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Gerry specializes in writing about business, finance, supply chain management, building certification procedures, test and development for new construction materials, cash flow, and international business issues that affect the manufacturing industry. His studies have included the impact of global currency issues and civil unrest on international companies.

Gerry has written several articles for national publications on understanding the five most important economic indicators.

He has taken a short course at the London School of Economics that dealt with processes to assist global companies optimize their strategic partnerships with foreign counterparts.

He has recently expanded his writing to include strategic planning and budget management for corporations; both domestic and international. Buying parts from foreign corporations for installation in major assemblies in the U.S requires a firm grasp of currency trends and timing.

He was employed by the Ford Motor Company to study and write on the global position of Ford, and the potential for Ford to expand its European market. This process was one of constant study since the market and supply parameters were always changing.

This also involved researching the supply of critical raw materials needed to support international projects. He was the manager of a staff of ten researchers and writers who developed executive briefing papers on potential investments in global ventures and critical sourcing issues for the Vice-presidential level and above

Over a ten year period, Gerry was based in Cologne, London and Paris where Ford had unique supply issues that would disrupt the supply base and adversely affect quality if no one was monitoring these activities. He developed a very good working relationship with Ford employees and suppliers in each location. He learned how to integrate the work life with performance expectations, and he developed many social relationships that exist today. His work contacts have also continued to exist and this has been very helpful to his U.S. clients.

The last ten years of his service were utilized by Ford to work on joint ventures with Europe for the purpose of building engines that had global applications instead of just one country or one vehicle. This project involved obtaining the agreement of all international participants on how a common engine would be designed and manufactured.

This was the first joint international venture for Ford, and it was a learning process for the Company and for Gerry. However, Ford did launch the Zeta engine in plants on three continents with high quality common parts. He also worked with Porsche, and studied how they design their products compared to the way Ford designs its products.

He studied strategic planning at the Wharton School, and he has expanded his writing to include strategic planning and budget management for domestic and international corporations.

Gerry lives in a suburb of Austin, Texas, and he finds this location useful for taking continuing education courses in writing at the University of Texas. He continues his education through his travels to Europe to study the European perspective on American venture capital.

He has been a ghostwriter of white papers for Fortune 500 companies, and has written over 500 research papers for businesses of all size..

He follows both the resale and new construction housing markets to maintain an analysis of the price trends in both industries. The construction industry suffered the most devastating loss of jobs during the housing bubble, so he eagerly observes the return of new construction jobs.

He follows all of the economy's key indicators including those published by the Institute for Supply Management. These are indicators that every citizen can follow, and he often writes articles on how to interpret the data they are reading. For example, the Gross Domestic Product is a key indicator, but few people fully understand its meaning and its implications for Americans.

Gerry has published articles on the economy and the housing market, and parts of some articles are attached for review. He will be glad to supply more.

He has been a long-time consultant to the Arizona Office of Manufactured Housing. In this position he wrote documents on Park Models (400 sq. ft.) homes with respect to the ANSI inspection and the lack of inspection. Modular housing and the similar double wide mobile housing were topics that Gerry wrote about for the legislature and the Arizona Housing Authority. He helped the Arizona Association of Mobile Home Owners structure their book on maintaining this kind of housing, and on the units that come under HUD and which do not. Gerry developed an inspection procedure for inspectors to use on pre-owned homes.
Gerry is interested in the economy and where the economy is headed. He is particularly concerned with the marginalized American, and the children who are being deprived of a good education. He is also very interested in the American and Eurpoean joint ventures because of the volatile political situation in Turkey, the bad economy in France and England, and the currency exchange rates that affect joint ventures..

Gerry has a medium skill level of SEO writing.
Gerry travels to Europe when he wants to study the European economy first-hand. This has become a hobby for him. He reads about the impact of the Euro on the American dollar so that he can write articles that advise his clients on the currency issues.

His hobby is photography, and reading about major businesses that have failed when they tried new management techniques.

He involves his older grandchildren in his business wherever possible so that they will develop a keen sense of working in a difficult world.

Gerry's personal philosophy, which influences his approach to writing, is to provide information on a changing economy for businesses that are too small to do their own research, or that are too big to spend time on a subject that is complicated, or a subject that requires external expertise.The economy is becoming more important to every business because of the rapid changes taking place in the economy.
London School of Economics Sep 1990 – Dec 1990
Assisting global companies integrate with other companies., Non-credit

Gerry dealt with processes to assist global companies optimize their strategic partnerships with foreign counterparts

Central Michigan University Jan 1989 – Jun 1990
Tachniques for Problem Solving,

Gerry studied the various techniques for solving problems that arise in industry.

University of Michigan Graduate School of Business Feb 1989 – Mar 1989
Coaching and Counseling, Certificate

Gerry attended a seminar on dealing with difficult employees or employees who found themselves in difficult situations and became a problem employee.

Western Illinois University Jan 1980 – Sep 1988
Business Management, B. A.

Gerry participated in the Board of Govenors Degree Program with a curriculum in successful businesses, and the reasons for the failure of well known businesses.

This study program involved group work to analyze corporate issues, and recommend solutions or diagnose the cause of the failures.

It was informative to study the successes and failures of a number of businesses that had captured headlines resulting from their successes or failures.

Honors and Awards
Donald Caulkins Award for Legal Scholarship Gerry was awarded the University of Michigan's Donald Caulkins Award for his writing on the United States Supreme Court. He has written many articles on the effect of the United States Government on business.

Excellence In International Business Integration London School of Economics
Dec 1990
Gerry has taken a short course at the London School of Economics that dealt with processes to assist global companies optimize their strategic partnerships with foreign counterparts.

Strategic Planning for International Corporations Wharton School of Business - University of Pennsylvania
Jul 1985
Strategic Planning for Internation Business and Budget Development with cash flow projections for international businesses.

Projects by Industry

Gerry has studied and written extensively on the international development of automotive designs. During this process, he has interviewed over 100 automotive executives and members of senior management. In the beginning of his work, he discovered that some international projects had failed because each national company had their own perspective of what a design should accomplish. His white papers addressed the need for common design parameters that would be adopted by all national divisions. This process resulted in the commonality of parts and total interchangeability in the plants that built or used the parts.
He also wrote extensively on the impact of the global currency market on international automotive operations.

Real Estate

Gerry has written extensively on buying residential homes that have been foreclosed and turning them into profitable rental properties.


Gerry has managed the certification of new construction and the validating of certification procedures for materials that have not been used before. This level of management exposed Gerry to the need for consultative interaction with suppliers of materials. His most common projects were roof trusses and steel wall contsruction. Clean labs were another adventure as were the dyno labs.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Gerry wrote 50 SEO articles for a garage door manufacturer based in Canada. There was a variation of the SEO requirements, but the article below is a typical example.

Projects by Asset Type

Gerry has written many articles on a variety of business topics. These articles are intended to help the client deal with an issue that they find difficult.

White Paper

Gerry has written many white papers and manuscripts for subjects that pertained to the economy and the international environment for the automotive industry.

Web Page

Gerry has written many articles for publication on the web. Many of these deal with the employment issues that people without jobs faced.

Annual Report

Gerry has assisted in compiling 5 annual reports. He used the results of another person's research to formulate a section of the report that would summarize the meaning of the research.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Gerry constantly researches the state of the U. S. Economy so that he can stay on top of developing issues for his clients that have an interest in economic matters.

Projects by Writing Style

Gerry attempts to write in an authoritative style without offending the reader or coming across as condescending. He wants his readers to take an interest in the article and gain from its content. This will not happen if the raeder is turned off at the beginning or at any point in the article. The objective Gerry pursues is to create interest and maintain throughout the article.

The process he uses is to introduce a topic in the first sentence or two and then lead the reader's interest through the remainder of the article with a sincere desire to learn more.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Gerry has written on the topic of automotive supply chain management.
The Just-in-time supply model does not allow for any disruption in the supply chain, unless advance plans are made. Management is faced with how to overcome this potential problem that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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