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More than one million words written for WriterAccess alone, and no two paragraphs the same . . . Just to put it in perspective, the seven volumes of Harry Potter only totaled 1,084,170 words!

Adrienne C. is justifiably proud of her content writing career. She is the consummate professional, with boundless enthusiasm for every assignment she approaches.

Her highest praise is expressed by the following words, from not just one, but many clients:

“I really like the way you write, Adrienne.”

Trained as a journalist, she arrived at her current freelance career the long way around. She has written professionally for newspapers and universities and for several businesses. She has also detoured into successive entrepreneurial ventures, including home building and design, real estate and home staging, corporate personnel, organizational image building and event planning.

Adrienne has ghostwritten speeches, edited manuscripts for other authors, worked on anthologies, dabbled in memoir and personality profiles, and still loves scavenging for stories in out-of-the-way places and unusual surroundings. Although she considers herself primarily a wordsmith, she also has a finely-honed sense of style and enjoys the creativity of website design, including selecting images and fonts to convey a particular mood.

With a style that is spare and to the point, Adrienne delights in presenting facts accurately. But she also strives to lead readers into unknown worlds, worlds filled with ideas to explore and information to digest. She views her mission alternately as guide, teacher, informer, storyteller or weaver, always imaginative, but totally coherent.

Adrienne takes pride in her craft; she enjoys writing what she knows, but she delights in learning, and is as adept at researching an unfamiliar topic as she is at presenting fresh word pictures that showcase the familiar.

She is equally happy crafting content for WA clients, writing stories under her own byline, or telling tales and expressing opinions on her personal blog.

She does exactly what one crusty old-time journalist insisted that writers ought to do: She strives to satisfy her readers between the printed sheets. (so to speak!)
Adrienne specializes in writing that has a basis in news: With comprehensive knowledge and interest in food, real estate, travel, urban agriculture and sustainability, she finds fodder for stories in the daily news and through local, national and international views and initiatives. She has experience writing press releases, and is adept at biographies, issues-oriented articles, and website redesign.
Adrienne C. is insatiably curious and endlessly fascinated by people and events. Travel, education, urban growth and renewal, history, business and finance, agriculture, food and nutrition, healthy living, aging, building and development, space travel and scientific breakthroughs, medicine, veterans affairs -- her list of interests and breadth of knowledge is extensive. But, she is always willing to research new topics and explore additional viewpoints.
University of Minnesota Journalism, BA

Adrienne, during her time at the U of M, worked for the Minnesota Daily, edited the award-winning Gopher Yearbook during her junior year, and was employed part-time as assistant editor of The Minnesotan, a staff-faculty magazine, during her final year as a student.

She was awarded the highest award the University of Minnesota bestows to students, the North Star Award, for her academic achievements and extracurricular activities while attending.

Association Memberships
Real Estate Staging Association Sep 2012
Adrienne is active in her local affiliate of this International Trade Association, formed to encourage professionalism among its members and has served as a local officer.

National Association of Home Builders Jan 1992
Adrienne was elected as the first woman president of her local homebuilders association, served on the board of the state association, and was an alternate delegate to the National Association of Homebuilders.

Adrienne also co-chaired the first Women's Build project for Habitat for Humanity in the state of New Mexico, termed the First Ladies Build 2000.

Theta Sigma Phi/Women in Communications, Inc.

Projects by Industry
Real Estate

Adrienne C. held a New Mexico contractor's license for more than a decade and worked closely with Realtors, lenders, subcontractors and government officials. She has written numerous pieces on all aspects of building, financing and construction for local and national publications. She currently writes about design, staging and subdivisions, contributes to various blogs throughout the country, and has developed websites for builders and developers. Adaptable as a chameleon, she is more than willing to help you with your real estate topics.


Adrienne is passionate about good food, nutrition, healthy living, food production and delivery, farmers markets and urban agriculture. She is knowledgeable and involved in the whole spectrum of natural food movements, eating properly and green initiatives. She is concerned about diet and wellness, innovative growing systems, food deserts and community gardens, and she is highly knowledgeable about efforts in her own community to provide opportunities for people to access abundant, natural, good-tasting, properly prepared real food.

As an advocate for farmers and growers, she loves writing about edible landscape and all types of home and school gardens and gardening efforts. While much of her writing is about food gardens, she also writes about xeriscapes, water management and specialized gardening, including fish ponds and ornamental formal gardens.

Even though much of her garden writing has been for private clients, Adrienne C. would be happy to discuss your needs for continuing blog posts or for research articles.


Adrienne has had travel stories published both in print media and online. She has written a variety of articles based on her own travels in the United States and abroad. Her specialty and first preference is for insightful memoir pieces based on her personal experiences. However, she is also adept at research and can produce well-organized guides for first-time visitors to a specific locale, specific suggestions for travel to popular destinations, and humorous shorts about travel perils. Never simply recounting facts, her travel articles, blog posts, recommendations and guides are full of personality and unique observations. Adrienne also has photographs to document her writings about many of the world's favorite spots.


As a designer/builder for many years, Adrienne honed her skills for both architectural and interior design, and developed an appreciation for all things beautiful and expressive (in addition to words).

She now "moonlights" as a home stager, assisting owners and real estate agents in selling homes quickly and for top dollar. She looks at a house as a "personality" as she seeks to showcase its assets in the best possible way.

She has also written about all aspects of design, from color principles to home staging, from historical styles to "breaking the rules" in decorating. Most of what she writes stems from first-hand, hands-on experience.


Adrienne has been writing about healthy food and living well for more than three years, with a number of pieces published under her byline. She also writes PR and promotional pieces for a number of clients, with topics ranging from local growers to sustainable farming to worldwide hunger and wasted food resources.

In addition, she writes "lighter" articles about food preparation, simple cooking, entertaining and teaching children to eat, prepare and enjoy "real food."

Green Living

Green living is such a broad topic, with so many sub-categories, that it is difficult to single out one aspect to highlight. Adrienne has been writing about the subject for a number of years -- with published pieces on building codes and energy-saving home features, ways for families to begin a recycling way of life, the cost-saving benefits of utilizing reclaimed and repurposed goods, and the growing international crises of food production and supply, water pollution and disappearing resources.

She is a diligent researcher, trained to sort facts from false claims, and she takes the time to understand a subject thoroughly before writing about it.

From simple informational articles to treatise-length business proposals, Adrienne is willing to consider any proposal. Please contact her for additional information.


Sometimes it's good to poke fun at everyday situations -- laughter is, indeed, good medicine. Adrienne writes from the heart, and often finds humor in the simplest of events. She can write tongue-in-cheek posts on serious subjects, and she often relies on humor to make a point. Her readers appreciate that she can lead them into "guffaws and giggles" through her words. Just don't ask her to tell a joke in person -- she often forgets the punch line and ends up laughing at herself!


Big business, small business, business in the digital age; whatever your need, Adrienne can tell your story effectively to your board, your buyers, your employees or the public. With experience writing in-house newsletters, annual reports, news releases and blog posts, she will perform any research needed in order to communicate your message. Adrienne knows when to employ a lighthearted, informal tone, but can also be authoritative and earnest when necessary.


In addition to writing about construction in all its various aspects from design to safety considerations, both for commercial and residential projects, this writer held a New Mexico construction license for more than 15 years and was CEO of her own residential design-build firm in Santa Fe from 1995 through 2007. She worked with clients, subcontractors, building officials, lenders and city officials to complete custom homes there. She also has experience with real estate staging and design in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and on served as an officer of a commercial construction firm specializing in restaurant remodeling throughout the United States.

Non Profit

This writer has completed blog posts for a major nationwide non-profit, as well as press releases and news stories for regional food banks and the local projects of nationally-known charities. She is well aware of the need for such groups and organizations to create favorable impressions in order to generate funds and good will, and is able to tell the stories of the work being done in a journalistic style that maximizes the impact.


Adrienne, in her capacity as a food writer, has written many articles on nutrition and the value of eating right. She has also published results of medical and nutritional studies, in addition to profiles of leading practitioners in the field. She enjoys separating fact from fiction, food fad from truth, and passing along knowledge which will improve health and energy levels for children and adults.

Home Living

Adrienne has written numerous articles, from how-to and informational posts to in-depth interviews with homeowners and builders; she is knowledgeable about the systems that go into a house, and she can capture the "spirit" of lifestyle descriptions for a wide spectrum of readers. She is as comfortable talking about bathroom fixtures as she is writing about choosing nursery color schemes, and can discuss roofing materials with a familiarity born of her construction experience as well as describing the aesthetic and functional appeal of recycled glass tiles on a kitchen backsplash.


Writing on fashion and design, for women's clothing, jewelry and home decor is a specialty niche that Adrienne enjoys, from the perspective of contrasting current trends and lasting style. Drawing on her experiences living in Paris and studying the French approach to life, she writes with a unique voice, sometimes adding humor to make a point, but always drawing on historical fact and a wealth of personal experience.


Writing on subjects ranging from natural remedies to cutting-edge cataract surgery, this writer researches medical topics thoroughly to present fair, accurate and up-to-date information to her readers. Adrienne believes in a balanced approach to medical subjects, often detailing the history of a treatment or an approach as well as its effects. She always searches out reputable sources, and will not rely on scanty claims or unproven information in writing her pieces, whether blog posts or scientific papers. She writes regular pieces on chiropractic topics, and has tackled a number of articles on aging and memory problems. Adrienne has also completed numerous blog posts on pet care and pet health for many veterinarians.


Health topics, with an emphasis on how food can affect human health and well-being, are favorite choices for this writer. Adrienne is well-versed in areas of natural growing, food safety, additives and preservatives, government regulation, organic growing and alternative farming methods. Her published articles range from news coverage of GMO topics to current research on contaminated water supplies to the worldwide food crisis. Primarily interested in news on health topics, she also contributes to a number of online publications dealing with urban agriculture and food production.


Adrienne has written about beef cattle and dairy farms, school gardening programs and the FFA, the joys of living on an apple farm and the problems of the small family farmer. She has also completed a number of articles, press releases, and informational brochures for an urban aquaponics firm, and contributes to both print and online publications dealing with urban farming and sustainable agriculture. If you have a need for well-researched and well-written pieces, from social media posts to research papers, she can help you.


This writer has completed pieces for custom tailors, major jewelers, high-fashion retailers and local designers; and her work has appeared in advertising, well-read blogs and a variety of online publications. She breathes fresh spirit into all her writing, with a command of the language that can be directed at hip teenagers or moneyed senior citizens. She is well-traveled and knowledgeable about major shopping venues worldwide, and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of researching new topics. She is as adept writing about fashion and design as she is about luxury yacht decor, and can write promotional advertising copy as well as travel commentary. If you have questions, please send a message.


Adrienne has written a variety of blog posts for banks and credit unions as well as research articles for mortgage lenders. She has also published pieces under her own byline on budgeting and credit management. She is thorough in finding resources to support her advice and her conclusions, and she can write authoritative copy suitable for professionals in the field of finance, as well as engaging and helpful posts for both young people and senior citizens.

She is adept in conforming to a client's preferred style, and is experienced enough to ask pertinent questions to insure accuracy in all her work.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Adrienne has built a solid base of experience writing attention-grabbing titles and meta descriptions that not only inform the reader, but also conform to SEO guidelines. She has the skill levels to boost your readership and online presence, while at the same time providing you with good posts and reader-friendly articles.

Projects by Asset Type
News Story

Trained in news reporting, Adrienne is able to lend a unique voice to news, with her captivating style of relating cold facts to personal experience and weaving humor, if applicable, into factual presentations. Her choice would be feature stories based on news trends, but she also has experience covering press conferences and major breaking news events. However, her current status rarely allows direct access to high-profile persons or events.


In-depth articles on interesting subjects, background pieces in conjunction with current news topics, profiles of people, places and occurrences -- these are the focus of much of Adrienne's work. Her writing is sometimes straight reporting offered with a new twist; sometimes it is personal memoir; and often it is a quick glimpse into the humanity around us.

Whatever the subject, however, and whoever the target audience, she always writes with clarity and precision; presenting a wealth of ideas through an economy of words.

Her articles represent a full spectrum of subjects, with additional excerpts available upon request.

Blog Post

From quick notes about a new product or an upcoming show to thoughtful pieces for non-profits to informational posts for business, Adrienne has done it all. She has written guest posts for the real estate community on topics as varied as exterior color choices and market trends, and for locations and consumers across the country.

Home design and construction, gardening, urban farming, cultural events, education, volunteering, sustainable living and green topics are among her varied interests.

Adrienne also is proficient as a writer of travel pieces, usually with a bit of personal flair because she has been lucky enough to wander the globe, experiencing places, cultures and events.

No stranger to research, she will also research a topic for you in order to provide a fact-packed blog post to meet your needs.

Press Release

Throughout her career, whether employed by a for-profit firm, volunteering with a non-profit, or working as a freelancer, this writer has become proficient at writing news stories and press releases on a wide variety of topics. She knows the format for both print media and online publication, and writes interesting, pertinent copy that gets published.

Newsletter Content

This writer has worked with clients in a variety of fields to produce both print and online newsletters directed to clients, and designed to inform and explain products as well as business trends and procedures. She has also worked with four different non-profits, producing monthly newsletters about ongoing projects, special events and fundraising efforts. She is a consummate professional, and she knows how to frame the message so that it promotes the most good.


Adrienne has designed and written the copy for a variety of brochure types, including homes, small companies, educational seminars, and non-profit corporations. She is adept at layout, working with graphic design and photographs, and writing the descriptive copy and headlines.

Web Page

Adrienne has worked with non-profit organizations and small businesses, national real estate firms, artists and construction companies, among others, tostreamline and adapt so-so websites into graphically pleasing, attractive and welcoming sites. She is adept at generating visitor response, experienced at boosting SEO, and her goal is always to maximize recognition and participate on the part of site visitors. Her involvement extends beyond the words to the concepts, the images, the type faces, and the graphics.

She is especially adept at helping clients develop infographics, and enjoys matching the words to the graphics to tell a story.


Adrienne C. began ghostwriting speeches for college department heads, and even the University president, while she was still a student at the University of Minnesota. She later worked in the public relations department at Assumption College in Massachusetts, where she continued her efforts to help those in positions of power sound good at formal and informal press conferences and seminars.

She has also written speeches for homebuilding officials, and created "talking points" for news events and people in the public eye.

Adrienne C. is an accomplished public speaker in her own right, and has also prepared scripts and speeches for a variety of seminars and business conferences.

She will be happy to work with you to get that presentation "just right," whether for a gathering of hundreds, or an informal seminar for 20. She is adept at writing for live speakers and can engage listeners through video scripts as well.


This writer has varied experience preparing written presentations for business firms, non-profit organizations and educational entities. She is experienced at interweaving audio-visual components to generate interest in a subject; and has an innate sense of timing and suitability that she employs to keep a reader -- or an audience -- engaged.

Ask Adrienne to help with your next manual, syllabus, infographic or presentation -- let her call upon her professional experience as a wordsmith, photographer and graphic designer to help you with a complete package.

Projects By Expertise

Over the years, Adrienne has served as editor (and writer) at many publications, from a suburban daily newspaper with a paid circulation of more than 20,000 households to a volunteer-produced newsletter circulated to members of the home building industry. She still tends to edit and correct most of what she reads, including newspapers, books and blogs, and she confronts students with a frown when they misplace apostrophes and misuse words. She would be happy to proofread your copy or clean up your manuscript.

Adrienne also has experience writing copy and producing brochures and promotional pieces, from handouts to website posts.

Research Writer

As a professional newswriter, Adrienne knows the value of thorough research, and she's good at it. She has an uncanny ability to sort out fact from hyberbole, and will keep digging until she can find the root information required to confirm any position or statement.

She also has an instinctive and creative ability to search out the proper information in a timely and effective fashion, thereby maximizing her efforts in the shortest possible period of time.

If it's research you require to flesh out any writing, call upon this writer.


Adrienne is an experienced journalist, with works published both in print and online, on two continents, over a long career. She has served as a working news writer, feature writer, columnist and editorial writer; she has been a page editor, layout artist, headline writer, copy editor, proof reader and photojournalist, and she served a four-year tenure as editor-in-chief of a suburban daily newspaper in a major metropolitan area.

She has edited books and manuscripts, contributed to anthologies and has had numerous online pieces picked up by Google and Yahoo news services, as well as by local and regional print and electronic media.

Creative Writer

This writer has written poetry, edited an anthology of essays, published children's stories and is currently working on a collection of travel memoirs.

Although the majority of her work is non-fiction and factual, Adrienne enjoys allowing her creative side free expression on occasion.

Script Writer

This writer has found a new outlet for her energies and creative talents by preparing video scripts and infographics on a variety of subjects. Some of her favorites are gardening and food production for children, and a series on creative "paths to success" directed at young audiences.


Adrienne is well-qualified to write sales copy in a succinct but descriptive style. She understands the need for brevity, creativity, accuracy and a fresh approach. She has successfully provided copy for exclusive jewelry stores and major housing developments, for vacation itineraries and construction materials, and for a wide variety of service businesses and product marketers. She knows how to keep descriptions inviting, and she has a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that she taps into for inspiration.

Projects by Writing Style

Adrienne enjoys writing authoritative posts for professionals, incorporating substantive research and calling on a client's professional reputation to add weight to her writing. She feels especially comfortable in areas relating to design, construction, financing and buying and selling of homes and property, but she has also developed a following of professionals in other fields who rely on her ability to source facts, corroborate claims and get to the substance of any subject.


Adrienne is experienced at writing various forms of "testimonials" or personal experience pieces from her work with volunteer organizations, trade associations as well as professional and corporate clients. She can adopt the necessary tone and viewpoint to be convincing and believable, and is accomplished at conveying the desired message to an audience. She has supplied clients with everything from public service announcements to wording for awards and citations, from press "talking points" to keynote speeches; she has the knowledge, training and experience to "tell your story."


Adrienne is a traveler; and a boater, with a wide array of experiences to recount. She has a story from just about every part of the world she has visited, and very possibly some valuable insights to impart and advice to offer. She would be happy to share her experience by assisting your readers with their own travel preparations, even if it's just fueling their dreams through armchair adventures.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

As an independent contractor, Adrienne has cooperated with numerous local small business owners to provide promotional copy, brochures, newsletters, email posts, press releases and blog posts that highlight their products and services. She especially enjoys working with start-up entrepreneurs and with non-profit agencies.

Large Business

As a content writer, Adrienne has had an opportunity to write for a variety of nationwide and multi-national corporations. In some instances, her work has been ordered for a specific purpose or location and then made available to other affiliates. This writer is gratified that much of her work for such firms bears her professional byline.


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