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Marci D possesses extensive experience in print and online publications, including research, writing, editing, and proofreading; specializing in topics relating to sustainability/green living, lifestyle, men's/women's concerns, sociological trends, and culture and the arts.

In a writing style that is warm and conversational, she explains nuanced concepts and explores multidimensional arguments, creating memorable material that draws the audience into the piece, communicating in a voice ranging from light and humorous to considered and thought-provoking in the various formats of feature, article, review, profile, press release, product description and blog post. As a veteran blogger, she maintains a solid understanding of SEO practices, keywords, and linkage.

Client satisfaction is her number one priority and she attains this by bringing to life the ideas, concepts, and imagery that showcase the strongest qualities of the media, illustrating what you desire to express and share with your readers; communicating with flair the excitement of discovering the product and services publicized. Your audience is eager to learn what you have to offer, and she is committed to assisting you in expressing yourself in a way that is clear, elegant, and original.

A magna cum laude scholar, she has earned both a Bachelor of Science in Arts & Letters and a Bachelor of Science in Communications. She possesses a post-baccalaureate certificate in Women's Studies and is working towards a MFA in English with a 4.0.GPA, and is a member in good standing of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society.

In her spare time she works as a volunteer with various arts organizations, seeking to forge an engaged environment where the arts flourish and through synergy, express and meet the needs of the community.


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Marci D's Women Industry Experience

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Marci D is an expert on women. Credentials: A post-baccalaureate certificate in Women's Studies; articles published in women's glossies; a blog geared to women; papers presented to colloquiums and conferences on the topic of gender studies.

Industry Projects

  • Humor20+
  • Hospitality20+
  • Publishing20+
  • Women20+
  • Spirituality10+
  • Fashion10+
  • Music9
  • Travel7
  • Self Help2

Summary of Industry Experience


Marci D has published humorous anecdotes, stories, features, reviews, and blog posts. It is her area of special interest and expertise. She doesn't just think funny, she lives funny.


Marci D has published, promoted, and reviewed on topic pertaining to the hospitality industry: art gallery evenings, nightclub openings, restaurant reviews, lodging descriptions, designer ateliers profiles, international markets, and much, much more!


With degrees in Communications and Arts & Letters, Marci D has extensive experience in publishing as a freelance journalist, staff writer, proofreader, sitting on editorial boards on literary journals, and a anthologized fiction writer. Her motto? "These are exciting times to be in publishing!"


Marci D is an expert on women. Credentials: A post-baccalaureate certificate in Women's Studies; articles published in women's glossies; a blog geared to women; papers presented to colloquiums and conferences on the topic of gender studies.


Marci D believes that the practice of spirituality is the road to the authentic interior experience; paradoxically, organized religion is a vehicle to create community, find fulfillment, and enact social justice.


Marci D has written about clothing, textiles and fashion from the standpoint of style, cultural identity, and sustainability. Topics include independent designers, ateliers, vintage and thrift shopping tips, and advice on honing individual style.


Marci D has published interviews, profiles, articles and reviews on performances, recording sessions, clubs, CDs, and musicians. Her areas of concentration are jazz, early music, classical, ambient/new age, and folk/indy/rock.


Marci D has journeyed throughout Europe, traveled solo in Mexico, cavorted in Canada, ridden in a plane to Belize so small the hair on the pilot's knuckles was clearly visible. She has lived in Albuquerque, Austin, Berkeley, NYC, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and New Orleans. As has been said, "She gets around!"

Self Help

Believing in employing compassion, passion, Marci D takes a gentle and humorous approach to self-help.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blogging on the topics of sustainability/green living, arts and culture, women's issues, and areas of concern to men, Marci D brings wit and wisdom to writing engaging blog pieces that pull readers into the blog.

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