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Faye is a freelance writer from Oregon. In 4 years, she has maintained a perfect score. She has never had a piece returned for revision, nor rejected. In addition to on-line writing, Faye has written for hard-copy magazines and a literary journal, and has now completed her novel. She writes on a wide variety of subjects. Faye founded and leads a dedicated critique group, members of which have published 4 books since its inception in January, 2002. She studied SEO concepts while trying three of her own websites until a spinal infection interrupted them, and consults with a grandson who creates and manages highly successful websites.She wants to expand her resources in writing and in the near future, drop the day job. She writes because she cannot imagine not writing, and because it provides entertainment, challenge and great satisfaction.
Writing, reading, animals, parenting, gardening, stable management, computer operation and care, networking, insurance (former agent), business, small group leadership, and research.
Faye's interests are wide-ranging, but about some, she is passionate. She formed and continues to lead a writer's group that has met weekly and worked hard for 12 years. She led a 4-H horse club and fell in love with horses. She believes good parenting, above all else, can save our world. Gardening is fun. Church is warmth and welcome. Reading was her first love, and remains a beloved activity. She is saddened at the passing of real books, but recognizes the advantages of e-readers, and will publish there in time, hoping there will be room for both in the world. She loves to work with a good publisher or editor, with the same goals of producing the best quality work.
Southwestern Oregon Community College English composition, Creative writing, computer science., No degree

Faye lacks a degree because she has not passed math classes. Instead, she focused on writing at all available levels, taking many more writing classes than were needed for a degree, and in fact, returning long after school years to attend additional writing classes. She last attended Creative Writing and English Comp in 2005

Association Memberships
Naked Wednesdays Jan 2002
Faye had sought a writers' critique group for some months, without finding one that answered her needs, so she decided to start one of her own, thus enabling her to determine the procedure the group would follow. Though it took over four years for this imaginative group to come up with a suitable name, the members remain committed to the group and bonded to one another. They are dedicated, hard working and productive, having produced four books and many articles and short stories. Four of the seven members have worked on memoir pieces. The group will celebrate its twelfth anniversary in January. Faye remains its leader, though there is little leading being done.

Basic Law Enforcement, Accident Investigation, Insurance Agent License Certificates in Law Enforcement and insurance
Faye worked six years in law enforcement as a police dispatcher, accident investigator and reserve police officer. She also worked in the jail as a matron and in the public defender's office. After leaving law enforcement, she acquired a General Lines insurance and opened her own insurance agency. Shortly after beginning the agency, Faye added Life and Health lines to her license and expanded the agency to include two other agents and office personnel. A major paralyzing stroke resulted in early retirement and the beginning of her next career as a freelance writer. She writes from her home on the west coast of Oregon, but also returned to work five years ago after recovery from a second, different health issue, as a tech support representative for a nationwide communications company. She now desires to build up her freelance business and do nothing else, except finish a novel several years in process.

Projects by Industry

Faye worked with a foreign website developer writing and re-writing a number of short articles on Forex Trading, a subject about which she knew nothing initially. Many of the articles were first badly written by someone whose English was a second language, badly expressed. In order to re-write and make sense of them, it was necessary to research the subject and understand it.


Faye studied and wrote a few artices for a nutritional website, the most memorable being one explaining why chocolate really is good for you, and how it is processed for the best nutritional value. Another was about choosing the right supplements for your needs


An amateur gardener,Faye loves to write about her own efforts, good and bad, to produce the outdoor living she loves, One article was about how to raise a kitchen counter herb garden to enhance cooking. Many were about the value and uses of garden sheds.This year, she will be writing about starting vegetable seeds indoors for a longer vegetable growing season, and to avoid the high cost of buying plant starters. She owns a large collection of garden how-to books.


When writing about health, Faye prefers to confine her work to keeping well, or recovery through natural means such as physical therapy, rather than the pharmacological issues related to health care. She has spent nearly a year, all told, in hospitals over the past several years, and fiound recovery is all about attitude.She writes about medical training, as well.


A former general lins-life insurance agent with her own business, Faye has a thorough understanding of the industry. She has written articles about why one needs insurance, how much, and how to keep prices low, as well as hat is covered by certain policies and why. Like all industries, insurance changes periodically, and she researches to support her personal knowledge.


Kids are the future, and good parenting is the only true way to change our worldF.aye writes largely about her own experiences raising 4 children and nine grandchildren, backing herself up as necessary with research. Children


Faye worked six years in law enforcement before opening her insurance office.. Among her responsibilities was presenting court cases. She has not been asked to write about this subject so far.


As an insurance agent, Faye owned and operated her own office for ten years and has worked in offices for many years.


Faye has spent her life living with animals, including cats, dogs, horses, cattle, and pigs. One cannot help but learn about and from them, if one pays any attention at all. We have much to learn from our four-legged companions, and she includes the two cats who generously share their home with her.


Interested in nutrition to improvr her o wn health, Faye enjoys the research this subject reuires.


The assignment in this case was to explain the Social Security Secondary Payor Act, with which President Obama hopes to pay for a substantial part of the health care act. Faye knew nothing about the subject, but found her insurance experience helpful in understanding the jargon.

Home Living

Faye's Home Living articles have come more from personal experience than from research, but she backs up assertions with research to be sure information is accurate and not solely anecdotal. Pet care is a frequent favorite, as is management of child development issues, such as teaching chikldren not to lie.


Faye writes about any subject she knows well, or can research adequately in time to meet a deadline. She has written about pets, foods, children, Forex trading, gardening, horses, and more. She will tackle any project she feels quallified to write in a given time frame.


As a former insurance agent, Faye ran her own business for 10 years and knows how to research particular questions.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Faye designed, created, and operated three websites of her own. Her SEO process was self-taught via research & interview. Her first website was a semi-precious gems jewelry website, just beginning to sell when she was interrupted by a major health issue that hospitalized her for six months. She understands the concept and know how to blend in keywords so they feel as if they are part of the story rather than flags or stumbling blocks.

Projects By Expertise

Faye contributed articles to professional trade journals, usually on the subject of computer use for the typical user. This has been her most rewarding and satisfying work to date, and some she hopes to continue.

Creative Writer

Faye has contributed an estimated 85 articles published by and through various Internet websites from Helium to Textbroker, She has published several hard copy magazine articles in trade journals such as Beauty Stores Business. She wrote & edited to long business newsletters, and contributed articles to two literary journals and is working on the final draft of a novel.

Projects by Writing Style

Faye uses this style primarily for memoir pieces and has offered very few of them for sale. Most are for her own satisfaction and perhaps for her children one day. This particular piece was from a hunting trip to Eastern Oregon with another couple. Throughout the trip, Murphy's Law prevailed: if it can go wrong, it will.


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