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Alli graduated with a BA in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. Prior to completing her degree, she switched majors 3 times, and consequently realized that pigeon-holing herself into a certain career path didn't make any sense. Post-graduation, she also grew tired of the 9-5 lifestyle and preferred flexible hours that allowed her to binge-watch "The Walking Dead" in the middle of the afternoon. Thus began Alli's freelance career in pursuit of writing, editing, painting, and illustration.

During her undergrad years, Alli was a staff editor for two campus publications: The Tartan, and the Princemere Poetry Series. Since graduating in 2012, Alli has done freelance writing for an art gallery, a storage company, a New England running magazine, a fashion blogger, and a few bizarre Craigslist people who she never wishes to write for again.

Alli is also an avid runner and runs for the Greater Boston Track Club. She is the Chief Editor of "Wingfoot," the Greater Boston Track Club quarterly newsletter. In case you're wondering about her times, she's run a mile in 5 minutes and 14 seconds. Alli's training permeates into her daily attitude and life goals. To Alli, running is a dedicated, focused mindset that can be applied to all activities she does. Alli trains competitively and maintains an organic, gluten-free diet.
Alli specializes in feature articles, blog posts, bios, news articles, press releases, and interview transcriptions. In lieu of her essay-writing days in college, Alli surprisingly enjoys laborious research paper work, and can therefore write very detail-oriented content.
Alli is a creative thinker at heart. Whether she's writing, cooking, or painting, she has an unquenchable desire to harness the world around her, and turn it into something new and beautiful.
Gordon College Aug 2008 – May 2012
English, Fine Arts, BA English, Minor in Fine Arts

Courses taken at Gordon include:

Journalism I: News Writing
Journalism II: Feature Writing
Advanced Creative Writing
Advcanced Writing For Public Relations and Advertising
The Literary Journal
The Great American Novel
Experimental Drawing: Abstraction
Literature and Ekphrasis

Alli also studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy for 5 months. She studied Renaissance literature, poetry, architecture, and artwork.

Association Memberships
Greater Boston Track Club Alli runs for the Greater Boston Track Club, an elite training group that competes at the national level. Alli runs the mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon. She's definitely one of the nerdy looking runners you see running at 6am during a snowstorm with neon gear and flashy sneakers.

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By nature, Alli is a sarcastic, witty person. She enjoys authors such as David Sedaris and Samuel Beckett, and frequents different blogs run by ungrateful, trust-fund baby millenials (such as If Alli could hand-pick her own humor, she'd be a cocktail comprised of Bill Hader's Stefon from SNL, Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope, and Jimmy Kimmel's Youtube videos where he makes the adults who pretend they've eaten all their kids' Halloween candy.




Alli loves to travel. She's been to Sweden, Italy, France, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Aruba, England, and the Bahamas. Alli studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy in 2011, and has visited cities including Rome, Milan, Florence, Assisi, Siena, Paris, Stockholm, and London. Alli believes that travel enhances one's cultural acceptance, independence, and intellectualism.



Alli prides herself on living an active lifestyle. Alli has been a long distance competitive runner for 10 years, completing races ranging from the 800m to the full marathon. Alli has qualified for the Boston Marathon, and has competed on a national level with the Greater Boston Tack Club.

Throughout her years of training, Alli has practiced strength & conditioning techniques, plyometrics, dynamic stretching, and Bikram yoga. Alli understands that strength and flexibility are just as important as aerobic fitness.

Aside from running, Alli enjoys biking, paddle-boarding, swimming, hiking, and zipping around on her amazing Razor scooter from the 90s.


Because Alli is a competitive runner, she fuels her body with proper nutrition and has a journal of her pre-race fuel recipes.

Alli also battled an eating disorder for 7 years, and is now a healthy, strong individual who has learned about caloric intake, caloric distribution for different body types (carbs, fats, proteins), nutritional supplements, and healthy eating habits. Alli knows how to cook gluten free and vegan recipes, although she is not strictly conformed to either diet.



Alli graduated with a minor in Fine Arts from Gordon College. She studied Renaissance art history during a semester abroad in Italy, and exhibited her Senior Thesis show in the Gordon College Jenks Library.

Alli also worked for the Newburyport Art Association in Newburyport, MA, assisting with gallery sales, memberships, and installation. During her time with the NAA, she helped launch their blog by conducting interviews and writing feature articles on NAA artists.The sample below is an example of the latter.

Projects by Asset Type

Alli's strength is article writing, specifically articles that feature people, important events, topics, or news stories. She loves writing each article with a well-rounded, journalistic approach by conducting research, interviews, or even a trip to the library to crack open a few dusty books on a certain topic.

Newsletter Content

Alli is the Chief Editor of the Greater Boston Track Newsletter, Wingfoot. She runs for the club, gathers story submissions from other team members, edits all content, and then formats the content into a newsletter template to distribute to the entire team. Alli also includes her own submissions and edits the President's letter to the club.

Below is an athlete profile she wrote for the newsletter.


Alli writes copy with clear objectives, and a modern style. Alli refuses to let her copywriting fall flat, or produce dry, redundant work.

Blog Post

Blogging is everything. If you don't have a blog, you're not relevant. Alli has blogged about everything from artists to storage tips to fashion finds. If you provide Alli with a topic, she will research the topic thoroughly (thanks to her rigorous AP style collegiate essays), and produce an informative, engaging blog post depending on what kind of audience the client is marketing to.


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