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Latifah M

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Latifah earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism from New Jersey City University. Through hands on experience, Latifah has perfected her ability to craft articles, blog posts, and marketing materials that attract customers and prompt them to share across social media.

From the beginning of her writing career, Latifah has focused on crafting pieces that stick with readers. Whether it be a blog post, a story, or a marketing page, Latifah's goal is to leave a lasting impression on the readers.

Here is what Latifah's clients have said:

"Thank you! This was an awesome read."
"Great job!"
"Very well done! Thanks for writing this piece!"
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"Great Job!"
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Latifah specializes in beauty, health, parenting, and women centered articles. Over the last 5 years, Latifah has researched, written, and published 2 ebooks on the topics of natural beauty care. Latifah takes the time to research these topics to ensure her readers are receiving the best information.
Latifah is a devoted mother to a 3 going on 35 year old boy. Many of the experiences she's had as a young mother comes through in her writing. Latifah also loves reading all sorts of literature, baking, crafting, and indulging on cop shows
New Jersey City University Sep 2007 – May 2013
Journalism, Bachelors of Arts

Latifah earned a Bachelors degree in Journalism from New Jersey City University. The Journalism program has provided her with the formal skills that has become the foundation of her writing. While studying Journalism, Latifah also took on a minor in History.

Projects by Industry

Latifah has created 80+ blog posts for her women's lifestyle website. She uses her personal experience to gain an understanding of what the 20-35 year old women is looking for in a website. This includes parenting, DIY, beauty, and health.


Latifah is a crafter in her personal life which makes her naturally adept at writing Pin-worthy articles and blog posts about the subject. She has written articles about up cycling old household products, making eco friendly cleaners, and creating party decor.


Latifah has written 100+ articles and blog posts on taking a natural approach to beauty and hair. She has written numerous articles on natural beauty product reviews, creating natural beauty products, and how to use plants, fresh produce, oils, and other natural ingredients to obtain the same results as chemical based beauty products.

Home Living

Latifah has 4+ years writing about home improvement, budget improvement, chemical-free home care, HVAC systems, and tips on how to improve quality of living in your home for everyday people.


Latifah has written about the importance of having insurance protection in various parts of your life. From auto insurance to life insurance, Latifah writes articles that are informative, easy to read, and urges the readers to sign up for the proper insurance.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Latifah has completed 20+ assignments that require SEO knowledge and skill. She is well acquainted with properly and efficiently inserting SEO keywords into articles and blog posts.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

With her own blog, guest blogging, as well as writing content for other's blogs, Latifah has extensive experience with capturing the distinct blogging voice. She is able to create conversational pieces that are SEO friendly, share worthy, and informative.


Latifah has written 30+ articles on topics ranging from women interests, beauty, motherhood, food, transportation, travel, and more. She is able to create article ideas and write articles based on the requirements set by the client.


Latifah has written an ebook that is formatted and created by herself. The ebook focuses on beauty within a niche group of African American women.

Projects By Expertise

Latifah has a B.A. in Journalism which has provided her with the education necessary to create well written journalist driven articles and blog posts. She has written news stories, blog posts, and articles that are based on research and interviews.

Projects by Writing Style

Latifah uses her conversational writing style to write blog posts for clients that want pieces that are relate-able and share-able.


Latifah uses her experience as a journalist to create informative and researched based articles based on the needs of the clients and the story at hand.


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