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Martin Z. has been a professional writer since 1983. His forte is his versatility. He's written News, Business, Sports, Health, Lifestyle, Education, Features and Technology articles for "The Chicago Tribune," "USA Today," "Sports Illustrated," "Wealth Building," "The Huffington Post," numerous other newspapers and magazines, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Martin has interviewed innumerable prominent and successful politicians, business executives and athletes, but he is proudest of his articles on ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. His writing skills were so strong that his features were integral in the Associated Press Sports Editors naming one of his clients one of the top 10 sports sections in the United States.

Altogether, Martin has had several thousand articles published. He has also been the editor of a statewide Jewish newspaper, local community newspapers, and a national entrepreneurial magazine. His writing and editing experiences have led to him being elected to leadership positions in writing organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists.

Martin's philosophy is to write articles that are germane to readers. He did not sit at City Council meetings and write stale articles about what government officials were doing. Instead, he phoned people throughout the community so he could learn about what was happening behind the scenes. Then, he wrote articles on, for example, what business executives were planning to build so the readers could learn about these developments before government officials approved them.

In recent years, Martin has made the adjustment to the world of online writing. That has meant writing articles for companies that score articles. His scores are very high. These experiences have made him highly skilled in SEO.

Martin also gives back to the community. He has taught writing classes at colleges, helped high school students produce newspapers, earned national awards for teaching illiterates to read, directed writers' programs, helped Little Brothers as a Big Brother, helped businesses with their marketing efforts, served on the Youth Commission of a large village, and participated in numerous charitable activities.
Martin Z. has specialized in business articles, news articles, and features during a 30-year journalism career. He has also written articles on health, fitness, nutrition, food, sports, real estate, business development and many other topics. His writing improved dramatically after being an editor for about three years. He continues to write and edit.
Martin Z. is a news addict and a humanitarian. That means he reads numerous newspapers daily and is constantly looking for charitable organizations to help.
St. Xavier University Sep 2002 – May 2005
Education, Master's

Martin Z. enjoyed teaching several community college writing classes, working with high school and college newspapers, and doing considerable volunteer work with community programs. Among other honors, He won a national award for helping illiterates improve their reading skills.

Martin liked teaching so much that he decided to enroll in school while in his 40s. He took 20 courses and earned As in every one of them.

Lafayette College Sep 1977 – Dec 1981
Government and Law; Economics and Business, Bachelor's

Martin Z. graduated from a college that was ranked as one of the most academically competitive in the nation. His academic career included being one of about 200 students nationwide to be selected to participate in a one-semester program in American government at American University. The program included an internship on Capitol Hill. Martin was also a member of Government and History honor societies at Lafayette. He dropped out for a year when his father died suddenly so he was only at Lafayette for 3-1/2 years.

Honors and Awards
One of best 10 newspapers in the USA Feb 1997
Martin Z. wrote long stories on important topics every week. The stories were one of the reasons that Sports section of "The Aurora Beacon News" was named one of the best 10 medium-sized sports sections in the USA.

National Volunteer Award Jun 1991
Martin Z. was honored for his work helping illiterates improve their reading and writing skills. He received a certificate and was also asked to speak at several conferences about his methods. The certificate was signed by First Lady Barbara Bush.

One of best special sections in the USA Apr 1986
Martin Z. wrote several articles in a World Series section that was named one of the best special sections in the USA. He interviewed and wrote articles on several past World Series stars, including Yogi Berra, Catfish Hunter and George Brett.

Association Memberships
National Writers Union Jun 2000
Martin Z. fought for the rights of writers as a member of the National Writers Union, organized meetings and workshops, and fought against unscrupulous publishers who weren't treating writers fairly. Among other things, he was the chairperson of the Chicago chapter of the National Writers Union.

Society of Professional Journalists Jun 1993
Martin Z. is currently, in 2013, active in the Northern New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists.

Teacher's State of Illinois
Jun 2005
Martin Z. earned a teacher's certificate after pursuing a master's degree in Education.

Projects by Industry

Martin Z. was a full-time sportswriter for "USA Today" and has written hundreds of features for "USA Today," "Sports Illustrated," and numerous other newspapers and magazines. His forte is writing about people. When he covers a game, he focuses on one or more athletes and interviews them afterward so he can give the readers an insight that reporters who focus on plays don't provide.

His articles on Sports for WriterAccess include:
* Joe DiMaggio Launched My Career (it was my first out-of-office interview)
* The Top 10 Quarterbacks In NFL History
* African-American Athletes Have Affected U.S. Politics
* The Politics Of The Olympics
* Greatest Moments In Super Bowl 48 (2014)
* 10 Excellent Sports Movies
* Female Reporters Are Still Fighting For Locker Room Access
* Preview Of Colts/Giants Football Game
* 2013 Missouri Tigers Football Team Preview


Martin Z. has written hundreds of articles for businesses, business publications and the business sections of major newspapers.

His business clients have included American Express, Adecco, AT&T, CNA Insurance Co., KPMG, Amoco, McDonald's, and several local chambers of commerce.

He wrote regularly for "Crain's Chicago Business" and "The Chicago Tribune," a national magazine for entrepreneurs named "Wealth Building" as well as several medium-sized newspapers and magazines.

His articles on Business for WriterAccess include:
* The Future Of Men In The Business World (an 8,700-word analysis that was assigned because of statistics showing that women are gaining in education and high-skilled jobs)
* The 10 Best American Cities For Small Business
* How Women's Success In Business Affects Male-Female Relationships (a 3,200-word analysis)
* How To Generate New Business In 2014
* Are Super Bowl Ads A Good Investment?
* The Affordable Care Act's Impact On Small Businesses
* Can You Be A Successful Sole Proprietor? (Analysis)
* Small Businesses Can Reduce Their Bad Debt Problem (Analysis)
* Convertible Notes Can Boost Startups (Analysis)
* Tips On Reducing Wrongful Termination Lawsuits
* Business Investment Slowdown Jeopardizes Future Economic Growth
* Immigration Is Crucial To Economic Growth
* The Pros And Cons Of Large And Small Banks
* Cleveland Is A Potential Hub For Startup Businesses
* Improving Your SEO Ranking
* Content Is Crucial For SEO
* Best SEO Agencies
* U.S. Companies Are Choosing Mexican Manufacturers
* Manufacturing In Mexico Is In Midst Of Unprecedented Boom
* Top 10 Tips For Using Writers And Editors
* NAFTA's Future Is Brighter Than Its Past


Martin Z. covered politics and government for The Chicago Tribune from 1989-1994, writing dozens, maybe hundreds, of articles. He covered several cities on a regular basis and interviewed most of the high-level politicians in Illinois.

Martin also wrote dozens, maybe hundreds, of articles for several other newspapers and has recently written articles for The Huffington Post.

His articles on Politics for WriterAccess include:
* How Social Media Influences Social Justice (a 3,000-word analysis)
* How The U.S. Health-Care System Became Unique
* The Affordable Care Act's Impact On Small Businesses
* The Impact Of Female Military Heroes On The Perception Of American Men As Well As American Culture And Politics (a 3,000-word analysis)
* African-American Athletes Have Affected U.S. Politics
* Bring The Troops Home -- The USA Has 560 Military Bases In Other Nations
* An Analysis Of Paul Ryan
* The USA Was The Land Of Economic Opportunity
* Former Judge Held In Texas Prosecutor Murder Case


Martin Z. has written articles on tax advice for business publications as well as several newspapers, including "Crain's Chicago Business" and "The Chicago Tribune." His work included covering a two-week conference for KPMG. His forte was taking extraordinarily complicated information and converting it into reader-friendly text that KPMG's clients could understand without getting a headache.

His articles on Taxes for WriterAccess include:
* How Self-Employed People Should Plan Their Tax Return
* IRS Tax Help For Self-Employed People


Martin Z. wrote a few dozen articles on entertainment for "The Chicago Tribune" and other newspapers and magazines. His specialty was features. He wrote articles on theatrical productions, comedy clubs, and movies. Many of his articles focused on how community programs and school programs helped children. He has also written numerous movie reviews.

His articles on Entertainment for WriterAccess include:
* "I Love You Man" Beer Commercials Change TV's Portrayal Of American Men
* 10 Excellent Sports Movies
* Celebrity Encounters
* Are Super Bowl Ads A Good Investment?
* The Best Children's Movies Of The 2000s
* Actors Make Far More Money Than Actresses
* 12 British Hollywood Stars
* 13 Canadian Actresses Who Made It In Hollywood
* 11 Canadian Actors Nominated For Oscars
* 16 British Celebrities
* Cajun Music Alive And Well In Louisiana


Martin Z. wrote many articles that gave career advice to the readers of the publications he is working for, including "The Chicago Tribune." Many of his articles focused on job training programs sponsored by governments and the local business community. He also, as the below article demonstrates, often did extensive research on the best careers of the future.

His articles on Careers for WriterAccess include:
* Pros And Cons Of Being A Temp
* Five Do's And Don't For Job Interviews
* Five Questions To Ask In Job Interviews
* 10 Tips For Writing Your Resume
* 10 Tips For Writing Cover Letters
* People With A Master's Degree Have Many Advantages
* Education Matters -- Average Earnings By Degree Type
* Tips For Freelancers On How To Recharge Their Batteries
* 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Relocating For Job
* Studying Broadcasting
* Education Leadership Degrees For Teachers
* Nursing Schools In New Jersey


Martin Z. covered numerous school districts for "The Chicago Tribune," "The Aurora Beacon-News," and "The Joliet Herald" for about 12 years. His articles focused on how programs helped students. On dozens of occasions, he interviewed students in an effort to give readers an understanding of how, for example, a program helped students improve their skills at managing money.

His articles on Education for WriterAccess include:
* Is The Small Percentage Of Men In College Just An American Problem (a 3,000-word analysis)
* People With A Master's Degree Have Many Advantages
* Adults Who Want To Switch Careers To Teach Are Discriminated Against
* Best Schools For Entrepreneurs
* Education Matters -- Average Earnings By Degree Type
* Work Experience Is Becoming More Important In Graduate School Admissions
* The Advantages Of E-Learning
* Few Americans Study In Pakistan
* New Educational Association Aims To Help Local Schools
* New Educational Group Could Revolutionize School Funding
* Education Leadership Degrees For Teachers
* Nursing Schools In New Jersey


Martin Z. covered the governments of several Chicago-area communities for about 12 years. His specialty was informing readers about the relationship between governments and business leaders. He regularly broke stories on business development projects for "Crain's Chicago Business" and "The Chicago Tribune." Martin Z. also broke numerous stories on governmental corruption.

His articles on Government for WriterAccess include:
* The Affordable Care Act's Impact On Small Businesses
* The U.S. Military Has Been Plagued By A Soaring Suicide Rate (a 2,000-word analysis of problem)
* How The U.S. Health-Care System Became Unique
* The 10 Best American Cities For Small Business
* Mexico's Commitment To Training Engineers Helps American Companies


Martin Z. regularly wrote articles on construction projects in the Chicago area. His articles often were on Page 1 of "The Chicago Tribune" section fronts as well as "Crain's Chicago Business." He wrote about municipal projects like highways and bridges as well as projects by private industries, including housing projects, golf courses, shopping malls, and mixed-use projects.

His articles on Construction for WriterAccess include:
* Roofers Help Storm Victims Free Of Charge
* Earl Stewart Is A Roofing MVP Because Of His People Skills


Martin Z. wrote hundreds of health and fitness articles for online companies from 2009 to 2012 and periodically wrote articles on the subject for newspapers when he was a full-time reporter. His articles were focused on helping people determine which exercises were the most beneficial if they wanted to lose weight, improve their physical conditioning and prepare for athletic competition.


Martin Z. wrote nutrition articles regularly for online publishers. His articles were very specific as the below article demonstrates. He frequently researched medical publications such as "The Journal of the American Medical Association" as well as books by people like Dr. Dean Ornish in an effort to show readers how specific foods helped people concerned about specific medical condition such as high blood pressure.


Martin Z. regularly wrote articles on food for online publishers. His articles informed readers about the health benefits of all kinds of foods, including legumes, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. He often wrote about diets, their benefits and their disadvantages.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Martin Z. has written hundreds of articles for online companies that were primarily concerned with attracting hits from readers. Finding the proper keywords helped these articles get listed very high when readers did Google searches. Frequently, Martin Z. did research on an article and found his own articles at the very top of a Google search because of his skill at using keywords.

Projects by Asset Type
News Story

Martin Z. wrote news stories on a daily basis for close to 30 years. He was a full-time sportswriter for "USA Today" a news reporter for "The Chicago Tribune" and a free-lance writer for business publications such as "Crain's Chicago Business" and medium-sized newspapers in the Chicago area. He frequently broke major stories about News, Business and Sports developments.


Martin Z. edited three books. He helped a baseball fan named John Hood convert a book titled "Why They Scratch Themselves" into a more reader-friendly book. He also helped a publisher of a entrepreneurial magazine, Keith Laggos, convert a technical book about the multilevel marketing industry into a book that can be understood by students.

Radio Spot

Martin Z. wrote approximately 10 radio spots for the village of Tinley Park. The village of about 60,000 people, which is southwest of Chicago, was looking to lure tourists into the village. Martin Z. wrote radio spots that promoted various sites in the village. The spots aired frequently on Chicago radio stations.

Press Release

Martin Z. wrote press releases for the National Writers Union in recent years. He wrote press releases for the Chicago branch of the union while he was the chairperson of the Chicago branch and also wrote press releases for the national office. The press releases promoted upcoming events, informed readers about the union's activities, and promoted causes that were important to the union such as changes in laws that could help writers.


Martin Z. has written thousands of articles for major newspapers.

Martin's career began after graduating when he became a full-time sportswriter for USA Today. Three years later, he was hired to be the editor of a statewide newspaper, editing his reporters' articles as well as writing editorials and news articles. Then, he was a news reporter for the Chicago Tribune, covering several suburban cities and school districts.

In the past several years, Martin has been a free-lance writer for several newspapers. He has written news, sports, business, technology, education and features articles.

For WriterAccess, Martin has written 2,000-word articles on the increase in suicides among people in the U.S. armed forces, the reasons for the lack of men in American colleges, and the impact of social media on social justice movements. He's written many other news articles for WriterAccess.

Blog Post

Martin Z. has written numerous blog posts since he was hired by WriterAccess. He's been a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years. His expertise has been crucial in his being selected to write more than a dozen advice/tips columns about how to become a better writer and editor. Most of these blogs have received the highest rating by WriterAccess editors.

He's also recently written numerous blog posts for Fortune 500 companies, including columns about and for small business executives and entrepreneurs.

Web Page

MartinZ. has written several web page projects since he began work for WriterAccess and has written other web page projects for other clients.

MartinZ.'s specialty in web page projects has been Education. He's written web page articles on a new education group that is trying to fund projects for students around the nation, the college education programs that are offered by specific nations, and the correlation between income and education.

Projects By Expertise

Martin Z. has been a journalist since 1983. He was a full-time sportswriter for "USA Today," the editor of a statewide Jewish newspaper, a reporter for "The Chicago Tribune," and a free-lance writer for numerous medium-sized newspapers and magazines. He has written several thousand News, Sports, Business and Technology articles and has covered several communities and school districts. His forte is converting complicated information into text that draws readers into stories.


Martin Z. edited every single word in "The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle" as the managing editor of the statewide publication. The articles included community, national and international news articles. He also was a copy editor for a national entrepreneurial magazine named "Wealth Building" and a trade publication called "Money Maker's Monthly." He has also edited books on corporate partnering, baseball and the multilevel marketing industry.

Book Ghostwriter

Martin Z. spent one year rewriting a textbook on the multilevel marketing industry for the editor of a magazine that I worked for -- Keith Laggos. Mr. Laggos says on his website that the textbook is now used in business schools. Martin also edited a humorous book about baseball called "Why They Scratch Themselves" by his close friend the late John Hood and rewrote a book on corporate partnerships.

Projects by Writing Style

During his 30-year career, Martin Z. has frequently done extensive research to write very informative articles that help readers. His research skills, reporting skills and writing skills have helped him write authoritative articles. These articles have been published in a few of the nation's largest newspapers, including "USA Today" and "The Chicago Tribune" as well as business publications such as "Crain's Chicago Business."


Martin Z. frequently writes stories that are so conversational that readers feel he is talking directly to them. The article below demonstrates this skill. Martin utilizes his conversational style frequently. For example, when he covers games, he doesn't write "Chicago beat Boston." Instead, he interviews a star athlete and conveys his or her perspective of the game in a conversational style.


Martin Z. is a trained journalist and a leader in the journalism profession. He has been a professional journalist since 1983 and has been published in "The Chicago Tribune," "USA Today," "Crain's Chicago Business" and numerous other newspapers and magazines. He has written hard news articles, soft news articles, features, game stories, articles about business events and a lot more.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Martin Z. has written thousands of articles for Gannett Company and The Tribune Company and has also written articles for specific business publications and newsletters published by McDonald's, Amoco, KPMG, and AT&T. The articles in newspapers were about a wide variety of topics, including Business, Real Estate, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and News.

Large Business

Martin Z. has written hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles for large businesses such as Copley Press, which is based near San Diego, and Lee Enterprises, which is based in Davenport, Iowa. His articles ranged from features on business executive and athletes to hard-news articles to analysis of business trends to articles about technology.


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