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Repeat Clients 40%
Last Login 10/22/2016
Location San Diego, CA
Education Bachelors Degree
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Verbatim compliments from clients:

"Wendy, this is outstanding work, you completed this project before my deadIine. As always you have done work for me and saved me hours of work. Thank you very much."

"Wendy always exceeds my expectations by making sure she goes above and beyond researching quality subjects for my articles. She's a great writer, and I suggest you add her to your love list to receive high-quality, consistent articles."

"Wendy saved my butt! An unforeseen event caused a writer to reserve a project with a tight deadline, only to "release" the project the day before it was due. Wendy came to the rescue, scooped up the project and delivered a WORLD CLASS article the very same day. Thanks Wendy!"

"This is amazing! Thank you!"

"Awesome and perfect!"

"This article is very well-written and narrow in focus--fantastic job!"

Wendy creates carefully crafted, powerful and effective content.

Wendy has written for LEGOLAND, The Huffington Post, eBay, Prudential Securities, Fidelity Investments, SAS, Avvo and a wide variety of SMEs. In addition, she is a contributing author to the WriterAccess blog. She builds long-term relationships with clients through thorough research, high-quality sources, cogent writing and timely completion of projects.

Wendy began her writing career while working at a top 10 Wall Street investment banking firm, where she researched and penned a weekly, compliance-approved newsletter detailing the events of the tax-exempt securities market.

Subsequently, she moved from Wall Street to Main Street as a senior manager for a $2 billion retailer with operations across the globe including the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Iceland. In that position, she wrote numerous business plans, scope statements, RFPs and marketing materials. This experience gave Wendy a deep knowledge of supply and demand chains for various retail sectors such as luxury cosmetics, fashion apparel, home goods, fine jewelry, and electronics. Moreover, she gained top-level experience with hotel and other hospitality industries.

Clients are welcome to send Wendy a solo to see if her writing would be a good fit or to reach out through the WriterAccess messaging system.
With her background in business, Wendy excels at writing articles on the following topics:

financial analysis
business operations
human resources
customer relations management
international finance
global markets
supply chain
cost management
Mountain climbing, hiking, tennis, golf, equestrian sports, kayaking, food and wine, spirituality, history and contemporary poetry.
University of Phoenix Sep 2002 – May 2005
Business Administration, Bachelor of Science

Focus on business management and law, human resources, and marketing.

California State University, San Diego Business Law, Associates

Focus on business law, contracts, discrimination law.

Honors and Awards
Bingham Award The Bingham Award goes to senior management of the top performing Navy Exchange worldwide in net sales, net profits and customer service.

Association Memberships
Rady Children's Hospital Auxiliary Wendy currently serves as the equipment manager for an annual fund raiser called Celebration of Champions, which raises over $500,000 for Rady Children's Hospital Auxiliary.

Projects by Industry

WendyH began her career in investment banking as a trader, where she also researched and penned a weekly, compliance-approved newsletter detailing the events of the tax-exempt securities market.

Subsequently, she moved from Wall Street to Main Street as a senior manager for a $2 billion retailer with operations across the globe including the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Iceland. In that position,she gained experience in supply and demand chains for various retail sectors such as luxury cosmetics, fashion apparel, home goods, fine jewelry, and electronics. Moreover, she gained top-level experience with hotel and other hospitality industries.

WendyH writes articles, blog posts and white papers in current business topics, and she produces business plans, loan proposals, RFPs and scope statements along with other types of business reports.


WendyH has 20 years of experience at the senior management level in business. She writes from a position of authority and knowledge, and her articles, blog posts and white papers reflect the deep knowledge she has in current management topics that range from managing across cultures to motivating staff.

She also excels at producing lighter material with a variety of tones that target specific management issues.

Real Estate

Wendy excels at writing advertising copy for real estate listings, brochures and brokers. In addition, she has a real estate license, has worked in the commercial real estate industry, and she has five years of experience in public finance of state and local government financing of major real estate developments.


Wendy has written web content for numerous independent insurance agents on subjects such as aviation, earthquake, ELPI, collectibles, E&O, classic cars, cyber crime liability, general liability and commercial crime insurance.


Wendy has five years of experience as a municipal bond investment banker on Wall Street. In addition to extensive knowledge of the banking industry, she wrote a weekly, compliance approved newsletter on the tax-exempt securities markets.


As an avid mountain climber, trekker and foodie, Wendy has traveled around the world in search of the best vistas, mountain ranges and world class cuisine and wine.

Wendy has traveled to Nepal, Bhutan, India, Morocco, England, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and throughout the United States.

Wherever she travels, she embraces the people, their local customs and their cuisines. In addition, she seeks out the finest dining options at every opportunity.

Having grown up in California, Wendy has extensive knowledge of the wine industry here and on the West Coast.

Search Marketing

Wendy has produced numerous articles on SEO strategies. In particular, she has focused on the changes to SEO subsequent to the launch of Google's Hummingbird in 2013. Quality content is now the primary driver of search engine results.


Wendy enjoys taking complex technical topics and breaking them down into easy to understand bites for your readers.

She has written entire websites for computer and wireless service providers, and she writes competent, concise articles in a number of areas of the electronics market including laptops, cell phones, Apple products, Android devices and others.


Wendy has written for a number of luxury brands. While her personal look tends toward classics and sports inspired gear, she stays abreast of current trends.


Wendy has written about student loans, credit cards, personal finance, frugality, investing, bankruptcy, credit repair, and other financial topics.

She produces carefully crafted, well-researched articles on consumer credit rights, credit legislation, and FTC regulations, as well as municipal finance, corporate bond markets, IPO releases, and other stock market related topics.

She enjoys breaking complicated financial concepts down into easy to digest bits. She is a strong proponent of spreading financial literacy, and she is proud to help people improve their financial lives by increasing their understanding of how money works.


Wendy has been an avid foodie for decades. She enjoys following the latest trends in many cuisines from around the world, and she enjoys writing about cooking. She has produced many pieces on cooking with calorie restrictions, cooking for just one or two people, and cooking for romantic meals.

In addition, as a participant of trekking, hiking, and climbing mountains, Wendy is an expert at creating delectable, gourmet camp fare with nothing but a single pot and her MSR Pocket Rocket.

High Tech

Wendy has written dozens of articles about high tech topics that include network security, cloud computing, mobile technology, and more.

She started her career training employees on information systems and their applications. She helped analyze the company's informative reports and market monthly conferences.


Wendy has written about many areas of law including divorce law, personal injury, criminal law, DUI and other legal subjects.

Her experience includes crafting blog entries, news briefs, and articles to educate people about their rights and options.

In addition, Wendy has completed content for entire law firm websites, and she holds a certificate from San Diego State University in business law.


Wendy has extensive writing experience in the hospitality field. She writes about vacation destinations and activities, in addition to restaurant reviews, articles about chefs, and activities for kids.

Moreover, Wendy's previous career as a senior manager at a $2 billion global merchant included oversight responsibilities for Food Services and Hotels.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Wendy has spent years building her knowledge of SEO, and she keeps abreast of the newest SEO practices.

She is adept at organically working SEO keywords into blog posts and articles, so that they are pleasant to readers while still being attractive to search engines.

She has written a large number of blog posts that continue to index well for months after they are written, drawing consistent traffic over time.

Projects by Asset Type

Wendy has written informative articles on a number of topics. She enjoys research, and she can craft enjoyable articles on any number of subjects. Past projects include everything from cosmetic surgery procedures to the history of painted glass.

Blog Post

Wendy has written hundreds of blog posts for companies large and small in the following fields: dating and relationships, medical procedures, general health and wellness, legal topics, personal finance, marketing, SEO, business management and many others.

She has written blog posts for LEGOLAND, The Huffington Post, Fidelity Investments, SAS and Avvo. In addition, she is a regular, contributing writer for the WriterAccess blog.


WendyH excels at copywriting for advertisements, brochures, flyers, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. She has a loyal, local clientele of small business owners who rely upon her inventive phrases that pop out and attract attention.

Product Description

Wendy creates product descriptions designed to sell your product or services in a few engaging, concise sentences. Her product descriptions work for you, and she can either create new descriptions or clean up existing examples can optimize your site and produce immediate results.

Wendy produces effective, engaging product descriptions. She writes with the ideal buyer in mind, and she answers the why, explains every benefit, and induces the customer ask, "why not?" She uses language to create imagery that relates someone's experience with the product. Moreover, she uses catchy, concise, and exacting copy to write descriptions that are easy to scan, and she relies on sensory words that talk to your customers about the feel/see/taste/hear/smell of your products.

In addition, Wendy writes clear, concise and engaging descriptions of real estate, and brokers have hired her to write for the glossy inserts for the Wall Street Journal weekend edition.

White Paper

Wendy produces well researched, carefully crafted white papers as the ultimate way to gain trust, credibility, and thought leadership. White papers offer detailed information in a linear, organized, methodical approach based on extensive research. They may be formal in tone, yet Wendy writes them in an engaging fashion. Based on the level of authority and expertise that a whitepaper presents, those elements can make a long-lasting impression and boost sales growth by generating high-quality leads that convert to actual customers.

Wendy produces white papers that can be offered for a fee, used in exchange for contact information, or presented as a gift to a loyal client. Moreover, posting a whitepaper to your website can improve search rankings and position you as a thought leader.

Wendy will painstakingly create a premium white paper for your business with content that can be re-purposed across a variety of media, making the investment cost effective.

Web Page

WendyH produces focused, well-constructed web page content designed to inform and prompt a potential client to call or click. Industries she has written web content for include real estate, enterprise-level businesses, LEGOLAND, eBay, fashion, electronics, law, insurance, and more.

Projects By Expertise

Wendy has worked as a copywriter for a small, local non-profits. She writes ad copy, sales letters, and newsletters each month. As a freelance copywriter, she produces articles, blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, press releases, and website copy to help companies develop their digital PR strategies.


Wendy edited a monthly non-profit agency magazine for over four years. Her duties included creating themes for issues, copy-editing submitted articles and overseeing design.

She has provided proofreading and copy-editing services on scripts for a local technical and business leadership education company.

As an editor, she is versatile. She can perform a coaching role and critique work, sending it back to the writer with needed edits. She can also perform extensive rewrites if that is what is required.

Research Writer

WendyH excels at research-driven articles, white papers, presentations and more. She specializes in topics such as analytics, globalization, international business, healthcare in emerging markets, risk management, predictive analytics, and so much more.

She uses primary sources and peer reviewed research, and she will always provide the client with excellent source material, analysis and commentary.


WendyH excels at writing on legal topics ranging from criminal law, personal injury, tort, liability, estate planning, family law and more. She holds an Associate Certificate in Business Law from San Diego State University, and she enjoys writing white papers, blog posts and articles. Her personal areas of interest are constitutional law, elder law and business law.

Projects by Writing Style

WendyH has written numerous articles, white papers and reports from an authoritative stance. She thoroughly researches topics frequently utilizing primary source data on such topics as predictive analytics, globalization, management, business, technology, finance and more.


Wendy enjoys her opportunities to take on a more reader-friendly, conversational style.

She has applied this approach from everything to entertainment and dating websites to comforting blog posts about daunting medical procedures.


Promoting a product requires the ability to look at it from the point of view of a potential customer. Why would they choose your offering over anyone else's?

On promotional pieces, Wendy puts herself in your client's position and considers why your product or services are what the client needs.

She has produced sales letters, brochures, flyers and advertorial newsletters for businesses that include interior designers, medical weight loss centers, law firms, theme parks, financial analysts, among others.


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