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Brenda S

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Summary of Experience
As a California native, Brenda lives in the hub of new technology, social change and creative influence.

Knowing the ideas and beliefs of each person holds a kernel of the whole that binds people around the world.

In her early 20s, a trip to Colorado took Brenda in a new direction. Colorado offered domestic studies and personal economic awareness. The Rocky Mountains, Gunnison's Blue Mesa and her home in the Grand Valley took Brenda to beautiful panoramas she never knew existed. She discovered the delicate balance between nature and industrialization. Brenda studied environmental health and safety systems during a hands-on 7-year job at CoorsTek.

This education leads to Brenda's powerful writings on heat islands in urban developments and solutions to end the hazardous effects they have on the environment.

Brenda's elite status in career writing comes from personal experience, her degree in Business Administration and empathy for those who have problems interviewing for a job.

The World Wide Web, Microsoft Office and social media have changed the way people look for jobs and the way employers hire. Brenda gracefully guides both, employers and job seekers, through these processes:

* Job hunting
* Resume and cover letter creation
* Follow-up techniques
* The first interview through the last interview

Brenda also injects humor, when appropriate, in her writing. Humor draws readers deeper into an article and holds their attention when the writing becomes technical.

She regularly contributes ideas for a single panel comic strip and composes humorous poetry as a hobby.

Choosing Brenda guarantees research, honesty and original writing in every job.
Brenda's elite status in career writing guarantees thorough and correct work. She also enjoys nature, history, science, humor and philosophy.

Learning and sharing knowledge keeps Brenda's work fresh and interesting.
Constantly improving the quality of work she delivers overlaps with Brenda's interest in careers, the environment and bringing a smile to the reader's face.
San Joaquin Valley College Mar 2008 – May 2009
Business Administration, Associate of Science

Brenda graduated with a 3.95 GPA. She was on the Dean's list every grading period throughout her program. Brenda's Psychology essay on Alcoholism is currently used by the college as an example of how to write an essay.

Projects by Industry

Brenda writes on changing, finding and creating prospects for new careers. She specializes in resume and cover letter instructions and how to prepare for an interview. She also gives tips on where to look for work and how to network.


Brenda writes humorous antidotes when appropriate in assignments. She has a flair for sarcasm when necessary and an understanding of when humor will help an article make a point.


Brenda writes successfully about entrepreneurial personalities, brick and mortar start-ups vs. online start-ups and supply chains.

She explores why some businesses succeed while similar start-ups fail. She gives tips for those starting an online shop. Brenda also writes about supply chains, storage and the advantages a 3PL can give a business.


Brenda has written articles related to Earth Sciences. These include the methane seep found off the coast of New Zealand and the large concentration of worms burrowed into the sediment, which release more methane. The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, destruction of Pompeii, Pompeii's rediscovery and how the site's archeological history has changed the science. She also wrote about the Ring of Fire and the phenomenon associated with bodies of water turning blood red.


Brenda frequently writes about spine problems and how to avoid or treat them. She understands the life changing affects a back injury can have on a family.

Brenda describes the events leading to injuries, the importance of preventing accidents in the workplace and gives tips on now to start work safety programs. She has written several articles for safety consulting firms.


Brenda's articles include tips for keeping pets safe during holidays, reviews of pet medications and how to choose the best toys for your pets.

She writes descriptive articles about flea and tick medications and the dangers of ticks on pets and humans. Her articles include natural and chemical remedies for flea infestations.


Brenda worked with a fitness expert to re-write a website and she also provided promotional copy to increase donations for a chain of fitness centers.

The fitness centers will help disadvantaged and disabled children find therapy through sports.

Brenda explains the importance of exercise for those suffering back pain, pulled muscles and other conditions like depression.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Brenda integrates keywords in blog posts and articles to enhance the content and keep the reader's interest. She knows the value of keywords in an SEO writing and has developed the skill to use them to inform instead of distract.

Title/Meta Descriptions

A catchy title using the article's keyword will persuade readers to read more, which directs them to the specific website or webpage.
Even more persuasive than a keyword rich title, the meta description gives readers a taste of the article's content. A good meta description will catch the reader's attention, have a call to action and have the required keywords all written in less than 156 characters.

Projects by Asset Type

Brenda writes articles that inform, entertain and lead readers to a website.

Using facts, humor and a unique writing style, Brenda writes original articles on many topics. Brenda writes in a voice that reflects her passion for learning and informing.

Product Description

A great product description will increase sales and profits. Creating a description that convinces consumers that a product will solve their problem while adding value to their lives means more visitors to a website.

Brenda crafts product descriptions that lift off the page and allow readers to view the product from all dimensions. She clearly describes the features and uses of products while persuading readers they have to have one.

Projects by Writing Style

Humor puts readers at ease and can help hold their attention when reading a technical or academic article. Humor also makes a bad day better and Brenda tries to brighten as many days as possible.

Without humor, life becomes too serious and dramatic. Laughing keeps people healthier by reducing stress, lowering the heart rate and releasing dopamine, the happy chemical, in the brain.


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