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Angelina B

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Location Olmsted Falls, OH
Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
Angelina is a long-time entrepreneur - encompassing recruiting, content creation and public speaking. She has worked social media project for content promotion and has been tapped for editing projects for both small and larger projects. She is currently a Deputy Managing Editor for a popular online newspaper and dedicated writer for the team. Angelina also writes for small, local publications as a ghost-writer, enjoying the ability to share her skills. Angelina runs her own business, extending contracting opportunities for workers who want to work from home as customer service agent. She is detailed on relations and communications with a diverse group of individuals and consumers.

Academic papers, expert and technical manuals have been ghost-written by Angelina - she developed highly graded pieces of research during her educational span. Over a dozen years experience in government, taxes, financials and public interactions has refined her skill set. Angelina took the lead on organizing a database list of best methods of collections for her state government while on the Change Management team. She has developed content for websites, call-outs, advertisements, job opportunities and social media displays.
Academic, blogging, content creative content, ghost-writing, various article content creation and newsletter content are specialties. Additional work has covered news paper stories, breaking news and tech-savvy newsletters.
Reading, writing poetry, crocheting a new winter scarf and interacting with her family are some of Angelina's favorite things.
University of Phoenix Internet Technology, Cyber Crime, Public Administration and Criminal Justice, MS/Administration and Justice

Angelina has been a life-long learner. She has her 2-year and Bachelor's degree in IT/Networking and Telecommunications. Her Master's in Science covers Public Administration and Criminal Justice.

Honors and Awards
Certified Publishing Specialist Certificate Jul 2013
Angelina attended and completed the Frackle Media certified journalist bootcamp. She was top in her class and quickly earned the title of Senior Editor for Technology, she was recently promoted to Deputy Managing Editor.

EZine Articles Expert Writer Certificate Jun 2013
After writing several articles in varying categories, Angelina was provided the expert approval from EZine Articles.

Bay Village Recognition of Student Promotion of Working Knowledge/Hiring Apr 2003
After hiring several students for a paid work to learn program from a local high school, Bay Village HS recognized Angelina as a mentor for their students. This award was elected by the students and honored to Angelina by the students.

Attorney General Recognition Awards Angelina earned several awards, a major feat for the lead law enforcement agency in her state:

May 2012- Attorney General of Ohio Customer Service Award
October 2011- Attorney General of Ohio Customer Service Award
October 2010- Attorney General of Ohio Customer Service Award
April 2010- Attorney General of Ohio Jockey of the Month
October 2009-Attorney General of Ohio Going the Extra Mile
June 2008- Attorney General of Ohio Certification of Appreciation

Association Memberships
Women's Networking Association Feb 2010
Angelina partnered with a like-mind entrepreneur to develop a networking group to collaborate women from all paths to connect. Their group has now broken down into individual and focused work groups for one-on-one care and attainment.

Certified Publishing Specialist Frackle Media SEO
Jul 2013

Projects by Industry

Angelina has developed content for digital newspapers and content requests on all things Entertainment. These items encompass: celebrity news, video games, movies and book reviews. Research is conducted to deliver strong content with verifiable and reliable sources that enhance the content provided to the publication.


Angelina has been a long-time guru of all things juicing. With contributing factors of health, she has sought the grapefruit of healing ailments, the apple cider vinegar of curing a cold and spinach juices for headaches. She has produced content seen by thousands of people promoting health.


Angelina comes from a work and educational background entrenched within technology. From smartphones, computing, video game technology and social media - she details her experience into viable content that has received reviews and hundreds of shares across social media channels and Google news.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Angelina has been a long-time writer with a focus on the right and moderate amount of SEO saturation. Title, content paragraphs and link enable the process of saturation with related information pertaining to the sources. Keyword factoring is a clear depiction of how it ties to SEO. Title and original content with the right breadth of saturation is provided by Angelina.

Projects by Asset Type
Facebook Post

Angelina submits posts for some clients and her own business to promote viewership with tools like Hootesuite and Buffer. Interactive or informational statuses are provided to the clients, in addition links to related stories or websites with catch phrases are implemented.

Projects By Expertise

Angelina is a top writer for a digital print newspaper and quickly climbed the ranks for her ability to provide news worthy material. From Entertainment, Health and Technology she values the aspect of growing readership and connected with the public on delivery quality content.

Projects by Writing Style

Angelina has written conversational pieces, informal, technical and former content. Flexibility in writing is a necessity for success, especially when it comes to identifying the need of the customer and their content. Angelina understands this concept to deliver quality work.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Angelina believes in the power of reputation and expertise. This is why she registered her business and became incorporated. She is well known for her ability to connect with other small business owners. Angelina launched Small Business Personal Shopping on Facebook, the group is over 200 members strong to promote good-will between all owners and potential customers.


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