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Location Gadsden, Al
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Rebecca R. graduated in the top of her high school class and majored in English at Jacksonville State University. She minored in Drama. She is a licensed substitute teacher for all grades and she is also a homeschool mom. Rebecca holds a valid CNA certification. She has experience with medical and educational fields. She has written articles on these subjects as well as other topics. She has written on musical theater, home improvements, technology and games. In the past, Rebecca has participated in a variety of public speaking engagements including historical and biblical topics. She has also taken part in performances with choruses and has performed as a solo act. Rebecca prides herself in quality work and hopes to continue her work as a writer by helping more clients with their businesses. She is also currently working on a free homeschool curriculum. She believes that everyone deserves the chance to learn at home, regardless of income. She also believes that everyone is good at something and a person's ability is just waiting to be discovered.
Rebecca specializes in blog posts and website landing pages. She has also done some work relating to product reviews and descriptions as well as rewrites.
Rebecca enjoys gardening and cooking. She also cleans houses and businesses. She is a member of COMPASS Homeschool Group.
Jacksonville State University English and Drama,

Rebecca attended Jacksonville and majored in English while minoring in Drama. While there, she participated in several plays.

West End High School Advanced, Advanced Academic Diploma

Rebecca attended West End and graduated in the top of her class. Extracurricular activities included volleyball, chorus, color guard and drama.

Association Memberships
COMPASS Christian Homeschool Group Aug 2012
Rebecca assists in organizing activities and field trips for other homeschool families.

Licensed Substitute Teacher State of Alabama
Feb 2012
Rebecca holds a current license in this field and substitutes for several area school systems.

Certified Nursing Assistant Alabama Nurse Aide Registry
Rebecca holds a valid certification in this field.

Projects by Industry

Rebecca is a homeschool mom and a licensed substitute teacher. Instead of using a certain curriculum, she uses educational sites on the internet to put her curriculum together. She has written blog posts and articles about some of the sites she uses and has also shared the sites with some of the public schools where she substitutes. She is currently working on a free homeschool curriculum to share with others. Her work is available to the public at


When it comes to the choice to be outside or inside, Rebecca would choose outside everyday. During the summer months, she spends most of her time outside in her garden or by the pool. She just recently organized a spring fling for the home school group that she is a member of. The theme was water fun and the children and parents involved had a giant water battle. Rebecca also enjoys hiking and spelunking.


From an early age, Rebecca enjoyed performing on stage. She competed in several talent shows as a child and teenager and was in her high school and college chorus. She has also performed as a solo act on several occasions. Her stage experience from Jacksonville State University enables her to write about which type theatre is better and what shows patrons should see.,


As a mother, Rebecca has gained the ability to write articles concerning children and social networking as well as using online sites for educational purposes. As a wife, she is experienced at making a budget, cooking and all other household chores. She has done research on decorating small spaces on small budgets.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Rebecca's vast writing expertise has enabled her to write various articles for private clients. All articles required certain keywords to be used. Her background in Drama has enabled her to do several articles dealing with the aspects of musical and live theatre and why one would enjoy a particular show. From her research on technical gadgets, Rebecca has written website landing pages for companies as well as blog posts with a call to action as to why a customer would want a particular product or service.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Rebecca has written blog posts on various subjects ranging from musical theatre to technical issues. She is the author of two blogs. Her homeschool blog gives information on websites to use for teaching. She has also done rewrites for blog posts. Her work is available to the public at

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Rebecca has researched articles dealing with environmentally sound heating solutions. She has also researched and written on technical issues. Based on her experience as a college student, substitute teacher and home school mom, she has contributed to articles based on cutting costs of learning materials and provided information for some inexpensive education routes. Using her knowledge of the medical field, Rebecca has contributed research articles dealing with proper caregiving techniques and how to select life insurance.

Projects by Writing Style

Using her education from Jacksonville State University, Rebecca has written on which type musical theatre is better as well as why live theatre is an art form that more people should partake in. Having a medical background has enabled her to inform others of the steps to become a licensed caregiver and what makes a great caregiver.


With expertise in various fields, due both to research and personal experience, Rebecca has helped blog writers inform their readers what a restaurant has to offer as well as providing information on breaking news stories. As the owner of two blogs, she informs her readers of online learning tools and provides inspirational words for those who are feeling overwhelmed. Some of her work can be seen at


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