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Ryan M has traversed the freelancing world with his talent and peculiar knack for writing. He has been a freelance writer for just about two years, and has been building his portfolio, expanding horizons, and tackling new subjects by the day. Though he is traditionally more than familiar with anonymous content mills, he is innately geared towards a competent company that pays their writers well and trusts in the content that they are producing.

Ryan has obtained a business administration degree, but since the day of his graduation, and even months prior, he has been establishing a foundation in freelance writing. Working forvarious unmentioned websites, Ryan finds a particular intrigue in moving to more concrete sources of writing. He has also established relationships with particular websites and clients where he supplies content on a daily and weekly basis. Ryan has never plagiarized. There is entirely too much respect for writing and the hard work people do to make stories and words come alive on the page.

Ryan M runs his own blog, which is a stellar way to experiment with different styles and reimagine what a blog could do with a certain personal take. The content is music, primarily, as Ryan dominates in reviews, essays, and cultural takes on this constantly changing landscape.

Ryan M is an experienced SEO marketer, a music aficionado, and an entrepreneur. But above all, he loves writing. No matter what the content is, Ryan M finds a way to make it work, doing the research that is necessary and perhaps exploring a new angle to a very familiar topic.

Ryan M is the author of three ebooks, and continues working on client-based and personal writing each and every day.
Ryan M understands that a good writer doesn't just get that way, and one of the most rewarding and immediate ways of growing in your craft is by reading. Ryan reads daily, and tries to tackle a book every week. From nostalgically-tinged young adult novels, to masterful epics, Ryan has found an adoration for the written word and seeing how it plays out in an imaginative story.

Ryan M specializes in writing something that brings emotion, whether that be the purchase of a product or the intrigue for a music band. It is all in an effort to garner a reaction, and he does so through vivid language and an appreciation for the word in business copy, casual blog posts, and long story forms.
Ryan M is a book aficionado, wrapping up a new book just about every week. Ryan M keeps track of all his acquisitions with a list of books he has read and films he has seen. Ryan M is a prominent surfer and adores learning new things in regards to what can be told in a story or non-fiction book.
Daytona State College Apr 2007 – Jul 2010
Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, Business Administration

Ryan graduated in July 2010, with the completion of the degree's ultimate Capstone course. It is a course which develops a full-fledged business, and must be presented to local businessmen in hopes of an actual investment. From this course, and all the ones preceding it, Ryan gained an apt knowledge of business and marketing. He accents this knowledge with his over passion for writing, culminating in a skillful, talented, and knowledgeable base of writing.

Projects by Industry

Ryan's own blog prominently concerns itself with music, as it is an intense passion of his since he was nine years old digging through his father's crates of albums. When it comes to all topics, Ryan has written in music more than any other. Reviews, how-to guides, biographies, interviews, and ranking topics make up the bulk of Ryan's repertoire in the industry.


Ryan has self-published three of his own novels and in doing so, gained a peculiar expertise on the topic. Ryan has touched on about 200 topics in publishing, particularly in ebook publishing and music publishing.


One of Ryan's main topics in dealing with paid content was writing marketing and SEO-driven articles for SEO companies. Though it was not the most preferred topic of choice, Ryan managed to consistently take a new approach to the idea of SEO through a wide run of various content mills, as well as toching on the topic himself on his blog due to the sheer knowledge he had obtained in writing about it for so long.


Ryan M's greatest accomplishment in business is the two ebooks he has written about the topic. One ebook in particular ended up at 210 pages, and each chapter detailed how to start a certain business with $100. The other ebook was about marketing a small business, and gathered about ten-thousand sales once sold to the client I wrote it for.

Ryan also ran a Clothing line business from 2009-2012 only to buy-out and establish his freelance writing business and career.


Ryan has written about technology and various evolutions of technology on his website, as well as for a whole slew of clients throughout the last 16 months.


Ryan's designing expertise is focused around Photoshop CS4, web design, blogging themes, and being able to explain, in competent detail, how to design something enthralling and intriguing. But it is not just how to use these features, but what makes something a quality design- and how to portray a certain aesthetic and brand image through the design choices used.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Ryan has established himself as an expert able to navigate the written word to maximize views. With his own blog as well as a string of content on a vast variety of mediums, Ryan is able to circumvent surface research because he understands the content, and is able to manage specific keyword densities without worrying about unnecessary re-edits.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

With over 300 plog posts on his own website in the last year and a half, another 400 written for specific clients since 2011, and about 800 blog posts under his belt for content mills, Ryan has established himself as a chameleon on the blog network.

Twitter Post

Ryan juggles multiple Twitter accounts and feeds for various clients who are interested in outsourcing their accounts for the sake of time management

Technical Article

Ryan has written a handful of ebooks on technical aspects of marketing, design, and video editing, among others. this type of content relies on being able to explain often intricate steps and attributes in an approachable and wise manner. Ryan has established a record with 2-3 clients who require technical data that is reserved for niches.


Beyond just writing a handful of books on his own, Ryan has written quite a few books for clients. Most of these are non-fiction, particularly in the areas of marketing and business. Ryan has written three fiction novels on his own, and wrote an especially intriguing book on how to start a business which was formerly published for mass distribution to book retailers.

Projects By Expertise
Book Ghostwriter

Ryan M has written a handful of full ebooks on business, marketing, and advertising primarily. One of his most notable works has been published in hardcopy by the client, and is an example of a work being viable and superior enough to justify a great outpouring of finances.

Projects by Writing Style

Ryan has a clear skill in building a conversational laid-back approach with his readers. Ryan M finds this, arguably, one of the greatest achievements a writer can accomplish. On the surface, it is about informing a reader about a specific "something." But many writers forget the fact that the ultimate task is to charm a reader, and a conversational tone does that by making you a relateable entity and not just a computer. Ryan understands this enough to do it each and every day.


Ryan loves applying humor to writing, and he has for years on this own entertainment blog, CultureTease. With running his own project, Ryan believes the humor can be more open-ended and exploratory without facing terrible repercussions. He has often attempted dry or even odd humor through his writing, if need be. But it takes a special writer to balance this out with quality information, toning down the humor and not allowing it to envelop the content entirely.


Ryan has written professional and promotional business copy since his early beginnings as a full-time freelance writer. This includes exploring the earliest forms of content marketing distribution in many content mills. More specifically, Ryan focuses his promotional copy as home pages, business landing pages, and SEO-intensive blog content.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Ryan M has written for a variety of small and medium size businesses, but it is the medium size businesses which have offered some of the most consistent and best collaborative efforts. They tend to allow you a bit of freedom in the work, and it is this freedom that has allowed Ryan M room to breathe in bringing forward his own creative energy.


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