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She is a published author and highly experienced writer with years of industry experience. Stacy H. been writing professionally for over ten years. In that time she has written thousands of articles for all sorts of media.

Mrs. H. is also a highly respected mainstream writer. Her book was published by a widely admired academic publishing house. The book went on to receive favorable reviews by media outlets including Booklist and Parent's Magazine. To date, it has sold over two thousand copies.

In short, Mrs. H. is the ideal candidate to help any company with their writing needs. Her experience, dedication and knowledge of the market are essential for anyone in need of fast and well-written copy.


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Stacy H's Finance Industry Experience

194 Projects Completed

Author spent over a year working for a financial newspaper in New York City. During that time she helped edit and write copy.

Industry Projects

  • Publishing500+
  • Finance100+
  • Education100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Travel50+
  • Home Living50+
  • Women20+
  • Medical20+
  • Food20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Insurance20+
  • Fashion20+
  • Relationships10+
  • Fitness10+
  • Pets10+
  • Politics10+
  • Career10+
  • Humor10+
  • Government10+
  • Science10+
  • Bio/Pharm10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Published author with years of experience in this field.


Author spent over a year working for a financial newspaper in New York City. During that time she helped edit and write copy.


Experienced teacher with an abiding interest in this subject. Writer is also a writing test grader deeply interested in standardized test grading projects.


Author is a published author specializing in writing about children.


Author has traveled to over 50 countries and five continents. She loves to share her experiences with others as they look for new places to explore.

Home Living

Author has written multiple articles on this topic for various media.


Author is a woman with a long time interest in women's issues.


Author has years of experience writing about this subject. She reads about it each week in order to help expand her knowledge.


Author has been a foodie for many years. During this time, she has written about her love of everything from the perfect pizza to how to make the ideal cup of tea.

Real Estate

Homeowner who has bought and sold many houses. Author is deeply interested in this subject. She keeps up with major trends.


Author has written on this subject for years. Author has a deep and abiding interest in it.


Author has written on this topic for various publications for over ten years. Author loves to sew and craft clothing for her children.


Author has written for various publications on this subject for many years.


Writer on this subject for various aspects of fashion for over ten years. Deep and abiding interest in the area of fitness.


Author is an animal lover. She has kept pets for over two decades. She is deeply interested in all aspects of pet health.


Deeply fascinated by all aspects of politics, the author loves to write about this issue.


Multiple articles on this subject for various publications. Years of industry experience. Specifically an understanding of how to make money online.


Author has written over a dozen articles that make people laugh.


Author has completed many articles on this subject for various publications over the last five years.


Published author in the medical science field. Deeply interested in all aspects of science. Knowledge of science conventions including specific academic styles.


Co-author of a book on vaccinations. Book has sold over two thousand copies. Author conceived of book and then sold it to a publishing company.

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