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Jacob C

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Repeat Clients 38%
Last Login 10/24/2016
Location Gainesville, Fl
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
Within the past two years the writings of Jacob C. have drastically improved. As of January 2012 he signed up to work for a website company that provided the opportunity for him to become a online author. Over the course of the written journey Jacob C has become familiar with writing articles that are keyword driven and, although physically limited, has been known to write 1000 word articles within a day’s time, all one-handed. His can do attitude has brought about the philosophy that nothing ever comes to those who don’t make things happen, especially in the realm of earning money. Jacob C. also highly motivated when it comes to writing articles. Since he began writing articles he has had a perfect acceptance rating with a single company and is also good at writing in general. Even though there is a perfect acceptance rate that is still currently in continuation there have been articles that have not turned out as well as he had hoped they would. These articles in no way affected the perfect acceptance streak but have increased the knowledge that he has gained simply from writing in this particular style. Outside of the time that is spent writing articles Jacob C is currently a student through the Full Sail Online Program where he is currently in his second year and working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing in Entertainment. Upon graduation Jacob C. will have the skills and knowledge of writing scripts for tv shows, movies, and games..
Jacob Cole is proficient in writing researched-based article content that additionally requires SEO based content. In addition to this particular specialty Jacob Cole has had experience, albeit a little bit, in writing stories, movie scripts, and other related material.
Jacob C has always been the type of person who loves attending church, singing in the choir, and playing video and computer games. His favorite book to read is The Holy bible and one special thing that he is interested in is collecting sports trading cards, particularly baseball cards.
Full Sail University May 2012 – Oct 2015
Creative Writing for Entertainment, BFA

Jacob Cole has spent time crafting and honing his skills as a writer in an effort to be more proficient and further increase his skill-set. While attending Full Sail University Jacob Cole learned several types and techniques that allowed him to further his writing skills. Among the many tips, techniques, and subject areas that were crafted included writing a particular story in a different kind of genre, story writing (in general) across various platforms and mediums, and much more.

Honors and Awards
Awarded via a published article Sep 2013
This was an article that was written by Jacob Cole as an inspiration to others. The article basically talks about a few of the struggles that Jacob Cole has lived with as a disabled person.

Projects by Industry

Jacob C has written some sports articles with an emphasis on practice drills that have been conducted in many different team practice sessions. Other sports articles that Jacob C has written include articles about various workout routines for men as well as one specific sports article on the history of American football.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jacob C has written SEO based content that asks for keywords to be limited to a certain number of times per article. This could be as few as 1 or 2 or as many as twenty or more. No matter what the case may be Jacob Cole has written articles that have had multiple related keywords, aside from the primary keyword, that has been requested to be included.

Projects by Asset Type

Since Jacob C started writing content articles back in the early part of 2012 Jacob c has become proficient in writing under specific deadlines that include a given set of instructions provided by the client. Furthermore, Jacob C has mastered the art of writing SEO based content and mostly considers himself to be an expert in this area of writing.

Product Description

Aside from writing SEO based content articles many of the articles that Jacob C has written come in the form of a client simply asking for a review on a single (or multiple products) within the same article. These type of articles have ranged from technological based products (such as laptops and other related products) to clothing items and shoes and nearly everything else in between.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Jacob C has been called upon, from time to time, to write a piece that has been considered to be more along the lines of technical based writing. For these types of pieces Jacob C has become more and more proficient in describing the content in detail while being clear and concise in the presentation of his writing. The types of writing that pertains to these particular stylistic writings ranges from providing direction when it comes to various sports drills to, as in other types of previously mentioned articles, giving step-by-step instructional detail as it pertains to technology, various tasks, and other related content.

Projects by Writing Style

On more than one occasion Jacob C has picked up article orders/requests that have been meant to be conversational pieces. When these articles have been picked up Jacob C has simply described whatever the particular topic was at the time in a conversational and friendly (yet professional) manner in such a way that the reader was able to clearly understand what the topic was. That said, conversational topics have included various how-to based articles and other related content.


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