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Jamie W

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Jamie is a freelance writer with exceptional online research skills and widespread knowledge in multiple industries. She is a highly organized and accustomed to producing excellent copy on short deadlines. An academic background in the sciences, six years working within the public educational sector, and a wealth of personal experiences have left Jamie well prepared to create content over a wide range of subjects while providing each client the exact "tone" or "voice" they are seeking.
Jamie has knowledge on a breadth of subjects including physical sciences, nature and ecology, parenting and family issues, formal education, sports, nutrition and health, alternative medicine, home improvement, and more. She is a competent research writer and strives to expand her abilities in order to open to larger possibilities within the writing community.
Jamie has been blessed with many life experiences. Her personal interests include outdoor adventures, parenting and homeschooling her three children, animals and nature, planetary sustainability, global travel and foreign cultures, literature, personal writing, and more.
Middle Tennessee State University Professional Chemisty/Biology, B.S. Professional Chemisty

Jamie graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.9. She excelled in her area of study, and had several research articles published in conjunction with her professional advisers before her graduation date.

Honors and Awards
Magna Cum Laude May 2001
Jamie graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.9.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

In Costa Rica, Jamie was in charge of maintaining a cash flow to continue operations of the permaculture farm on which her family was living. She accomplished this goal by writing financial requests which were posted online in various locations. Her ability to write clear, formal requests allowed the income stream to continue for more than five years. Jamie's experience has increased within various career fields which required detailed writing skills. She is now freelancing from home as a means of supporting herself and her three children.

Green Living

Jamie gained experience in the non-profit sector while working on a community permaculture farm in Costa Rica. Permaculture, as it is known, involves creating systems that promote sustainable living between plants and animals and allow their human counter parts to obtain most of their basic needs without the input of outside financial resources. In addition, Jamie has been posting on various forums dedicated to green living for well over a decade and has been privileged to share and learn with many. Her "green" paid writing projects include financial requests which were granted in Costa Rica and a number of online writing assignments completed through other internet affiliates.


Jamie spent a number of years in the personal care production industry while working as a quality control chemist. During this time she was required to prepare carefully documented materials describing the required testing methods for the items being manufactured within the facility. Jamie was also responsible for providing clear, written instructions to factory workers explaining what alterations were necessary should a particular product not meet industry standards. Her written documentation was often referenced by supervisors for its clarity and accuracy.


Jamie has written legal articles, content for web pages, blogs and more in areas pertaining to tax and estate law, medical malpractice, personal injury, family law, civil rights, etc. Her ability to write with precision and crisp detail allows me to transform complex legal information into clear concepts understandable by the general reader. She is also skilled at creating interesting blog posts which cover current events at the cutting edge of the constantly evolving legal world. Uplifting legal developments in environmental law and civil rights are some of her favorite subject areas.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jamie has been working for several online writing platforms with clients who frequently require the use of SEO keywords. Passion for writing and working from home has driven her to fully integrate SEO requirements into her skill set while continuing to expand her abilities as a writer. Jamie has been studying independently to obtain a greater understanding of how online search engines operate in order to provide her clients with informative articles which generate the internet traffic they seek.

Projects by Writing Style

While living and working in Costa Rica, Jamie quickly realized that competition for financial assistance with her family's permaculture community was extreme. In order to maintain the project, she utilized multiple online sources to post promotional writings in order to achieve the financial support needed. Jamie learned that in order to attract investors and/or donations required vivid descriptions of projects currently underway as well as a language style which brought about a sense of peace and intrigue in her readers.


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