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Joy earned her Bachelor's Degree from Allegheny Wesleyan College, majoring in Missions and Religious Studies and minoring in music and studied Pre-Med at Virginia Wesleyan University. She started writing full-time in 2005. Joy writes for several of the internet's top writing companies and provides proofreading and editing services for multiple businesses. She has been a ghost writer for many eBooks and special reports on various topics, including emergency medicine, organ transplantation, social media marketing, nutrition, audio archeology, and education. She has extensive experience writing press releases, has been a guest blogger for numerous popular blogs, and her work has been published in several magazines, including Highland Dancer. Her background in the medical field, which has included working in Geriatric Care, Private Home Health Care, and Emergency Care, provides her with an extra edge when writing and editing articles related to the medical field. She continues to stay up-to-date in the medical field by completing continuing medical education credits and keeping certifications current.
Joy specializes in multiple types of composition, including SEO content, press releases, special reports, white papers, fiction, blogging, opinion pieces and eBooks. Topics of specialty include medicine, health, fitness, fashion, religion, education, travel, and legal.
Joy loves music and plays the piano, writing and arranging music regularly. She also loves reading, especially in the Fantasy genre, including writers like Terry Brooks, Christopher Paolini and, of course, the master, J. R. R. Tolkien. Joy loves looking through a lens and regularly enjoys photographing people, landscapes, and pets. Much of her spare time is spent working on the two novels she is finishing for publication.
Virginia Wesleyan College Biology/Pre-Med,

Joy attended Virginia Wesleyan College, majoring in biology and premed studies. While attending Virginia Wesleyan College, an advanced study program allowed her to complete a medical Externship at Norfolk General Hospital in the Emergency Room/Trauma Center.

Allegheny Wesleyan College Missions, Pastoral Ministries, Music, Bachelor of Arts Degree

Joy attended Allegheny Wesleyan College for 4 years, majoring in missions while also focusing on pastoral ministries and music. Joy was the assistant Dean of Women for 2 years while attending college. With a strong focus on music, Joy played piano for the college choir and traveled with a college music/PR group on weekends and during the summer, playing piano and singing. Joy was Student Counsel President, Class President and also was head of the Yearbook committee. She completed a Missions Internship in Africa, which was a requirement for her Missions major.

Basic Life Support Certification National Health Care Provider Solutions
Mar 2016
Basic Life Support Certification is required of many medical professionals and involves training in how to revive, resuscitate a patient in respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

Projects by Industry

Joy spent time teaching at Sumter Christian Day School in Florida, teaching writing, public speaking and music to both middle school and high school students. While she is no longer teaching, she continues to write articles for several education blogs and websites, using her expertise and experience to write engaging, informative content.


Joy spent more than three years providing a top beauty and fashion blog with short, regular blogs on various fashion topics, including blogs on trendy swimsuit styles, top runway trends, clubwear and seasonal fashion trends. She also has written fashion product descriptions for several websites that focus on offering the latest in men's, women's and children's fashions.


Joy is the mother of two children, one with special needs, and draws upon her daily experiences to write parenting, kids and family blog posts for her own personal blog. She also has written extensively for several parenting websites and blogs, providing weekly posts on topics from special needs parenting to teen parenting.


Joy spent several years working in the medical industry, working in a Geriatric Care Facility, in Private Home Healthy Care and in Norfolk General Hospital's Emergency Room. Using her experience in the medical field, Joy has written extensively for the medical industry, writing articles on new medical procedures, informative blog posts on medical topics, and white papers on new studies and technologies in the medical field.


Joy minored in music in college and has been playing the piano since age 9. She also traveled in a music group on weekends during her college years, playing the piano for the group and doing backup vocals as well. Joys experience in the music industry has led her to write articles offering advice to musicians and she has blogged extensively on music blogs, providing posts on new bands, album reviews and news in the music industry.


Joy has extensive experience writing marketing blogs, articles and special reports. Some of the topics she has covered include Pinterest marketing, Facebook marketing and content marketing. She also has been a ghost writer on an ebook all about Pinterest marketing for small businesses. Joy also provides social media marketing services for several private clients.


Joy spent more than three years providing a top beauty and fashion blog with short, regular blogs on various beauty topics from new beauty products to hair, makeup and anti aging tips. She also has been a ghost writer for several beauty ebooks on various beauty topics as well, including an ebook on hairstyles for different face shapes and hair lengths.


Joy's medical training and experience provides her with the experience and knowledge to write for the health industry. She has written for the health industry for 10 years and has worked with both large and small companies, providing quality health related articles, web pages, special reports and blogs. Her writing experience in the health industry includes nutrition, general wellness, dental health, exercise, and alternative medicine.


Joy spent more than three years working for a top food website, writing recipes, food reviews and other food related content. She has ghostwritten multiple ebooks in this industry on topics that include the Paleo diet, slow cooker cooking, vegan recipes and the food truck industry. Other topics she has covered in the food industry include restaurant reviews, wine and vineyard reviews, how-to articles and bakery related articles.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Working for some of the top content providers online, Joy has experience writing keyword rich articles, blogs and website content. She has worked with website owners to develop content that performs well in search engines and regularly writes keyword rich articles designed to boost rankings in the search engines.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Joy has provided blog posts for multiple blogs, including political, parenting, fashion and religious blogs. Her blogging has involved helping new blogs post quality, engaging blogs that also help boost search engine rankings. She has also written posts for established, high-profile blogs. Her witty, relaxed tone is effective at grabbing the attention of readers.

Press Release

For more than seven years, Joy has worked with clients, providing them with Press Releases and other PR materials required to run a successful public relations campaign. She has written press releases for clients in many different fields, including Dental Offices, Fashion Retailers, Doctor's Offices, Law Firms and more.

Web Page

Joy has assisted hundreds of customers as they build quality, content-based websites. She has written Homepage content and About Us pages. Her experience in writing webpage content includes multiple industries, including fashion, medicine, sales, cooking/dining, parenting, health and fitness, education, security, biometrics and more. Joy understands the importance of user-friendly, succinct content that grabs the attention of readers, keeping readers on the website as long as possible.

Projects By Expertise

Joy works with multiple companies as a proofreader and editor, ensuring that writing meets the highest standards before it is released to clients. She fact-checks articles for accuracy, eliminates fluff, edits for proper grammar and edits copy to ensure they meet the guidelines of clients. Joy has been working as an editor for eight years.

Research Writer

Joy has worked for more than 7 years as a research writer, particularly within the medical field. She provides clients with solid writing that has been well research and ensures that ideas and quotes are properly documented. Within the medical field, she has specifically worked as a research writer on multiple topics, including Organ Transplantation, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Anesthesia, Medical Practice Management, Infection Control and Emergency/Trauma Medicine. Joy also has also worked with clients in other industries, including education, law and business.

Creative Writer

As a creative writer, Joy has written creative articles, poems, short stories, novels and has ghostwritten ebooks for clients in multiple industries. She has used her creative writing skills to ghostwrite multiple ebooks on various topics, including cooking, parenting, relationships, medicine, marketing and the food industry. She is a published poet and is currently writing two novels for publication.

Book Ghostwriter

Joy has been working as a book ghostwriter for 8 years, providing clients with top quality books in a timely manner. She has ghostwritten books on multiple topics, including Pinterest Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Cooking, Relationships, Parenting, Education, Employee Recruitment, Real Estate, Dieting and Weight Loss, Home Business and the Food Truck Industry.

Projects by Writing Style

Joy provides articles and other types of writing in an authoritative writing style to multiple clients, particularly clients within the medical industry. Her writing includes solid facts and she always includes proper citations to back up those facts. When writing in this style, she ensures that each part of the copy, from the title to the conclusion, provides readers with solid, useful information. Along with writing in the medical field, Joy has experience using this style of writing for clients in other fields, including business, law, fashion, photography and education.


Joy has used the conversational writing style for webpages, blogs and article marketing articles for clients in many different fields. She has used the style extensively while writing on fashion, SEO, marketing, parenting, relationships, politics, small business, gardening, photography, pets, health and fitness and more. When writing in this style, she focuses on connecting with the reader while providing readers with helpful information on the topic.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Joy has done a significant amount of work for small businesses, working with start-ups on website content, promotional articles, press releases and special reports. She provided all the website content for a small business in the biometrics industry and has written extensive web content and press releases for a small dental group. Other experience writing for small businesses includes blogging for a small photography studio, blogging for a small fashion company and writing web content for small businesses in multiple industries.

Large Business

Joy has worked with several larger businesses, providing them with web content, editing services, copywriting, special reports, blogs, press releases and other writing services. She worked with a large real estate company, writing special reports, blogs and several ebooks for the company. Joy also provided web content and promotional articles for a large insurance company in the UK.


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