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Stephen E

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When writing is a passion, it's effortless. Stephen is a natural blogger and content writer from Washington DC. Having been writing as long as he has been talking, he knows his strengths. Developed over years of experience and practice, his style combines the vision of a young professional with the freedom of an open mind. His savvy blogging aims to draw people in with rock-solid content, and have them stay for his personality. He understands that without a balance between style and content, a blog or content piece will have trouble retaining viewers.

Stephen works full time as a sales and marketing professional in the IT sector. His success as a salesman hinges on his ability to write eye-catching product overviews. Much like SEO optimization, he understands that word choice is key. Certain buzzwords and content presentation mean the difference between a potential sale and a prospect losing interest halfway through the piece.

Stephen operates his own personal blog titled "It's All Relative." He uses it as a tool to both speak his mind, and also introduce new perspectives on popular topics of debate. These topics include culture, politics, sports and existentialism. He likes to touch on stories that he knows will drive traffic. From there, he gets his readers to ponder along with him. If he can get a reader to walk away and pick up where his mind left off, he has succeeded.

Stephen is also a feature writer for Boating Times Chesapeake Bay. Having grown up fishing, crabbing and boating on the Bay, writing for Boating Times comes natural. Stephen writes unique feature pieces relating to boating in and around the Bay.

Stephen would be happy to help any company present a product or service in a simple and friendly way. He also specializes in thoughtful content articles. If your blog is lacking direction, Stephen can give it the life it needs to be effective. Let him use his whit and strong knowledge of SEO to improve overall awareness.
Stephen specializes in blogging and content writing. He excels in presenting a product, service or idea in a friendly, informative fashion.
Good karma, good people, new ideas, debate, outdoor exploration, introverted exploration, stream of consciousness, travel, politics, and music among many other things. Stephen does not limit his potential to discover new interests. Some of his hobbies include playing drums, producing beats, writing lyrics and poems, hiking, and - last but not least - crabbing! He is from Maryland after all.
University of Maryland Oct 2005 – May 2009
Kinesiology, Bachelors of Science

Stephen studied Kinesiology with a minor in Sports Commerce and Culture. He also took a variety of literature electives to feed his necessity to write. His crowning achievement was his senior thesis ("The Corruption of Amateurism: A Discourse Analysis of Relevant Material Available on").

Honors and Awards
Life Science Scholars Completion Stephen completed the College Park Life Sciences Scholars program at University of Maryland. The course combined in depth supplemental study with hands on experiences that touched on many different aspects of life sciences.

Certification of Sales Excellence in Conceptual Selling Miller Heiman
Apr 2015
This course focused on the idea of conceptual selling. This helps you get inside the mind of your target audience. It reinforces how the most important thing is the reaction of your customer or reader. My writing should be focused on this, not my own personal agenda.

Projects by Industry

Stephen is a featured writer for Boating Times Chesapeake Bay. He focues on providing new and exciting content aimed for the main target demographic (folks 50+).


Stephen works with home design companies to help them present their products in a friendly and informative way. He specializes in seamlessly working product value into a more encompassing piece. He is creative enough to help any sort of design company reach their target audience in an engaging way.

Projects by Asset Type

Stephen is tasked with conceptualizing and executing his own unique pieces for Boating Times. He draws from his own personal knowledge growing up in the Chesapeake Bay region to create unique and fascinating content.


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