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Brett C

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Brett received his undergraduate degree from Boston University before continuing my studies at the University of New Haven where he is pursuing a Masters of Science in National Security and Public Safety. Brett has significant writing and research ability from his time as an undergraduate student and as a freelance writer. Brett is a native US speaker and have the ability to read and write in Arabic. Brett has extensive writing experience on Middle Eastern affairs, Islam, terrorism, intelligence studies, sports and more.
Brett specializes in articles relating to sports, politics, current events, outdoor activities and more. Brett's specific area of expertise is in Middle Eastern affairs and global security/terrorism concerns.
Brett is an avid reader of both non fiction and fiction books. Some of his favorite authors include Khaled Hosseini, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn and Joseph Finder. He is an active participate in many outdoor activities including basketball, tennis, skiing and more. Brett enjoys lively political debates and conversations on topics including security, terrorism, current events and the Middle East.
Boston University Sep 2007 – May 2011
International Relations, Bachelors of Arts

Brett graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a 3.3 cumulative GPA. While at Boston University, Brett participated in a study abroad program to Istanbul, Turkey. While in Turkey, Brett traveled extensively and completed coursework at Bogazici University. At BU, Brett took classes in economics and focused his studies on the Middle East and Security Studies. Brett is an expert in Middle Eastern history, religion and politics. Additionally, Brett has written and researched extensively on terrorism related incidents and is a counter-terrorism expert.

University of New Haven Sep 2013 –
National Security and Public Safety, Masters of Science

Brett will be attending the University of New Haven starting in September 2013 for his master's degree in national security. Brett will focus on cyber security and intelligence issues relating to the Middle East.

Projects by Industry

As an athlete in high school and college, Brett has extensive knowledge and playing experience with soccer, tennis, basketball and baseball. Additionally, Brett is a huge sports fan who can write competently on any related topic


Brett is an expert in the field of intelligence and security studies. In addition to his extensive knowledge on current events and the Middle East, Brett has written many intelligence briefs on security matters.


Brett is an experienced automotive writer who has written numerous vehicle reviews for a variety of online databases and websites. Ever since Brett was a child he has been an avid enthusiast of vehicles and is always reading information on the latest models and newest automotive features. Whether it be writing about the features and performance of a classic 1963 Chevy Corvette or about the stylish and sophisticated Mercedes CLA 250, Brett has the experience and knowledge to tackle any project.


Brett is an avid fitness enthusiast who combines his firsthand knowledge of exercise and diet with quality research and excellent writing ability. Brett's articles have been published on numerous blogs and on Livestrong. Additionally, Brett has participated in several Tough Mudder challenges, is an avid cyclist and has recently embarked in yoga.


Brett comes from a family of teachers and understands the importance of education in the US. While at Boston University, Brett was an after school tutor at an inner city middle school and helped mentor young male adults. Brett has written several articles discussing the need for education reform in the US for several blogs and for personal college papers.


Brett is a foodie who is passionate not only about great tasting meals, but also nutrition and diet. While in college, Brett published a weekly column in his student newspaper that reviewed the latest and best restaurants in the Boston area. As someone who has suffered from being overweight, Brett understands firsthand the importance of healthy eating. Consequently, Brett focuses many of his articles on how to eat great tasting and healthy meals.


Due to Brett's interest in law enforcement, he has always had an interest in the legal field. As a freelance writer, Brett has expanded his legal writing from criminal matters to everything from social security disability law to maritime legal matters. Recently, Brett has been a ghost writer for several of the most popular and heavily trafficked legal websites on the Internet including In addition, Brett has ghostwritten articles for several prominent attorneys in California and in Massachusetts. Brett prides himself in writing comprehensive legal articles that combine accurate information with excellent content.


Brett is passionate about traveling and has visited numerous countries around the world. As a child, Brett visited many countries in Europe including England and Switzerland where he fell in love with history and exploring each city. As he became older, Brett had the unique opportunity to study abroad in Australia while in High School and spend a month traveling in Fiji and New Zealand. Brett has been a part of three community service trips to Tobati, Paraguay and spent four months living in Istanbul, Turkey while in college. In addition to his extensive traveling experience, Brett has had formal language training in Arabic, French, Spanish and Turkish.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Brett has written numerous articles that specialize in SEO. As a result, Brett understands the importance of creating well-written, exceptionally researched and interesting articles that require the use of specific keywords.

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

Brett has written numerous press releases and writes exclusively for a client in Asia. Given Brett's background in journalism, writing a press release is a natural fit for his skills. When writing a press release, Brett prides himself on doing sufficient research on the subject matter and creating compelling prose that will capture the reader's attention.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

While at BU, Brett took several courses related to business intelligence and corporate espionage. As part of a collaborative project, Brett was tasked with writing a report on the security risks a fictional company faces when opening a new office from overseas. Using real world information and data, Brett created a concise and succinct paper that outlined recommendations for a company looking to expand abroad and the risks associated with that move.

Research Writer

Given that Brett is a graduate student, doing research is something he is an expert at. Brett takes great pride in researching every article prior to writing, in an effort to ensure that the information presented is both factual and accurate. In addition, Brett has written extensively on matters of national security including terrorism, torture, the War on Terror, the Middle East and other similar issues. Given a topic, Brett has the ability to research the subject matter and write an accurate and compelling article.

Projects by Writing Style

While in college I have written numerous essays on security and terrorism related subject matters. Attached is a writing sample that discusses the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.


While in college, Brett was a staff writer for his college newspaper. Whether it was writing an article about one of the nation's top ranked college hockey teams or discussing the newest campus eatery, Brett strived to deliver high-quality articles every time. Since college, Brett has been a frequent editorial contributor to several local newspaper to offer his opinions on various newsworthy topics. Brett specializes in current events, politics and sports; however, he is always willing to adjust his writing style to meet a client's needs.


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