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Melanie has been writing for Writeraccess for 20 months. She has experience writing her blog and sending in opinion articles to her local newspaper from time to time. She has never missed a deadline and doesn't hesitate to ask questions.Her favorite about writing is the research that is involved. She has enjoyed learning about multiple subjects.
She has taught third and fourth graders for the past six years in reading and writing. She is beginning her 1st year as a 5th grade reading teacher and is excited for the challenges that lie ahead.
Her philosophy is to learn quick and to work hard.
Melanie enjoys writing for her blog. She loves to look for interesting news stories and posting her opinion of it on her blog.
Melanie also writes for numerous celebrity sites. She has always loved reading about Hollywood and the people. And, it has been extremely exciting for her to write about it.
Melanie has many interests. She enjoys crossitching and doing genealogy. She loves to travel and has visited many places in the Caribbean and the United States. She can also be found curled up in a chair with a good book.
Philips Jr.College Travel and Tourism, Associate of Arts Degree

Started attending Philips Jr. College in the Fall of 1994 and continued my education there until the Spring of 1996 when I graduate Magnum Cum Laude and received my Associates of Arts degree.

Association Memberships
Boy Scouts of America I have had the privilege to work in the Boy Scouts of America for the past 10 years. I have held many positions in that organization from Den Mother all the way up to Troop Committee Chairperson. Each of the positions I have had have come with different degrees of responsibility and learning. I love the challenges that this gives me and I meet those challenges head-on.

Projects by Industry

Melanie is a full time mother of 3 busy children. She works at an elementary school. She also volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America. And, she is also in charge of 4 young adults, ranging in age from 12-13, every Sunday with her local church.
Her job at the elementary requires her to work with fifth graders teaching them to read and write.
She has been with the Boy Scouts for the past 10 years in various positions of leadership.


Melanie is a teacher in an elementary school working with 3rd and 4th grade students. She is constantly learning new ways to engage her students. She also has had training in various fields to ensure that her students are taught to standard. Because if the diverse backgrounds of her student she has also had to learn to teach a wide variety of pupils.


Melanie manages a website for a company in the outdoor industry. This company offers a wide variety of weapons and hunting training. Because of this she needs to keep abreast of the current concealed carry laws, hunting laws, and latest training techniques. She has to constantly update the site with the current training, and class schedules, that this company is offering.


Melanie has written many articles that have to do with the entertainment industry. She has always had a love for Hollywood and it has been enjoyable for her to be able to write about it.
Also, because of her teaching job (and being the mother of three teenagers) she is kept abreast of the current trends in music, movies, and video games. Knowing what is in and out helps her to gear her writing towards the younger generation.

Projects by Asset Type

Melanie has learned a lot since she starting writing for WA about 6 months ago. She enjoys writing articles for medical sites and for a special needs site. Her greatest pleasure from writing these is what she learns from the research involved that she can use in other areas of her life.

Web Page

Melanie has wrote a number of things for web pages. She enjoys the research that is involved in writing these and making sure that they are 100% on topic and that they are factual.


Melanie has loved learning about copywriting. She has had the opportunity to develop her skill in this area. Her skills have become sharper as she continues to work in the copywriting field.

Product Description

Melanie enjoys writing product descriptions especially for fashion companies. She likes the challenge of lifting a product off the page and enticing people to buy it. She has wrote product descriptions for items from motorcycle helmets to shorts.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Melanie has managed a blog and facebook page for a small business for the past five years. Melanie has experience in writing for posts and updates for this small business. Melanie also makes daily changes to these sites.


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