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Marcie M

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Marcie M. graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Merchandising and Marketing, and a concentration in creative writing. After graduation, she worked in the corporate world constructing documents on a daily basis for a retail business that is based out of her hometown. She continued over the next decade to do many writing projects in blog entry, creative and technical writing styles in her free time. In recent years, she started writing copy for a large furniture company during fall and spring International Home Furnishings market. In addition to this, she continues to satisfy her clients on a freelance writing website, where she gets new and exciting writing experiences every day writing copy, articles, product summaries, and blog entries.

Marcie has had her own personal blog for over 4 years, with almost 20,000 readers to date. She has also recently started other blogs centered towards information found useful by women and mothers. These blogs include topics such as health and beauty, diet and nutrition, home and garden, and family and parenting related topics. These are the many topics in which she has extensive knowledge, but she also enjoys researching, outlining, and writing about other topics. She is very diverse in her ability to write. She feels that if it is not a topic about which she is very knowledgeable, after extensive research, she will have the adequate information about the topic to produce very detailed writing that is just what the client intended.
Marcie's hobbies generally revolve around her family and her job. She enjoys spending time playing, laughing, or just relaxing with her family. She started a blog about her child's type 1 diabetes in 2007, and enjoys writing about being a mom to a diabetic child in her spare time. Although she never saw herself as a writer, she began writing more and more after she started her blog, and she realized that writing was indeed a passion, so she didn't consider it work at all.

Marcie is very involved both at her childrens schools, and at her church. She enjoys helping others in need in her community. She is very conscious of health issues and encourages many to practice a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.
Virginia Commonwealth University Marketing, Fine Arts

Marcie studied marketing and merchandising, with a concentration in creative writing.

Projects by Industry

With a degree in merchandising, Marcie has a vast knowledge of the fashion industry. Long before her successful career in writing, she was very active in keeping up with trends, via her job experience in retail sales, visual merchandising, and writing copy for a retail jewelry company based in her hometown. Marcie has done many articles, blog posts, and blurbs for and about different aspects of the current fashion industry.


Marcie has a 12 year old daughter that at the age of 5 was diagnosed with juvenile/type 1 diabetes, and is insulin dependent. She has done extensive research on and attended many conferences about juvenile diabetes. Because her daughter has this auto-immune disease, she is susceptible to other auto-immune diseases. This disease is a chronic illness that requires her constant attention.

She has written about numerous other health issues such as diet, metabolism, yoga and stretching, nutrition, and staying healthy with age. She is always willing to research any topic that she is not completely familiar with, but keeps all health issues close to her heart because of her daughter


Marcie's number one job in the world is being a mom. Family is very important to her. She believes that the relationships with your family members are or should be the strongest bonds during your entire life. Because this is such a passion to her, writing about kids and family is one of her favorite subjects. She has written about topics such as vacation planning with small children, money saving tips for families, how to organize your home, newborn photography, and how to make the most of your time with your kids. Having experienced all three, she has extensive knowledge in babies, children, and also the teen years. Writing about these topics comes easily to Marcie because this is where she is in her life at the current moment.


Marcie is a firm believer that women need to support women. She has experience in writing about the issues women face on a day to day basis, such as women's health, relationship health, motherhood, menopause, pregnancy, and juggling work and home. There are far too many things in our world that try to tear women down, leaving them feeling guilty, inadequate, and alone, but Marcie believes that as women, we have to try to put a stop to this. She is an advocate in her community for womens health issues. She enjoys encouraging other women, just as occasionally, she needs encouragement, as most busy women do.


Marcie spenda many hours outside, in the house, and simply anywhere moving and working and always striving to stay in shape with her family. She has written numerous times on several health and fitness aspects. From yoga, to bike riding, to having a trainer, to flattening your tummy, she has written about most topics related to fitness and the body. Through her writing, she strives to encourage others to move and get exercise any way they can, especially by playing and exercising together as a family.


Nutrition has always been an area of interest for Marcie, especially now that she is responsible for teaching her children good nutrition. She has written on may different topics in the realm of health, fitness, and nutrition. She has even written a series of blog posts and articles on getting the most nutrients from food, in areas such as the organic industries, school nutrition, the obesity epidemic in our county today, and the vegan and vegetarian diets. Her experience extends beyond her writing, in that she has helped raise money and collected food for the underprivileged children in her local schools. She has assisted in programs that help provide nutritional meals for these students during the summer and Christmas vacations. Marcie also is concerned with childhood nutrition because of her daughter that has type 1 diabetes. She has to be very familiar with what foods are good for her daughter to consume, and which are not. She received extensive training in food and nutrition when she learned about her daughter's disease.

Home Living

Marcie believes that the most important times in life occur in the home. Home living is very important to any growing family, from health, safety, and necessities, to fun, food, learning and love. She has written many important and informational articles on home living. Many articles that she has written have been on important aspects of the home such as home water filtration systems and their service and upkeep. But she has really enjoyed writing many articles on furnishings and decor. Some other topics she has experience writing on are home organization, family relationships, and vacation planning for families with younger and older children.


Marcie is an expert in writing about health and beauty, having written on many subjects having to do with hair, skin, nails, and overall beauty in general. Some of the most recent topics she has written about are tanning, spa treatments, anti-aging masks, and deep moisturizers for skin. She has also done many product reviews for the beauty industry. She enjoys personally researching and trying new products on the market, comparing ingredients, results, and always trying to look and feel her best.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Marcie began writing a blog about being a mother to a type 1 diabetic child in 2007. This blog began as a creative outlet during a stressful time, but has grown to be something that she is very proud of. She posts informative pieces, in addition to creative and conversational pieces, as if to discuss topics with other bloggers in the same situation.

Projects by Writing Style

Marcie started a blog in 2007 after her 5 year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Her intention was to use this as a way to vent her frustrations with this disease, but the blog ended up being a way to share advice and information with other parents in the same situation. She tries to turn difficult situations into creative and fun conversational pieces through her writing.


Marcie uses her experiences with topics such as health, beauty, family, home, and nutrition to write informative pieces for clients on a freelance basis. These writings include blog entries, articles, copy, and product descriptions.


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