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Heather B

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Location Kansas City, KS
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Heather has been working as a freelance writer for several years. Writing is only one of her passions. In her writing experience, she has developed working relationships with several blogs and websites. She has several successful contract completions at oDesk as well. In her spare time, she writes articles on the Textbroker website.

In her younger years, she was a member of a local 4-H group. The values and life lessons learned through the program will last her entire lifetime. To further her education from the experiences learned through 4-H, she attended Kansas State University for four years. She majored in Animal Science and Industry. However, before she graduated, she met my husband and started a family. She is a proud mother of four intelligent and talented children. Her husband works with coding and computer programming. For a few years she taught her children from home, and ran her own pet sitting business for years. The entire family enjoys living a green lifestyle, eating healthy foods made from local products, crafting, and making homemade cleaning & beauty products.

She is a hard worker. She absolutely loves writing, as stated previously, about various topics. Anything that she is unfamiliar with, she see as an opportunity to gain knowledge on while establishing a business relationship with a new client.
Heather specializes in writing blog content, Ezine style articles, and creative stories. She has a deep love for dogs and other companion animals. She ran her own petsitting business for 8 years, and trained Miniature Schnauzers in 4-H. She has four children, and understands all dynamics of parenting.
Heather is interested in cross-stitch, crafts, parenting, family, technology, companion animals (large and small), and natural living.
Kansas State University Jun 1998 – May 2002
Animal Science & Industry, N/A

Heather started out in the pre-vet program at Kansas State University, but quickly switched to general Animal Science & Industry. In her fourth year of school, she switched majors again when Companion Animal Management became an option. She studied breeding, raising, and feeding of all animals that can be kept as pets.

Projects by Industry

Heather has written thousands of articles in the children and parenting realm, however, only a portion of them were paid. She has done projects on home educating and feeding several children. She enjoys writing in the kid/family industry because she is a mother of four children. She is also married and lives in the suburbs of Kansas City.


Heather has written dozens of articles on pets, and even studied them in college (and earlier). She has written only a handful of articles that she actually charged for. She knows dogs and cats best, as she majored in companion animal management. However, she also worked at her local zoo and participated in the county fair showing farm animals.


Heather used to write for a technology blog that paid her, but now she writes technology articles for her enjoyment. She had been exposed to technology since the 1980s when her father took her to his work at Kansas State. She was one of the first people to experience the Internet and had a cell phone right out of high school (1998).

Projects by Asset Type

Heather has just started writing eBooks. She takes the ideas a person has, and then uses her creative skills to produce a story line. She is looking forward to having her own book published by the end of 2014.

Blog Post

Heather has had the joy of writing sponsored blog posts for a few companies. She specializes in doing articles for clients that are targeting children, food, and frugal living. Her blog is for parenting, but also touches on technology and reviews.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Heather has presented herself on Fiverr and other personal platforms as a creative writer. She has done both creative ghostwriting and writing where her name was published. She has been doing creative writing since she was in middle school, and has kept most of her work.


Heather has written for her personal blog since 2008. She has recently begun to charge for guest posts. She has been paid for a handful of journalistic style writing that she has published on her blog, and other friends' blogs when allowed. She adds her creative spin and makes sure to answer the who, what, when, where, and why.

Projects by Writing Style

Much of Heather's work is in a conversational tone. While many pieces may have a journalist appearance, she feels most comfortable using the tone you would normally use talking to a friend. This is why Heather started her blog, and it continues to flourish. She would love to write more conversational pieces as a ghostwriter or having her name published if desired.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Heather has written for several small businesses in 2013. She wrote more as she was just starting in 2012. Specializing in short blog posts (350 words), she wrote on anything the clients required. Heather made sure to perform edits until the clients were satisfied.

Medium Business

Heather has worked for two medium-sized businesses throughout 2013. She answered questions, wrote product descriptions, and completed buying guides. She wrote on a variety of topics and was willing to research what she did not know.


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