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Olivia S. earned her Master's Degree in Accounting and her Master's Degree in Teaching English from Georgia Southern University. After graduating college, she stayed on at her alma mater to teach accounting for five years. She also has experience working in accounts payable and college admissions. Since making the successful transition to freelance writing, Olivia has written hundreds of SEO articles. Her work has been featured on Yahoo Voices. She regularly enjoys writing on diverse topics such as business, education, fitness, nutrition, sports, politics, personal finance, and home improvement. She thrives on meeting client needs by creating interesting informative content in a timely manner. She also enjoys challenging herself by researching and writing on new engaging topics.
Olivia specializes in SEO content articles. As a former educator, she also is experienced in writing lesson plans, syllabi, and academic papers.
Olivia is a fitness and nutrition addict. She also is a news junkie who likes to stay informed about what's happening around the world. After recently completing an extensive home renovation project, she is interested in everything about home improvement and interior decorating. She has been cheering on her favorite Major League Baseball and National Football League teams since she was a kid and enjoys analyzing players and teams.
Georgia Southern Univeristy English Education, Master of Teaching English

While completing her Master of Teaching English degree, Olivia spent nearly 500 hundred hours in secondary classrooms observing and student teaching. She created lesson plans to accommodate the needs of the diverse learners in her classroom. She incorporated all sorts of technology into her lessons including Power Point presentations, You-tube videos, and the use of an interactive smart screen.

Georgia Southern University Accounting, Master of Accounting

While completing her Master of Accounting degree, Olivia took courses in auditing, income taxation, estate and gift taxation, accounting information systems, healthcare finance, and global finance.

Georgia Southern University Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration

Olivia graduated Cum Laude.

East Georgia College Business Administration, Associate of Arts

Olivia graduated with high honors.

Projects by Industry

Olivia's primary expertise in the field of education is teaching. After graduating from Georgia Southern University with a Master of Accounting, she was asked by the Director of Accounting to stay on at the university to teach. For five years after graduation, she taught accounting principles to business majors and non-business majors. She has also more recently earned a Master of Teaching English degree from Georgia Southern University. During the completion of her degree, she spent nearly 500 hundred hours in secondary classrooms observing experienced teachers and student teaching. To date, Olivia has written a few articles pertaining to education that highlight her experiences in the classroom.


Having worked in admissions at a college, obtained a graduate degree in education, taught accounting at a regional university, and advised business students on the best methods to attain their career goals, Olivia is extremely experienced in this industry. She has written numerous articles about diverse career paths such as accounting, education, truck driving, cosmetology, and many more. Her passion to see others reach their potential lends itself to her writing on career related topics.


Having completed a major renovation in her home recently, Olivia garnered a lot of design experience. Whether it is adding a mini chandelier to her master bedroom or installing a custom mosaic tile backsplash in her kitchen, she enjoys designing her abode. She also relishes writing design articles that will help others turn their dreams into reality.


Olivia has written about various topics for a variety of different types of businesses. Because of her writing experience and her educational background in business, she earned a Master of Accounting degree, Olivia is able to successfully meet client needs regardless of whether they originate from a small sole proprietorship or a multinational corporation.


With a closet full of carefully considered pieces, Olivia takes her wardrobe seriously. She enjoys purchasing and writing about classic staples such as cashmere sweaters, structured jackets, custom jeans, and riding boots that can be stylishly worn over and over again each year. Olivia also explores new trends and discovers how they can be worn seamlessly with already owned classic items. She enjoys helping others dress their bodies to accentuate their unique body type.


Olivia has earned Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accounting degrees respectively. During her extensive college coursework, she completed several finance classes including Corporate Finance, Global Finance, and Healthcare Finance. While she is qualified to write about numerous financial related topics, she specializes in writing personal finance pieces. She enjoys providing helpful content to individuals regarding mortgages, investments, and becoming debt free.


At the age of sixteen, Olivia began her fitness journey in order to lose weight. She was immediately hooked and has been working out, collecting exercise equipment, and researching the latest trends in fitness ever since. She has developed numerous cardio and strength training routines and enjoys writing about her expertise in order to help others achieve their fitness goals.


Whether she's in the kitchen baking a scrumptious red velvet cake or enjoying a seafood dinner at her favorite restaurant, Olivia loves activities surrounding food. Known for her baked goods, Olivia enjoys providing her readers with useful information about how they can improve their recipes and cooking techniques. She also has experience writing about restaurant food, nutritional aspects of different dishes, and planning a party around food.


Olivia strives to practice healthy living and has written pieces about a variety of health related topics. She is particularly knowledgeable about high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, inflammatory arthritis, hypermobile joints, and women's health issues including fertility and fibroid tumors. She also has experience writing about the health benefits associated with exercise and various diets including the gluten free diet.


For almost twenty years, Olivia has been an avid reader and researcher of nutritional topics. During her college course work, she completed a nutrition class. After conquering childhood obesity as a teenager, Olivia has worked hard to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. She has experience helping readers enjoy eating at their favorite restaurants while sticking to nutritional goals. She also has written about how to implement different dieting trends into one's personal life.

Home Living

Olivia is a devoted wife and proud homeowner. She enjoys decorating her home with traditional and contemporary accents and began completing an extensive home renovation a couple of years ago. She has written numerous pieces about home improvement including articles relating to bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, bedroom, great room, and basement remodeling. She also has experience writing about home additions and outdoor beautification projects.


Olivia is an active voter who stays informed about current politics. She has written several articles concerning political blogs. In these articles, she's offered suggestions for how these types of blogs can be started, advertised, and improved. While she has strong political convictions, she is able to write objectively about various issues and candidates according to client guidelines.

Real Estate

A proud and happy homeowner, Olivia enjoys writing pieces that will help others achieve their dreams of purchasing their own place. She has written many articles outlining specifications, financial implications, and benefits of owning different types of homes including single family dwellings, condos, townhomes, duplexes, and triplexes. Olivia has also written pieces concerning buying real estate for investment purposes.


Olivia values her relationships with family members and friends. She has written numerous pieces dealing with marriage and parenting. She also has experience writing articles about teacher and student relationships as well as the teacher and parent dynamic. She is uniquely qualified in this area due to her five years of teaching accounting at a university and her training to become a certified secondary English teacher.


Olivia has written numerous articles about various issues concerning women today. In her pieces, she's addressed a variety of unique health issues to women including fertility, fibroid tumors, hypothyroidism, and weight management. She's also written numerous articles about women's fashion, female hairstyles, wedding planning, and decorating the home. Olivia enjoys crafting informative articles about marriage and parenting as well.

Search Marketing

Olivia has extensive search marketing experience. She has written numerous articles covering a plethora of topics such as home improvement, jewelry, real estate, accounting, hotels, restaurants, and clothing to name a few. She is qualified to write short 200 word pieces as well as longer thoroughly researched ones. She strives to create informative entertaining articles and blog posts that include required keywords seamlessly.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Olivia has completed hundreds of assignments requiring her to skillfully incorporate SEO keyword requirements. While she has primarily written short blog posts including SEO keyword requirements, Olivia has written longer articles as well. To provide high quality SEO writing to clients, she has studied this area extensively through reading, workshops, and tutorials.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Olivia has written numerous articles in which she was required to incorporate title/meta descriptions. Because busy online browsers only spend mere seconds scanning through potential documents to read, Olivia knows the importance of making these important elements of writing unique and attention grabbing. However, she also works hard to ensure title/meta descriptions accurately represent the article they refer to.

Projects by Asset Type

Over the last several months, Olivia has written many detailed informative articles for clients. Because she has earned graduate degrees in Accounting and English Education, Olivia is qualified to write about a diverse range of article topics.


While completing a graduate degree in accounting in college, Olivia took several marketing courses and an advertising course. Today, she is able to utilize the specific knowledge she obtained in these informative courses to fulfill the unique copywriting needs of clients. She works to provide highly promotional and honest content for clients.

Blog Post

Olivia enjoys writing creative, personal, and informative blog posts that meet client needs and expectations. She can competently write blog posts on a variety of topics including education, politics, fitness, nutrition, travel, home life, design, and relationships to name a few. Olivia excels at creating short 200 or 400 word blog posts, but enjoys writing longer ones as well.

Projects By Expertise

Olivia has written hundreds of articles with the express intent of helping to promote products or services for clients. She strives to write persuasive pieces that appeal to readers' senses and emotions. She has a thirst for knowledge and constantly endeavors to learn more information about a variety of topics in order to better serve her clients' needs.

Projects by Writing Style

To better engage readers and meet client expectations, Olivia commonly writes in a casual conversational writing style. She especially employs this writing style for certain types of assignments such as blog posts and articles where she needs to make readers feel connected to what she has to say in some way.


Olivia has experience writing informative and concise pieces employing the journalistic writing style. When using this style, she likes to make a detailed outline and address all questions of interest before writing a piece. This process allows her to cover all necessary angles when writing pieces requiring a journalistic tone.


When Olivia writes in the promotional writing style, she carefully and positively introduces a given topic. Then, she works hard to appeal to readers' emotions, desires, and needs by using vivid words and clear concise phrasing. She also strives to write honestly and from the heart without sounding too pushy.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Olivia has written several hundred short SEO articles for a medium sized company. Her work for this company has required her to creatively and successfully write articles that are at least two hundred words long. In these articles, she has been required to strategically incorporate various keywords. She has had to create a unique title including the keywords. For this company, the keywords also have to be used at least twice in each article.

Fortune 500

Olivia has written informative articles on a variety of topics for a company in the Fortune 500. After her articles were edited, they were posted on some of the company's many websites. Since her articles were posted online, she has accrued earnings from the number of page views her articles accumulated.


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