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Susette has a masters degree in natural resources and a bachelors in business administration. She writes SEO friendly articles on a wide variety of topics, from business management and marketing to water issues, health, sustainable living, and eco-friendly products. In the past, she has published news articles on industries and company profiles, and written newsletters for small organizations. Her career background has included organizational development, public relations, marketing, and education. Now she mainly writes. She has traveled extensively, mostly to third world countries. Through her own writing and copywriting for others, Susette hopes to encourage people to live healthier lives in greater harmony with the earth and its other inhabitants.
Susette writes website content, research reports, sustainable company profiles, SEO product profiles, nature and health articles. She is writing a book about human alterations to the hydrologic cycle. Her own photographs support many of her publications online. On the site she is known by the name of Watergeek.
Susette is a photographer, traveler, natural health enthusiast, and is passionate about the environment. She is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the American Water Works Association, Sustainability Professionals, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the African Wildlife Fdtn. She also served in the US Peace Corps twice - in Botswana (1974-76) and Grenada (1984-86).
University of Oregon Sep 1990 – Jun 1994
International business development, environmental science, writing, Master of Science

Susette orginally intended to work with the governments of third world countries to help prioritize the development of their natural resources. This required a combination of studies the U of O did not offer in their respective majors, so she took some courses at Oregon State University - an agricultural college. She has a wide educational background that supports her work and lends itself well to writing.

California State College at Long Beach Sep 1971 – Jun 1974
Business management, elementary education, Bachelor of Science

Susette started with elementary education, but moved to business management, intending to study and eventually market computers. Unfortunately, the computer industry had not yet entered the office environment. She changed focus again to international personnel management, and joined the US Peace Corps immediately after graduation.

Honors and Awards
Beyond War Award Dec 1987
For eight years in the 1980's, Beyond War honored those who actively worked for peace with an annual Beyond War Award. The Beyond War Movement had over 24,000 active members in twenty-three states and internationally, who understood that war had become obsolete and all conflicts must be resolved without violence. Susette was honored for her two stints with the U.S. Peace Corps.

Association Memberships
LinkedIn's Public Relations & Communications Professionals Jun 2012
With this group Susette participates in discussions related to promotion and marketing. Topics cover the most effective current media, good backgrounds for marketing professionals, where public relations fits in with marketing, best ways to promote products, and more.

Neighborhood UU Green Council Sep 2010
Susette currently chairs this group and has since December of 2010. Based on the principle of "respect for the independent web of all existence, of which we are a part" this group supports education and action that promotes living in harmony with the natural environment. It organizes monthly presentations on how to live an earth-friendly lifestyle, networks with other environmental groups, monitors and promotes key environmental legislation, and is working with the City of Pasadena to support sustainable growth.

Projects by Industry
Green Products

Susette has written numerous product comparisons and descriptions, as well as articles on green services and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Topics covered include water-efficient fixtures and home supply systems, hydroponic gardening, water use surveys, houseplants, humidifiers, filters, Amazon's Green Store, and more.


For four years, Susette wrote business contract proposals, contract report templates, and market research reports for a small consultancy in the water industry.

For a few years before that she also summarized international marketing reports written by the US Department of Commerce for manufacturers being trained by the state of CA in how to market their goods overseas. She has developed a unique manufacturer's (200) directory for an economic development agency, and has published news articles about various businesses and industries in the past.

Consumer Goods

Mostly focusing on products that use water (so far), Susette's 1000+ word articles give the benefits of the product, its developmental history, and what to watch for in purchasing the product.

She has also written 25-30 web content blurbs of 300-500 words each and numerous shorter ones, enticing readers to purchase a variety of products, such as men's hair salon services, oil pumps, home improvement, vasectomies, business travel services, and computer education.


Susette has written two published newspaper articles (one on the health of the timber industry in Oregon, the other about onions and import ban) and several articles online covering such topics as: Bacterial speck, how plants get water, school gardens, indoor agriculture, and devices like irrigation controllers, nozzles, and moisture meters. She has also written several unpaid articles about designing drought tolerant landscapes.


Susette developed and tested contract report templates, including technical sheets on numerous water saving devices. She also edited final reports of water use surveys conducted on hotels/resorts and public buildings (schools, libraries, city halls) all over Southern California for two leading water utilities. And she has written articles describing public programs sponsored by water utilities.

Green Living

Susette has written close to 20 online articles about efficient use and renewable supply of water and electricity. She has also written articles about health maintenance, a few do-it-yourself types of articles, and some on pollution, home gardening, and contributing to the greater good.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

As part of a six-month training in creating SEO-friendly content, Susette wrote nearly 50 paid articles with titles and metatags focused on search-friendly keyword phrases. Since then, she has continued to write online articles using those skills. Each article is 1,000-2,000 words long and includes illustrations and links. She also writes articles 550-1,000 words in length that are keyword-based and primarily used for web content.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Susette is registered on an online writers site that requires writing specifically to keywords. So far she has written over 105 projects that range from 80-word blurbs to 600+ word articles and press releases. Her projects are well received and cover a variety of topics: Business travel, oil filters, technology, air conditioning, health, hair salons, awards products, restaurants, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Projects by Asset Type

Susette writes 500-2,000 word articles online on topics ranging from product or service reviews to descriptions of how the water cycle works, or how the kidneys function in the human body. All articles are well researched and SEO friendly. She has also written hard-print newspaper articles that were profiles of companies and industries.


Susette is an experienced copywriter, having written 120+ web content assignments, international market report summaries, and marketing newsletters. The newsletters and online articles were used to draw attention to goods and services. The marketing report summaries were written for clients of a CA state agency to determine which countries were best markets for their goods.

Data Sheet

For utilities in Southern California, Susette has written and/or edited a number of data sheets describing Water Smart-labelled fixtures, showing data on a customer's actual use of their older fixtures, and calculating how much they could save by using a more efficient one. She also researched and developed an online/print directory of manufacturers in the Greater Antelope Valley, consisting of business details of over 200 companies - the first of its kind for the area.

Web Page

Susette regularly writes webpage content covering a variety of topics. Her pieces range from 10-blurb projects (80 words each) to single articles up to 2,000 words in length. Topics covered have included: Air conditioning services, gardening, restaurants, vasectomies, men's hair salon services, business travel arrangements, awards and plaques, web design, water fixtures, water pollution, how the rain cycle works, how water affects health, and more.

Blog Post

Susette excels in writing 400-600 word blogs that are informative, interesting, and well received. Most of them are published under her own name as a guest blogger. Topics have included tips for writers, suggestions for marketing agencies, marketing ideas for small businesses, legal matters, and others.

Newsletter Content

Most newsletters are written by nonprofit organizations. Susette has worked with nonprofit organizations for thirty years or more. She is an expert at newsletter publication, not just in choosing and writing articles, but also in arranging and printing entire newsletters. Most, but not all of it was volunteer work.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Most of Susette's writing is based on a combination of research and personal or professional experience. She generally drafts the article from experience, which also gives it depth, then conducts the research necessary to fill it out. Her research comes from reputable sources, which may or may not be directly identified in the article.


Almost a third of the writing Susette has done online is related to product or service promotion, including reviews, comparisons, histories, descriptions, and uses. She has written content for the websites of manufacturers, service providers, online stores, and for ad-clicks.

Projects by Writing Style

The other style of writing that Susette writes often is authoritative - speaking from her own experience and including research she has conducted. Many of her readers have commented on how well her articles are researched, even with those written almost entirely from experience.


Once a Peace Corps volunteer, Susette learned early on to interpret complex concepts into easy, conversational language. Most of her writing is this way, although she does write more formally when appropriate. At least half of her online projects, written in the last few years, utilize the conversational style of writing.


For three different publications (two print, one online) Susette wrote profiles of companies and industries and their status, with relation to current events. Topics included aerospace business certification, agricultural product bans, the status of a declining industry, sister cities, water-related nonprofit goals, and more.


Susette has a background in marketing, public relations and education. Most of her promotional articles are written in the conversational style (mentioned above), since that is what most readily draws in customers. Her recent promotional articles include long articles (1,000+ words) and short webpage blurbs on topics such as irrigation equipment, home fixtures, household products, men's hair treatments, awards & trophies, air conditioning, machine oil filters.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Susette's writing for small businesses includes contract proposals, market research reports, onsite survey reports, online promotional and news articles, website content, including blogs, and international market summaries. It also includes research and compilation of a seminal 200-company manufacturers directory published online and in print for a business development agency.

Large Business

In the course of working for a small consulting company, Susette wrote and/or edited reports and presentations for two of the biggest water utilities in Southern California and for the largest county government. She and her staff delivered report results to their customers in person, in group consultations that included representatives of the agencies.


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