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Katrina S

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Katrina, who prefers to be called Jc, has worked as a freelance writer and editor for the last year. In that time she has become proficient in SEO concepts and applications. Jc is particularly good at writing health, sports, and political science articles. She is also quite good at proofreading and editing. Her education has crossed many fields of interest from law enforcement to political science and philosophy, and finally to psychology. She has a strong love of words, ergo the nickname Jc Wordsmith. As a deaf individual, Jc is also knowledgeable in areas of interest related to disability. Due to her strengths in grammar and spelling, she can put more focus into engaging and knowledgeable writing than the average writer can, which has helped her become the "go-to" writer for many of her clients when the writing must be done particularly well.
Jc is a very well-read person who reads everything from thrillers to political treatises, and psychology journals. When she is not reading she is working on her own creative writing ideas. When Jc is not relaxing with a book or writing like a fiend, she is usually found in her garden of various veggies or walking in her lovely neighborhood, foraging as she goes. Jc has become very health conscious in recent years, as aging will tend to do for folks. She has become very good at finding inexpensive and creative ways to cook the food she grows in her yard. She loves to ride trains from time to time, learning about the landscape and the history of the people throughout North America.
Projects by Industry

Jc has written several health articles for clients. Her particular area of interest has been in psychology. Jc has written about anxiety attacks and anxiety related to dentistry. She has also written about achieving personal well-being. In addition to writing mental health articles, Jc has written about diabetes and health careers.


Jc had written for several clients on topics in the health industry, including weight loss, psychology, and medical procedures. Clients prefer Jc's straight- forward writing style that gets to the meat of the topic without excessive wording or flowery language. Jc understands how readers use the internet to research topics they want to learn about and how SEO optimization helps websites get information out to their readers.

Self Help

As a disabled person, Jc had particular insight to self- help issues. Jc writes about dealing with the government red-tape that disabled individuals must confront often. Jc has also written about ADA compliance in the hospitality industry and how to deal with issues related to disability. As a student of psychology, Jc has learned about self-help strategies such as self-hypnosis, dealing with anxiety, and other psychology issues as they relate to disability.

Projects by Writing Style

Jc, had written more than 50 articles about health care issues. Topics have included such topics as dental care, anxiety, surgical procedures for athletes, and weight loss advise. Jc carefully researches each topic using only respected medical websites and library resources. Articles are written with an eye toward providing easily accessible information for the average reader. Articles for the internet are carefully written with SEO keyword optimization in mind. Jc uses the keywords provided by clients or provides them. To avoid redundancy, words strings and secondary keywords are uses as well.


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