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Repeat Clients 40%
Last Login 10/27/2016
Location Mandeville, LA
Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
As a professional with more than 15 years' experience, Chelsea has written for newspapers, magazines, corporations, elected officials, non-profit agencies and web-based businesses. Her areas of specialty include medical and healthcare writing, but she can craft intelligent, well-researched content on almost any subject matter.

Chelsea has written hundreds of blog entries, press releases, articles and website content for clients around the world. Rather than regurgitating the same tired copy, Chelsea seeks new and interesting angles to engage readers and make them want to learn more. Her writing style is professional, informative and fun.
Blog pots, white papers, press releases, news articles and award nominations are Chelsea's specialities.
Chelsea enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling and all things SEC football.
King College Business Administration, Masters

Completed the program while working full time aned graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

East Tennessee State University Mass Communications, Bachelors of Social Science and Statistics

Chelsea worked at the student newspaper as well as a local daily newspaper while completing her undergraduate degree.

Honors and Awards
Chanticleer Award Chelsea was recognized for excellence in news writing.

First Place Award for Reporting Chelsea was recognized by the local chapter for excellence in government reporting.

Citation for Excellence in Marketing Chelsea was awarded a citation for creating the Every Step Joint Replacement Center at Holston Valley Medical Center.

5-Star Award for Excellence in Sales Chelsea received Life Care Centers of American's 2010 5-Star Award for Sales after growing census volume.

Association Memberships
American Medical Writers Association The nation's leading professional organization for writers, editors and communicators of medical information.

Public Relations Society of America Member of Tri-Cities, Tennessee Chapter

Projects by Industry

Chelsea A. has been writing health-related content for nearly 15 years. She's written content for Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Tennessee, Wellmont Health System,, various physician and dentist practices, chiropractors, cosmetic surgeons and everything in between. On a personal level, she is the mother of a special needs child who has more medical needs than most. Chelsea understands the importance of providing useful, well-researched information for clients' readers.


Chelsea A. worked as the mouthpiece for an eight-hospital health system before transitioning to management in a skilled nursing facility. She has more than 15 years' experience writing for physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, dentists, aesthetic doctors and everything in between. She has extensive experience writing for the medical industry and can transform complicated medical terminology into words the average reader can easily understand.


With an MBA and 10 years experience in the corporate world, Chelsea is well equipped to pen content for any type of business. From HR to accounting to personal finance to insurance, Chelsea is comfortable writing about any and all business-related topics.


Chelsea A. has written fitness copy for a variety of outlets including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and


Chelsea A. loves to eat and discover new culinary treats at unique eateries across the Southeast. Sh has written a wide range of food-related articles, including unique recipes, for national and regional clients.


Clients who transfomr garages, install custom doors and roofs or renovate entire homes have trusted Chelsea A. to pen their content. She is familiar with many aspects of residential and commercial construction which is evident in her writing.


One of Chelsea A.'s favorite things to do is travel. From swimming in a Mexican cenote to discovering culinary gems in Florence, Italy, she has traveled extensively and knows what information fellow travelers seek. Chelsea A. has written travel content for many outlets include,, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and many other regional firms.


Chelsea A. routinely writes copy for elected officials who need op-eds, press releases, campaign materials and other collateral pieces penned.

Real Estate

Chelsea A. has bought and sold four houses in three states. She's moved across the country twice. You could say she understands real estate and what types of content readers seek. She's written for many national real estate companies including and as well as regional firms.

Home Living

A Pinterest aficionado, Chelsea has redecorated three homes and is the process of renovating a fourth. She stays abreast of trends in home design so she can pen better content for clients.


With two kids of her own, two cross-country moves under her belt and countless Pinterest-inspired projects completed, Chelsea A. has the requisite experience to write on a wide variety of kids and family-related topics.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Search engine optimization takes a particular skill set. A writer cannot simply load an article or blog post with keywords. Readers know they're reading manipulated copy and the source won't seem credible. Chelsea takes care to ensure SEO content is readable and seems natural.

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

As a former newspaper reporter, Chelsea knows how to craft a press release that will resonate with reporters. She also has significant experience writing press releases for online distribution services such as PRWeb.

Blog Post

Chelsea believes there's an art to writing blog posts. They must be engaging and easy to read, but optimized for the robots as well. With thousands of blogs posts under her belt, Chelsea is well equipped to pen content for your business.


Speeches must capture the voice of the person who is presenting it - not the writer's. That's why Chelsea strives to completely understand the speaker's intentions before crafting the speech. Then, she incorporates the speakers unique voice into the product.


Articles must be well-researched and include subheads and credible links. Articles should not be "stuffed" with keywords. Rather, Chelsea believes key words should be woven into the article so the reader doesn't realize the text has been optimized for search engines.


Chelsea has significant experience writing award nominations. She believes a nomination should tell the nominee's personal story and capture the essence of their work or service.

Direct Mail

Chelsea has crafted copy for direct sales letters and mail pieces for a variety of clients.Sales letters and similar materials can be more promotional and "salesy" since they're intended to get the point across quickly.


Brochures can be a challenge because space necessitates the writer include only the most important information. Chelsea has the skills needed to identify the most important aspects of a subject and communicate those effectively in a brochure format.

Email Copy

Email copy is Chelsea's favorite type of content to write. She finds it challenging to find ways to compel readers to action with a few simple words.

Web Page

Chelsea has written hundreds of web pages for a wide variety of clients. She believes it's vital to write easily digestible copy that readers can skim quickly to find the information they're seeking.


Chelsea A. thinks writing advertising copy is fun. It offers her a chance to creatively and succintly, tell clients' stories and share messages.

Newsletter Content

Newsletter content should be useful to the reader. Chelsea offers news readers can use and show how your business can help them.

Product Description

A little information must be conveyed very quickly in a product description. But it also has to be interesting to hold the reader's attention. Chelsea exceeds at this style of writing.

Projects by Writing Style

When writing authoritatively, the author must include facts, figures and other information to back up claims and opinions. Chelsea possesses the ability to thoroughly research a subject and identify appropriate supporting materials.


A conversational style of writing is often the most appropriate for blogs and online content. Chelsea is skilled at writing in this manner, and has written extensively for clients who want to provide useful, readable content for potential customers.


Humor writing is difficult because people's perceptions of what's funny vary widely. Chelsea attempts to understand the intended audience before injecting humor into a piece.


Chelsea is trained as a newspaper reporter, so this style is her most familiar for her. She has written hundreds, if not thousands of newspaper-style stories over the past 15 years.


Promotional writing can't come off as a blatant sales pitch, but it should get the point across. Chelsea combines useful information along with a business's products or services to present a message.


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