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Summary of Experience
Dani is an honors graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University where she studied creative writing and journalism. Her primary focus as a professional freelance writer has been to marry these two writing disciplines into one unique style, with clarity and creativity being of utmost importance.

Since graduating, Dani has worked for two years as a staff writer for a local newspaper, specializing in entertainment reviews and technology. She is an award-winning entertainment reporter, recognized by the Oklahoma Chapter of the Society for Professional Journalism for excellence in review writing. She also served as editor and contributing author of "Green Eggs and Hamlet", an annual short fiction and poetry publication.

She has since written extensively and successfully for dozens of happy clients here at WriterAccess, many of which have expressed their satisfaction with her skill and high level of professionalism.

Her work spans across many subjects, including:
-Information technology
-Software development
-Mobile technology
-Health and fitness
-Home and garden
-Real Estate

Dani is also well-versed in best practice SEO and link building strategies.
Dani's main areas of expertise are technology and travel. Since beginning her freelancing career, she has contributed content to companies such as Expedia, T-Mobile, and Oracle, providing them with high-quality, SEO-driven content that is both informative and shareable.

She has since extended her creative reach to writing articles, blog posts, and press releases about marketing, home and garden, plumbing, real estate, and legal, as well as SEO-focused content, all of which have been well-received by her clients.
Dani's greatest love is travel (she hopes to do more of it one day!). Music, food, literature, video games, and animals follow closely behind.
Southeastern Oklahoma State University Aug 2008 – May 2012
Creative writing, journalism, literature, English with a writing emphasis

Dani is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University where she studied English and journalism, and she worked as a staff writer for the university newspaper.

Honors and Awards
2nd Place - Reviews Apr 2012
The Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association recognizes and promotes accomplishments among university-level journalists in a variety of different categories. Dani placed second statewide for excellence in Arts Criticism.

1st Place - Arts Criticism Apr 2012
The Oklahoma Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalism honors excellence in journalistic writing. Dani's work was chosen from among her peers' as well as seasoned, professional journalists for its exemplary use of review writing conventions and its unique voice.

Projects by Industry

Dani has written numerous entertainment reviews for newspapers and websites, and has even won awards for her work. She primarily publishes movie reviews, but also writes about music, books, electronics and video games.


Having participated in multiple closed Beta events for games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online, Dani has developed a keen eye for detail in video games, especially MMORPGs.She has also written more in-depth pieces about video game addiction and the sometimes mob-like mentality of online gaming communities.


Dani has contributed articles to Expedia, Hipmunk, and Gogobot. She enjoys writing about the quirkier aspects of travel destinations in the hopes of inspiring fellow explorers to seek out unconventional experiences on their journeys.


After discovering the ease of computer building, Dani became obsessed with electronic tinkering and all things tech. Now, she writes extensively about software development and computers, with the occasional how-to guide for component selection. She also writes regularly about mobile technology trends such as wearable tech, smartphones, and software development.


Dani has written and sold the rights to dozens of health and fitness related articles, from "how to" guides to diet reviews and nutritional guides.


An avid techie, Dani is constantly on top of the latest in mobile phone trends, having written content for T-Mobile on a regular basis. She spends a great deal of time researching and reviewing new mobile releases, as well as the occasional "best of" or "most useful" app article from both iOS and Android operating systems.


Dani writes regularly about various topics related to parenting, marriage, relationships, and family. She has mostly focused on parenting-related articles, emphasizing the education and engagement of young children.


Nutrition is an important part of Dani's everyday life, so it has translated well into her freelancing career. She writes regularly about clean eating and new trends in superfoods, adding her own personal experience or insight when allowed.


Having grown up surrounded by animals, Dani's passion for pets has carried over into her writing career. She has written and sold the rights to numerous pet-related articles, usually focused on pet health and pet care. She also enjoys writing dog breed and training guides.

High Tech

Computer technology is sometimes a difficult topic to navigate, but Dani prides herself in her ability to break even the most complicated tech jargon down into easily digestible information that just about anyone can understand.

She writes about the IT profession, coding and development, hardware and software reviews, how-to guides, and advice columns all revolving around high tech topics.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Keyword requirements make or break an article or blog post's visibility, so Dani has made it her mission to master using best practice SEO and link building to make sure the content she produces is easily searchable while maintaining a high level of readability and avoiding keyword stuffing.

Title/Meta Descriptions

First impressions last. Dani uses attention-grabbing titles and compelling meta descriptions to draw readers into her content.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Dani has written and sold the rights to hundreds of blog posts, covering topics from home living to content marketing to pet care. She has also maintained her own tech-related blog for the past three years, which focuses primarily on "how to" guides and software reviews.


Dani has written scores of articles varying in tone, focus, and style. She has written extensively about computers, software, pet care, parenting, content marketing, food, travel, and health, just to name a few. Every new assignment presents Dani with a chance to extend her creative reach and learn about exciting new topics.

Projects By Expertise

Dani has worked as an award-winning journalist for more than three years, focusing primarily on feature and review articles. She has written widely about politics, religion, and currents events, as well as special interest pieces.

Projects by Writing Style

Before Dani begins any project, she researches it. Even if she's already familiar with the topic, it's always important to have as much insight into it as possible. This makes it easy for Dani to compose solid, authoritative content for a wide range of topics.


Dani contributes conversational, oftentimes humorous pieces to various websites. The pieces usually focus on relationships, sexuality, and pets, but she has also written travel articles and how-to guides.


Dani has written numerous humorous pieces on a wide variety of topics including relationships, pets, sexuality, and gaming. Many of these articles took the form of lists and blogs, but she has also written well researched, fleshed out features that maintained a light, humorous tone.


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