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Deborah-Lynn S.

Professional Journalist, Copywriter, White Paper writer, blogger, SEO Creative Content producer, SEO Writer, Legal & Medical Ghostwriter, and Wordcraft Master, published author, working on completing her Masters Degree.

This writer is approaching 600,000+ Words Sold on this platform alone!

Verified Client Reviews:

"Deb is an excellent technical writer, there were no revisions needed, she got our style and emphasis on the subject. And she was fast, can't beat that, quality and speed. Will definitely look to do more content with her!"

"Deborah-Lynn completed a set of articles for our business creativity site. The article pitches were well-thought out, interesting, and totally in line with our site.

Every article she wrote was researched, planned and executed to a very high quality.

I highly recommend Deborah-Lynn for any kind of writing project—she can do it all!"

"Deb creates top quality copy in a timely manner. She communicates throughout the process and is overall very professional and easy to work with. She is on the top of my reorder list. Thanks for the great work Deb!"

Professional Article Series Published:

What is a Professional Wordcraft Master?

Wordcraft Masters are experienced writers who can use "style flex" methods to create perfect writing styles designed with a specific reader audience in mind. When challenged with various writing assignments throughout each day, a Wordcraft Master is writing everything from product descriptions, video scripts, white papers, brochures, articles, journalism, blog posts, website copy, all with each client's target audience being the primary focus.

She is an energetic, self-motivated, "power-ball", enthusiastic about every project she accepts. She is forward-looking and always plans ahead. Her time is well-managed and she keeps current with all her activities.

Often she enjoys enhancing her writing expertise with her unique, professional photography shots where applicable.

Highlight: Deborah-Lynn is proud to demonstrate her professional trademark, every writing assignment has been delivered well in advance of scheduled due dates. Her client's exceeds expectation ratings have been a continuous motivation to her professional development.

This creative content specialist writes professionally in many health, technology, and business specific industries. She is experienced in adopting the appropriate persona for her target audience. This technique best engages readers to meet SEO goals and purposes of her clients, Brand specialists, publishers, marketers, and the copy editors she serves.

Deborah-Lynn S. enjoys many successful, long-lasting, client-writer business relationships.

Her major concern in developing successful projects is that her work always exceeds expectations for her clients.

Summary Professional Writing History Update: 2002-2015

Deborah-Lynn S. works with published authors needing intuitive website content and page descriptions, ghost-writers for novels, articles, online SEO specific work for website landing pages, blogging and product advertising.

She uses her years as a Legal Aid Researcher, an Assistant Microbiologist in an International Food Services Lab, then an Associate Scientist, and professional Engineering Coordinator, state certified Mental Health Professional II with ten years of family counseling and treating mentally ill in hospitalization settings.

Add to this an extensive professional business employment, science, engineering and technology, background and her talent for deep research and writing original content for hundreds of professional websites and authors since 2002.

SEO specific content for any topics with website content formatting, applicable for various industry sectors.

Customer service objectives - Excellent communication

Because this author works with each client to establish a preferred writing relationship, practical style development positively progresses very quickly. Revisions are an important part of the process to discern a client's preferences and content needs. She expertly achieves a solid working understanding that goes beyond outsourcing and becomes a like-minded collaborator, resulting in exceptional results.

California On-Staff Writing Teams:


2016 - Graduate of the Master Class Professional Writing Course taught by James Patterson, world class, award winning novelist.

Aerospace Technology-- Fluor Daniel International, Irvine, CA
* Associate Scientist -- technical writer, marketing and sales content development
* Engineering Coordinator III -- Bank of America,
950 California Branches, LAN Networking first installations of hardwired integrated bank ATMs. Performed technical writing projects and
procedure manuals, also managed our off-site professional workforce.
* Environmental Specialist -- EPA software development for Environmental standards and compliance for Aerospace Corporations, plus marketing glossy, colored, brochures, and quality promotional materials.
* Corporate clients -- Hughes Aerospace, Irvine, CA,
Lockheed-Martin Aerospace, Palmdale, CA, and various others.

Food Science -- Baskin-Robbins​' International Corporate, Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA (also Glendale & Commerce Plants -- Flavors, Div.)

* Assistant Microbiologist -- Food Science & Testing, Technical Writer, MSDS and Safety Polices & Procedures Manuals creation and reviews.

* Marketing & Sales - Product Lines
* Franchising, Product Development
* Public Relations -- Marketing Copy and Glossy Pamphlets

* Mary Kay Cosmetics & AVON Consulting
* Melalueca and other independent sales groups,
* Senger Financial Recovery Program
* Marketing Plans, Sales, Business Strategies.

New England:

Post Graduate Work: Master of Science degree work

* N.R.I.C.M.H.C., Mental Health Professional III
Institutional & De-Institutional Work
* Writing Federal Grants -- de-institutionalization projects for Mentally Disabled
* Grand Jury Legal Advocate for Mentally Disabled Victims
This writer specializes in comparative reviews and advice on professional business applications, services, online marketing solutions and creating concise professional marketing plans.

This writer has several professional clients who hire bulk website articles, in a series format, to publish regularly on their business web sites.

Deborah-Lynn has successfully sold dozens of exceptionally written SEO assignments for a variety of business clients.

The history of financial restoration in countries like South Africa
mobile marketing software start-ups. investment angels and stock market opportunities
future financial growth of mobile websites vs apps (online applications).

She has recently sold news articles forecasting new scientific devices such as smart textiles, wearable technologies, "scaleable" mobile software, new communications software, robotics, and sensor applications.

Being a private website owner/builder and Cloud technology user, Deborah-Lynn S. has extensive personal and professional hands-on knowledge about "most things Web".

With twelve years experience as a professional writer, clients can be assured that content written by Deborah-Lynn S. is original, and often not referenced only by common online accessible sites alone.

She takes great care in researching professional sources of highly regarded, notable, including integrity, and industry recognized, authoritative, professional, and authentic - with the most current available information.
Deborah-Lynn S. is with WriterAccess as a full-time writer, while actively involved in her own company, a financial recovery project firm.

Member of Non-Fiction Writers Association,,
Deborah-Lynn has completed a three-month project, editing a science-fiction novel for a confidential client in the greater Los Angeles area.

One very proud moment:

Deb is invested in 10-years of personally developing her own property in Los Angeles County, her property development has resulted in becoming an officially recognized and certified National Wildlife Preserve and Wild Bird Sanctuary.

She is presently nurturing 242 newly hatched, baby California Quail - they are exquisite! Eggs from her own developed brood of nesting Quail.
Newly hatched Bobwhite Quail are also scheduled to be released into the Wildlife Preserve in August 2016. She is also an expert wildlife caregiver and habitat provider.

This is a reference:
Institute for Children's Literature Writing Fiction and non-fiction for different age groups and genre', Journalist

Deborah-Lynn completed our coursework requirements in Journalism for age groups from 4-6 years old through young adult ages. Much of her work has been used to demonstrate examples of writing clearly and at a level of interest appropriate to different age groups.

She can adapt her writing style for various personas and literary applications.

R.I.C., U.R.I., Institute of Journalism & CW, Fluor Daniel Corporation - Management paid Education, Creative Writing, (Scientific) Technical Writing, Marketing Photography,, BS - extended Job Training/job specific education

Formal Education spanned 16 years
BS - Science, Microbiology, computer science, Oil & Gas, Environmental Protection Agency Software technology,
BS - Psychology - extended Post-Graduate work and Grant Writing classes through the National Mental Health Professional Agency
BA - Creative Writing Focused on professional writing
Associates Degree in Arts - business writing, formally trained to write in multiple genres, marketing and sales approaches and technical research and documentation.
Community College, SCV, CA - Writing Successful Grant Proposals

Honors and Awards
Citizenship For coordinated effort with the Santa Clarita Jaycees and Chamber of Commerce to benefit Charities like The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, $80,000 to build new facilities and build program awareness. Head Marshall for security teams protecting Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson, celebrity guests for the Golf Tournament event.

Jaycee of the Quarter - Deborah-Lynn S. headed an expert team that provided security and fund raising while Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson visited the area to play a local charity golf tournament for a premium fund-raiser week. She coordinated activities in the face of many logistic nightmares and brought the event together with distinction.

- Deborah-Lynn S. won several bonus awards like a $26,000 check, for saving a Southern Californian Aerospace Company upwards of $1 million dollars, per week, in governmental fines for non-compliance of AQMD Environmental Protection Standards. Her competent assistance and solutions for software applications brought the industry into compliance with all the needed monitoring & modifications.

- One of the Awards Deb is most proud of is displayed on the wall of her private office. The Jaycee Award was presented to her by an Australian Official who traveled to the U.S.A. to thank the Jaycees of many US Cities for Volunteering thousands of hours to win hundreds of thousands of USDs for Children with medical needs.

Association Memberships
Chamber of Commerce, Desk & Derrick Club, National Wildlife Association Andy Madsen Copywriter Acacdemy

Awarded a Plaque by the Chamber of Commerce of my city for helping to raise $83,000 for the Boy's & Girls Clubs of America. Headed the committee to supervise the marshalls that provided protection for Tiger Wood and Phil Michelson for the National Grand Open in our City. My photo is still on the wall in City Hall...

Women in the professional field of oil and gas engineering organized to create effective networking for better information flow and documentation of new work in their chosen fields of this critical industry.

Deborah-Lynn S. served on many committees and headed studies and awareness fairs within the group. She also posted professional write-ups for their publication, Desk & Derrick Magazine.

Content Marketing Conference Workshop Intensified Vertical Measures
May 2015
This writer attended the annual Content Marketing Conference and workshop to develop a comprehensive understanding of new digital marketing channels, applications, and concepts to help our clients develop forward thinking approaches to their marketing plans and creative content options.

Professional writers attending these conferences can optimize website content and better engage readers using various types of essential media.

Advanced Certified Wildlife Habitat - Santa Clarita National Wildlife Federation
The property inspected in Los Angeles County has been graded Advanced Certification for Wildlife and Bird-Friendly Habitat providing all habitat elements required to ensure survival and thriving populations of natural wildlife, native plants and birds native to this logistical area.

This property owned by Deborah-Lynn S. has been designated by the National Wildlife Federation, (NWF), as an

Advanced Certified Wildlife Habitat:

This writer is experienced in topics including natural environments, animal husbandry, green living and environment protection issues.

Certified Wildlife Habitat Owner - Los Angeles County National Wildlife Federation
Property inspected for four basic habitat elements to ensure survival and repopulation of natural wildlife in the area, food sources, ample water resources, natural habitat cover, natural environment to raise young.


Property owner and caretaker: Deborah-Lynn S.

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Red Cross of America and American Heart Association

Deborah-Lynn S. has experienced the privilege of using life saving techniques to help a woman regain consciousness. Used CPR to help a young child survive an accident. Her advice to all readers/writers is:
"Keep your credentials updated and if you are not certified, get it done!"

Even if you are not in the medical field, you might need those skills to help someone.

Projects by Industry

Writing for travel agencies, real estate within the United States or internationally, or for Hotels and Resorts globally are favorite assignments for this writer. She enjoys sharing first hand international experiences and researching places in the world she hasn't yet visited. Her writing expertise is demonstrated in the way she can weave her experiences into third person written articles to the specifications of her clients' preferences.


Developed projects to inform local communities of various themes, "fanciful" gardening such as Secret Garden landscaping and care, "Fairy Gardens created Indoors or Outdoors", began quite a viral rage in the early 2000's!

Hundreds of "How to" articles with informational techniques.

Deborah-Lynn also writes entertainment reviews using her own professional photographs (authors original photography, roughly 7000 photos).

Hydroponic vegetable gardens, vertical gardening, organic gardening and beyond - in Green Gardening techniques. Flower gardens, heirloom seeds, miniature gardens, etc.

Green Living

More and more, the people of working age in our country have become extremely concerned about the decades of pollution and abuse of our planets' resources. Can you say that your company is doing all it can, to reduce waste, air pollution and resource consumption? As individuals, we can always do more.

Projects focused on the definitive effect of Green Products and their marketing through "Work from Home employees" and their direct impact on reducing the human footprint on our global environment.

Green Products

Over the past years, people have been nibbling at small "niches" of Eco-Awareness, using Sustainable Materials in their homes and finding new applications for recycled materials.
As we enter into the current demand for new homes, social appetite for "Green Building" is exponentially increasing because the benefits to families as well as the environment has proven to be substantial. Perhaps a young couple replaced their vinyl flooring in their first timer home with cork tile flooring. They may have heard the "buzz" about how cork was a sustainable material and how it benefitted the ecology of the rain forest problem. When they actually purchased and installed the flooring they learned about the natural anti-microbial properties, and the energy efficiency of heat insulation properties keeping the flooring warm and germ free for small children. Then there's the superior noise insulation quality, a valuable perk for adults. They probably learned about the exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions as well.

Ready to upgrade into a larger family home, potential Real Estate buyers have had a taste of the benefits of "responsible green living". Now home buyers are actively seeking green building advocate real estate developers who will ensure that the building process will impact the local environment as well as surrounding eco systems <u>as little as possible</u>. They now know that when real estate developers, who are green building advocates, begin their planning stage for new homes, they avoid disturbing surrounding natural habitats by incorporating all roads, structures and systems in their initial layouts without harming trees, native plants, waterways and other natural resources.


Improving the Environment for Health and Alternative Treatments

Writing Sample Health Article:

How Vitamins Aid in Metabolism

The thing about vitamins is they are designed to interact with elements around them. They are like a biochemical "escort service", taking elements to different parts of the body where needed to interact with other biochemical elements. That's why it's important to take the right amount and combination of vitamins, for the body's daily requirement, and not too much. It's better to get vitamins through healthy foods than from supplements, but some vitamins don't occur naturally in most foods.

Vitamin A is converted from beta carotene, needed for eyesight and other critical body functions.

Relax More with Vitamin B

There are many forms of B vitamins and they each do very intricate jobs. Many B vitamins are not used in the human body. There are eight key B vitamins used as a complex in ratio to each other, called the vitamin B complex. Most are integral in the body's chemical reactions at the cellular level, aiding the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 for example, assists in production of blood cells in bone marrow. Production of nerve sheaths and proteins, and functioning as a co-enzyme are all important functions of B12.

Health Industry Job Discription:

Medical and psychological approaches to better health and replacing bad habits with healthy habits.

During her employment with a respected state facility, Deborah-Lynn S. developed services as an advocate for mentally impaired clients who were victimized, in various ways, and needed to appear before the Grand Jury.

Deborah-Lynn S. prepared client advocacy documents, reports and petitions on behalf of mental health patients and presented these before Grand Jury Hearings on behalf of her clients.

Deborah S. also wrote many simple articles for patient daily living skills training procedures and created professional glossy posters for clients to use when moving into group homes.

Within ten years of service in the mental health field, she was a team-member ultimately responsible for writing and submitting professional white papers and applications for Grants and Federally Funded Loans.

Recently Deb has been actively writing health care articles in many topics for medical facilities, clinics, dentists and mental health. Many of her informational content articles are published on landing pages of websites and others on major advertising pages.


Deborah-Lynn S. is a published business writer for industries with small, medium and large volume. Her experiences learned from the ground up in various construction and service businesses. Her professional services to manufacturers and online retailers, as well as professional medical and engineering firms help her with insight into operations, production and logistics performance needs. She has written an estimated 391 articles during the past three years, long and short assignments. Most recent articles are requiring SEO type website links, since employers are recognizing the benefits of quality content and keywords, for high placement in search engine identification.

Accomplished writer of Business Article Series:

Deb would be a valuable team asset for your company's needs.


This writer has ghost authored humorous methods of facing up to and resolving family relationship struggles, and typical icebreaking techniques within tense relationship issues.

In a professional environment, this writer was physically harmed by a patient with hidden anger problems.Writer was able to transition the offending patient into non-combative interaction and over time reduce their inclinations toward violence, treatment with medications paired with behavioral therapy. Several lessons have be learned clinically through these efforts, and the writer is able to refer to her personal professional experience when assessing topics of extreme mental illness and relationship issues.

10 years of professional work, writing about this industry since 2002.


A published author, experienced in writing SEO specific, content rich, good quality weight, and authoritatively linked articles - for a highly placed search engine preference on your industry's first page. As well, an accomplished ghost-writer for other forms of recurring blog posts and quality, marketing-specific content. An experienced marketing author since 2002, Deb has a developed sense of how to adapt her writing from low to high sales approaches depending on client preference and each specific target market, but always with the goal of (seductively, or as required - aggressively, attracting sales qualified leads) in mind. This is her preferred basic function.

Published article series for start-up entrepreneurs:

Always a team player, an intuitive ability to see how the many facets of an enterprise will come together to benefit each clients' needs. Deb appreciates the subtleties needed to bring clients together with their target markets to increase their websites proven rate of transition from readers to users. She continuously observes the trends of all social media and since it's inception participates in many forums, for a variety of reasons.

Marketing roots run deep, having worked for corporations as a marketing content writer for the tech, science, and engineering industries. An additional professional boost that she personally brings to the team, a strict attention to detail, expert timeliness and respect for exceeding expectations on any project.

Adding Deborah-Lynn S. to your team would be beneficial for your group because of her ability to consistently produce fresh, compelling content - ahead of every deadline. She is in an advantageous position as she controls her full schedule and dedicates herself to flawlessly addressing every clients' expectation that each and every assignment result will be exceptional.


Writer has accepted projects addressing serious social concerns in the United States such as homelessness, Affordable Health Care and the problems with SSI and SSDI, including some offered solutions, also unemployment and new techniques to successfully job search, and concerns regarding the cost of "Cobra" to families of unemployed and under employed parents, as well as the current issues surrounding "Obama-care" and its social ramifications. Other government centered topics include economy. world relationshipships, stock market in developed and undeveloped countries and world education topics. Also, Marketing concepts, government regulated organizations, gov. regulating organizations and military issues.

Consumer Goods

More and more, the people of working age in our country have become extremely concerned about the decades of pollution and abuse of our planets' resources. Can you say that your company is doing all it can to reduce waste, air pollution and resource consumption? As individuals, we can always do more.

Becoming involved with a company that performs its' industry in a "green", (ecologically safe environment), and responsible process, encourages all its' affiliates to live and manufacture with awareness. This successfully reduces our "footprint" on our beautiful planet. One of many important aspects of doing all we can ...


This writer is able to bring the message into terms YOUR target audience can appreciate.

She concisely prepares documentation and citations for every included medical fact, procedure, and diagnostic application reference. Her writing always uses research from authoritative, and appropriately recognized medical contributors. She has developed a disciplined style that exceeds the expectations of her medical and science technology industry based clients.

Deborah-Lynn S., prefers medical blogging, content research, and preparation, as well as informative white papers, strategically and conscientiously developed, then checked several times for any possibility of error or mistakes before submission.

This writer has an excellent reputation for precise content writing, and for following all required standards and preferences of medical industry clients.

Quality, originality, and specific terminology are key to this writer's ability to engage the appropriate reader audience. There is a certain finesse required to convey meaning and interest into work that may otherwise be passed over as dry.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Deborah S. has demonstrated her ability to use SEO tools effectively in her writing and in generating readers, followers and clients to her online sites.

It is essential that we craft titles for articles that will be search-friendly, and reader-friendly through effective selection of word search terms and by knowing the most commonly used words when searchers are using their search engines.

The second most important tool for private or corporate marketing success is the quality of on-line links selected. Always find the highest quality content links available. They need to be high-ranking and closely related to the content your are writing.

Most effective titles are not limited to seasonal or time limited dates of interest, they can be utilized but must be replaced regularly with titles that have longer life appropriate references.

Always use professional and original photography, with informative captions and descriptions.

Attracting serious clients (buyers) can also be enhanced with clearly defined tables and graphs.

Original content that averages 400-1500 words.

Intentionally create a "niche" for your company with original topics to enhance your corporate recognition online, a tool that offers usable SEO impact.

Link Building

Writer uses SEO skills to create high level, strong weighted content to reach target audiences most likely interested in appointed topics and subject matter. Key authoritative informational sources are linked to the article or blog so readers have other dimensions of reference.

The purpose of this SEO technique is to attract interested consumers, inform them and excite them into taking the next step in becoming loyal readers and customers.
She also understands concepts of SEM and CRO in depth.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Author composes Title/Meta Descriptions with appointed word count or character counts (normally no more than 20 words or 155 characters). Purpose of this SEO technique is specified to include SEO phrases or "Required Keywords". Meta Tag descriptions are 1-2 sentences in length unless client asks for other parameters and includes primary keyword phrase.

The appropriate keyword usage and application increases the content value of the article as relevant to searching algorithms in Google and other search engines.

Projects by Asset Type

Deborah-Lynn S. worked for the State Institute of Mental Health, as a top Mental Health Professional II, writing professional papers, institutional reports, medical summaries and Federal Grant applications to obtain money for opening "half-way house" treatment facilities for groups of deinstitutionalized patients and psychologically impaired clients. These clients required normalization skill training and integration skill training to live and work successfully within communities. Federal Funding provided professional back up teams to assist clients with daily living skills and problem solving skills for situations they would encounter outside of institutional living. See Sample Grant Proposal Below:

White Paper

"Professional Industry Thought Leaders" require white paper authors who can lead the focus of their readers to new ideas, innovations, and deeper perceptions. This writer can develop industry papers with the latest research, deep fact checking and detailed coverage of industry science and research & development. For science, engineering, legal, medical, dental, surgical, engineering, psychological and other research studies, this writer has the skill and experience to develop white papers to lead your readers into a high-level understanding of the newest information available.

A White Paper is the best information any industry has to offer and you need to count on your author to provide accurate, up-to-date, and substantiated data. Protect your investment by working with a top asset provider in the industry. Meet Writer #7840.


During the past two years, this writer/author has written dozens of books, e-books, manuals, and professional texts in collaboration with professionals in the science, engineering, medical & health industries. Writing for the various content creation and freelancing platforms since 2002, this author has produced and sold over three million words for publication.

She is also honored to critique and collaborate on project revisions with other professionals for projects under development. She participates in a mentoring program assisting new writers and authors with their skill development, project outlining, project development, and finding publishing related resources.

In addition, this professional writer has enjoyed a relationship with two American novelists who have mentored her and sharpened her skills in developing and writing fictional entertainment projects. She has several co-author by-lines for her professional work as a co-author and collaborator.

Most writers/authors choose between the fiction or non-fiction genre'. Because of the unique opportunities that opened the way for this writer to study with accomplished professionals from both disciplines, she excels in diverse publishing worlds.

She has found success in writing for high-level research technical studies and data intense fact-finding projects. Just as enjoyable, for this author is developing and writing complex worlds of fiction, characters that are both believable, enjoyable, and unique, with complex plots, that twist and satisfy even the most sophisticated reader.

Clients have learned they can stretch this writer beyond “that box” with creativity and style. She digs deep and produces fresh and high-interest work, not only to please her clients but because it’s the thing she loves most about writing.

Projects By Expertise
Book Ghostwriter

Deborah-Lynn S. has provided "ghost writer" services for a confidential team of co-workers with credentials, PhD's, an assistant clinical professor, licensed psychologists, and an MD with a private practice as a medical internist and a medical editorial expertise. This team mentored Deborah-Lynn S. in successful research techniques, documentation of clinical studies and proficient medical writing techniques for short and long publications.

After much success with smaller assignments, Deborah-Lynn S. completed a six-month assignment, ghost writing several segments of a medical book 720+ pages, recently copyrighted and published.


This writer has the ability to research newsworthy materials and update news stories and early morning releases with meaty facts and information related to just released news reports. From technical advances and science discoveries to advances in manufacturing operations and environmental compliance, this writer has sources to bring high impact information to the forefront. If you need news releases for promotional or digital advertising in your marketing plan, this writer can provide engaging content to inform and interest your target audiences.

Technical Writer

Professional Industry Thought Leaders require white paper authors who can lead the focus of their readers to new ideas, innovations, and deeper perceptions. This writer can develop industry papers with the latest research, deep fact checking and detailed coverage of industry science and research & development. For science, engineering, legal, medical, dental, surgical, engineering, psychological and other research studies, this writer has the skill and experience to develop white papers to lead your readers into a high-level understanding of the newest information available.

When a white paper is the best information the industry has to offer, you need to count on your author to provide accurate and substantiated data. Protect your investment by working with a top asset provider in the industry.

Projects by Writing Style

Professional Industry Thought Leaders require white paper authors who can lead the focus of their readers to new ideas, innovations, and deeper perceptions. This writer can develop industry papers with the latest research, deep fact checking and detailed coverage of industry science and research & development. For science, engineering, legal, medical, dental, surgical, engineering, pychological and other research studies, this writer has the skill and experience to develop white papers to lead your readers into a high-level understanding of the newest information available.

When a white paper is the best information the industry has to offer, you need to count on your author to provide accurate and substantiated data. Protect your investment by working with a top asset provider in the industry.


This writer blogs daily, weekly, and monthly for a select group of clients. Her conversational style acknowledges the intelligence of the reader and never talks down or patronizes them. Her style varies as does her use of voice depending on the target audience and client preferences, but she will not write derogatory or uncomplimentary pieces about a competitor or media focus.

In addition to her experience in professional writing since 2002, this writer has cultivated a highly sensitive work ethic. Because of the nature of her ghostwriting and collaborative skills, her clients can rely on her intuitive development of their style and writing culture. Writing in the limited third person voice is more tricky than other point of view, but this writer has perfected every possibility.

If you desire creative content that sets your business goal results above those of the masses, this is the writer who can find that unique expression or high-interest concept that will engage your readers.


What would you need to boost your business into new fiscal heights during Q3 & Q4? Collaborating with a new writer who has a fully loaded tool-set for SEO, creative content development, and promotional expertise just to start. From world of experience in marketing, product representation, product development, science, technology, and manufacturing, this professional's insight has been forged from hands on experience and a history of professional writing since 2002.

This writer writes product descriptions for fashion, diamond jewelry and vintage watches, fashion jewelry, interior design, new and vintage vehicles, computer software and product services. If you want detailed, interesting content that engages, then intrigues possible customers, you'll want to add this writer to your team.

Sample of published Article Series for Entrepreneurs interested in business growth methods:

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

This writer has developed exciting content for updating big business brands and introducing new and innovative features for consumer interest.

Companies that expect quality writing with unique and original focus that brilliantly highlights their products, seek writers with this exceptional talent.

You can expect original content featuring direct impact and insight into what a client is searching for when adding this writer to your team.

Small Business

Professional writer for small business interests such as marketing, exceptional product discriptions and SEO quality content writing for webpages, blogs and articles to inform consumers of new quality products.

Successfully published White Papers and Articles Series for Entrepreneurs just starting out:

Medium Business

Writer #7840 develops copy and marketing materials, SEO social media and topic articles to keep medium size businesses in the forefront of thier industries.


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