Story

From 2008-2009, CSK worked for a year as a hardcore news reporter for The Campanil in Oakland, CA. Over the course of the year she published articles on local events and organization, crime, and one court case. She researched online and offline, and interviewed via video, telephone, and in-person. Her work required appropriate, quality images taken with a digital camera. She was limited to asking only a few relevant questions and had strict deadlines. Sometimes she had to work with editors and other writers in collaboration and to improve the quality of her work. CSK was successful in this field and her employer and supervisor were pleased with the results.


CSK did many presentations for school, and also one project for an Economics class in 2010. With a partner she presented an introductory look at automobile insurance.

CSK's expertise on presentation comes from years of presentations in school. She learned to use programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint to do this. After years of experience, she understands that creating presentations requires a lot of research and knowledge on your subject. It also requires knowing about your audience and collecting information and pictures to make your presentation clear and interesting.


CSK has written articles on spirituality, travel, writing, and entertainment. Most of them are for another paid-to-write website. Because of her expertise and experience, she is able to write on many topics.


CSK wrote one script for a Shakespeare study in which she was assigned to mix in Shakespeare characters from different plays to create a new, engaging tale. She picked for her main influence a lesser-known play of Shakespeare, TITUS ANDRONICUS, with characters from MACBETH and THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. It necessitated a lot of research. CSK loves research. She found this assignment quite enjoyable, and welcomed the challenge of crossing plays.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

For almost her entire life, CSK has been a creative writer. Her work in this profession began in high school when some of her poetry was published in her high school's magazine, Pathfinder. It continued during her college career as she took several creative writing workshops and submitted writing to various magazines and websites. In 2013 her short fiction "Flying" was published in the 2013 online Flash in the Attic Anthology.

Projects by Writing Style

From 2008-2009, CSK worked for a year as a hardcore news reporter for The Campanil in Oakland, CA. She researched online and offline, and interviewed via video, telephone, and in-person. Her assignments were short and local. Over the course of the year she published articles on local events and organizations, crime, and one court case.


Over the years, CSK did a few promotional articles for school and her employers. Her first few were in college for the Creative Writing Club. These were unpaid. She worked to promote the club through fliers which she wrote and formatted. In 2011 she did a series of newsletters for her employer. As vice editor she formatted and fixed up articles, and as a contributing writer she conducted interviews. Much of the content for the newsletters was promotional. She wrote quick blurb advertising the company's mission and what it had to offer. This lasted into spring of 2012.


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